Florida Relays: Jeff Demps Runs Wind Legal 10.17 !!!

I doubt Jeff Demps had time to read the Palm Beach County Championships article I wrote this morning, but even so he put to rest my suggestion that Leonardo Seymore might give him a challenge for the fastest high schooler in Florida title. Just moments ago in Gainesville at the Pepsi Florida Relays, Jeff ran a 10 point one seven!!! That time is one of the top three times in the WORLD so far this spring, by far the top high schooler in the country, and it is just one hundreth of a second shy of Houston McTear's state record. AND it was wind legal. HOLY COW!

Flrunners/MileSplit are on site getting coverage of the meet. Our friends at FloTrack are there as well. Look for a video interview and race footage of this amazing feat and plenty more Florida Relays action tonight and throughout the weekend!

Here is an interview I did with Jeff at the Spruce Creek Invitational talking about his goals for the year--namely 10.16, which he almost got today with months left in the national outdoor track season!


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  • cchsxc2009 / 7 Years Ago
  • florunna09 / 7 Years Ago
    OMG!! Thats my boy demps!
  • ChevyBaby / 7 Years Ago
  • mattrunfast / 7 Years Ago
    forget football, train for track!
  • cherry4life / 7 Years Ago
    track soldier. track is where its at brother
  • florunna09 / 7 Years Ago
    FOR REAL....Go Rep that USA at the olympics one day, it's soo risky to play football and get hurt, but if he loves football....then not much u can say....
  • uwfrunner / 7 Years Ago
    carter ran 10.15 what a race that would be
  • soccer14lotto / 7 Years Ago

    Dude, you're a star now.
    You'd be an idiot to continue w/ football when obviously your god-given talent is on the Track!

    Hope to see you in the 2012 Olympics representing USA
  • runner3sb / 7 Years Ago
    I'm pretty sure track is his focus. He'll most likely do what Xavier Carter did at LSU, stay for two years and get a couple touches on trick plays and spread formations. But then just like the X-man he'll put his focus solely on track, because thats where he is most talented at; but let him have his fun for those years. Also with Chris Rainey and Emanuel Moody in the backfield and a two quarterback system coming with Cam Newton and Tim Tebow, it'll be hard to get much more than a couple of touches. So just wait, he'll burning up the track for years to come.
  • KATHLEEN_2 / 7 Years Ago
  • KBrnnr / 7 Years Ago
    I got interviews with Bershawn "Batman" Jackson, Jeff Demps, Xavier Carter, Joe Franklin, Connor Revord, Brittany Koziara, Mandy Perkins, and Kayla Hale. There is also plenty of race footage. It should all be up by Monday.
  • jameswr32 / 7 Years Ago
    Good job..... Thats Amazing!!!!!! WOW
  • jaedenhamernik / 7 Years Ago
    It's much easier to get a football scholarship, there are somewhere in the average of 60+ football scholarships available to most Universities, where there are usually an average of about 3 track scholarships (if that many) available. It is wise for a college to offer an athlete a "football scholarship" and let them compete in track. Rather then using up an entire track scholarship. Let him do a few plays here and there and in the big games, but then when track comes around, let him focus on that.

    But yeah, that race was pretty amazing! 3rd fastest time in the world...now 4th, but at the time... WOW!
  • MagnoliaGardens / 7 Years Ago
    Congradulations Mr. Demps...Another high school record setter from Florida.....Jeffery Demps..last Florida national record holder was Chandra Cheeseborough (Jacksonville Ribault High School - 76) which has now been broken by Angela Williams Chino High in California. Continue your work ethics and strive for excellence.
  • jaedenhamernik / 7 Years Ago
    This 10.17 seems like old news now...that was back in the day...now he's at 10.01...10.17 jeez...that's an off day now ... ha haaaa. i wish i was half that good.