FLRUNNERS 9: Brasovan 16:46, Wehunt 15:25 Smash Course Records

The biggest meet of the year is here again! The first night of meets is wrapped up and it was a great first day. Friends. Perfect weather. Great races. Anna Willard and Nike's great show and awards presentation. It doesn't get much better!

Here is a great forum post by "Doctor Bob" showing the history and great tradition of our beloved namesake meet. So many memories! Next year is year ten... can you believe it??!

The Race of Champions was amazing! Besides the course records mentioned in the headline they lived up to or exceeded the hype. The Girls ROC saw 24 girls go under 19 minutes (4 under 18). Community School, Winter Park, and Lourdes had a classic team battle. The Boys ROC had 10 under 16 minutes and 71 under 17 minutes. Belen Jesuit proved that they are the best team in the state, scoring just 40 points with a 16:02 team average. Columbus and Dr. Phillips were pretty impressive in their own right with 16:13 and 16:28 team averages for 2nd and 3rd.

More to come!

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