Inside The Decision: Boyd Anderson's Javon Patterson Picks Kansas State

Boyd Anderson senior Javon Patterson has been an 800m standout since he stepped on the track as a freshman. He currently owns the second fastest time in Florida for the 2015 season with a time of 1:52.49 after beating Kyren Hollis at Florida Relays. Patterson plans on finishing the season with new personal bests another state title. Let's take a look inside his decision to become a Kansas State Wildcat!

Patterson, one of the fastest 800m runners in the nation, received a lot of attention from schools in the beginning and it appeared he was going to sign during the early signing period (November).

The whole recruiting process was very different then Patterson expected he said, “I thought it would easier than it was, but as you build a relationship with the coach it makes it hard to tell them that you'll not be going to their school, but some are easier than others."

Being that Patterson has been speaking with coaches since late September, early October the recruiting process has been pretty long for him; through it all he got to meet so many new people and try new things.

Over the summer Patterson was in the Around the Track video with Kendall Ellis and Andre Ewers. In the video we spoke about what to keep in mind when you're in the middle of the recruiting process. I asked Patterson if there was any advice that he kept with him through it all and he said, “To keep an open mind when you're looking because you'll never know what they will offer you and that offer can change at any moment."

Before the early signing period ended Patterson visited Clemson University and University of Arkansas Pine-Bluff. After the early signing period he took trips to the University of Kentucky and Kansas State. When he first got off the plane in Kansas the cold immediately hit him, as it would any Floridian, but he adjusted throughout the visit.

“I haven't seen snow in a long time so that made it better. I also got a chance to make my very first snowball. Other than that the campus is nice and the team is full of kids from all over which is also nice," said Patterson.

Patterson spent most of his time with the team and really got a feel for them.

“I can mesh with them, they are very chill people, a lot are from Florida and they made me feel like I was one of them like I have been at the school already. He couldn't name his absolute favorite part of the visit because the whole trip was so fun.

At K-State, Patterson's primary coach will be Ryun Godfrey, who is in his in his first year as the Head Cross Country coach and Assistant Coach for Kansas State's mid distance program. When speaking on what he likes about Coach Godfrey he said, “He is cool, not too hard on the guys, only when he has to. He takes the time to talk to the athletes to see what's wrong and he helps them out a lot."

Patterson had the opportunity to attend track practice to see how the boys in the 800m group train. He said, “The practice was similar to what we do now, just the times are a little bit faster."

When he attends Kansas State in the fall he'll be majoring in Sports Management.

Going into this year's state championship, Patterson has only two things in mind, breaking records and winning the 800m. Right now in 3A, Patterson is sitting pretty as the favorite with the top time. However, he isn't only running for an individual title. The Boyd Anderson Cobras are also in contention for a team title, as last year they finished 3rd by only 9 points.

“Last year is something that motivates and pushes us to make the dream of a state title come true,"

Congratulations to Javon Patterson on signing with Kansas State! Expect to see a lot more of this Cobra as we get closer to the final showdown [FHSAA State Championships]!

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