Chronicling History: Florida State Cross Country Meet By The Numbers - Part 1

Since the beginning of Florida Boys Cross Country in 1947 starting with the "Founding 6" schools there have been a total of 201 meets over 67 years and one year even saw two seasons competed with 318 school throughout the state including a junior high school have finished within the top ten at the state meet in their respective classes. What I'll be looking at who's the best ever in Florida boys prep history obviously, but many other aspects along the way. like who and when were the dynasties, the powerhouse's, the contenders as well as the flash-in-the-pans. The ghosts of schools past. Who were the schools that just missed? Who stayed in the top 10 the longest without a title or otherwise?
As I alluded to above, the Founding 6, were the only schools during the first five seasons of Florida prep cross country to have completed at state. The Founding Six are Andrew Jackson of Jacksonville, Fletcher of Jacksonville Beach, Hillsbourgh of Tampa, Miami High School, Robert E. Lee & St. Petersburg and all are currently operating schools.
The first meet in 1947 and was where the only perfect score ever in the history of the state meet as Robert E. Lee would take 1, 2 & 3rd places  to score 6 points. The following year Robert E. Lee nearly does it again scoring 17 points in the first meet that would score five runners.
In 1952, none of the founders were able to field an entire team thus turning the state meet essentially in to a dual between newcomers Mainland of Daytona Beach (26) & Ocala (29).

The first 15 state meets had only one other class. Than in 1961 they went to a two class state meet system. It would remain that way until 1970 when a third class was formed and that system would stay in tacked until 1983 when a forth class was added. It was from 1994-98 FHSAA added a fifth class, but returned to the current 4 class system as it remains today in 1999.

It is because of this changing of classes I will measure each equally. A few schools over time cross over four classes many over three classes. So on the best of list that will soon to follow, in most cases, the top 10 are scored, 1st =10 down to 10th = 1. But when there is fewer than 10 teams in that meet the winner receives the points for the number of teams in the meet as an example a six team meet 1st = 6 while 6th will be one!