Discus Highlights: Shelikoff & Parks Pass 200 Foot Mark But Not Without Controversy

The 3A boys discus at the 2017 State Finals didn't come without controversy. Niceville senior and UF signee Edward Shelikoff was sitting in first with a new state leader and personal best throw of 200-3 which he hit on his first attempt.

Up walks Jarez Parks of Sebastian River for his final attempt sitting in second place. Parks is a University of Alabama signee and one of the top football prospects in the nation. He's also the 2015 and 2016 state champion in the discus. As he enters the circle he spins to perfection and launches the implement a new state record and US#5 mark of 210-5. The throw broke the previous record of 203-4 set by Charlotte High School's Wesley Stockbarger in 2004.

His throw was a personal best by over twenty feet and there is no question it flew that distance. However, in the video above it appears that Parks left the circle before the disc lands which is considered a foul. It is hard to tell when the implement touches the ground, but several officials did not call it.

According to one spectator, "It was too difficult to see if his foot touched in the front, I looked at the video in slow motion and it appears his foot in front is not causing the foul, but him leaving the circle out the back before the disc lands or "mark" is called by the officials. This is what the spectators and coaches witnessed and called. You also see the seated official lift his red flag half way but that official is overruled by the other official who watched the disc land, not Parks."

Article 9f and 9g in the rules states, "It is a foul if the competitor not under control before exiting the back half of the circle." 9g goes onto add, "It is a foul if the competitor leaves the circle before the the implement has landed and the judge calls mark."

    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Parks, Jarez              12 Sebastian Ri            64.15m     210-05  10   
      48.06m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  60.60m  64.15m
  2 Shelikoff, Edward         12 Niceville HS            61.17m     200-08   8   
      61.05m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  57.77m  61.17m
  3 Poole, Jordan             12 Chiles HS               50.91m     167-00   6   
      46.62m  41.60m  FOUL  50.91m  43.78m  39.03m
  4 Woo, Jon                  12 Palmetto Rid            49.82m     163-05   5   
      43.66m  45.43m  49.82m  44.18m  45.64m  44.95m
  5 Miles, Bethal             10 Northeast HS            49.23m     161-06   4   
      43.91m  47.55m  47.69m  43.54m  46.13m  49.23m
  6 Manuel, Kyle              11 Springstead             47.74m     156-07   3   
      FOUL  45.59m  45.84m  FOUL  45.61m  47.74m
  7 Pierce, Anthony           11 Auburndale H            47.51m     155-10   2   
      40.79m  FOUL  47.51m  42.03m  45.75m  45.82m
  8 Topel, Heath              12 Niceville HS            44.99m     147-07   1 

Shelikoff then went onto throw 200-8 on his last throw. The end result, no foul called and Parks was crowned state champion for the third consecutive year.

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