Bracy is 3-for-3 in Pro Races, Wins in 10.09 in Finland

In his third European race as a pro, Boone alum and recent Adidas signee Marvin Bracy won again. Today it was at the Savo Games in Finland.

So far his time with Coach Lance Brauman, helping him recover from nagging injuries and debut in his professional rookie season,  is looking pretty productive. Today's 10.09 was a new wind legal personal best. Next stop first sub 10?



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  • jdpsu / 9 Months Ago
    It's great to see him back on the track & healthy. Also looks like he's enjoying himself!!
  • jason / 9 Months Ago
    @jdpsu Yeah! Beating on his chest and doing half of a celebration lap! Great to see. And he has had a bunch of wind-aided times in the past; good to see him go 10-0s with legal wind. Hope to see a sub 10 soon! Way to go Marv!
  • DLaxton / 9 Months Ago
    this is what top quality hamstring rehab looks like! Proof is in the times "pain free"! He is baaaaaaack!
  • KBrnnr / 9 Months Ago
    I really hope he is clean
  • runwithSWAG / 9 Months Ago
    @KBrnnr I hope so too. I hope somebody this young isn't doing anything.