Scouting Report: Satellite Girls & Boys

The Satellite girls and boys both narrowly missed the podium finishing third in class 2A, arguably the toughest in the state. Coach Doug Butler gives us the Scouting Report on this year's Scorpion squads.

How did your team fare last season and what did you take away from 2016?

Our boys and girls were both Cape Coast Conference champions and district champions. The boys won region and girls were region runner up. Both finished third at state. We learned that 2A is the toughest class in the state and if you want to beat schools like Bolles and Trinity Prep, you have to outwork them. 

How are both teams looking this year?  What are your tentative top five and top seven?

We lost four senior boys last year so its a rebuilding year for the boys. We return all of our girls back, but they have not had a very good summer. I am hoping for a good fall because the summer hasn't been roses.  Top  boys right now are Charlie Dickinson, Walker Hirsch, Rahul Koshy, Emilio Zipf, Nathaniel Basford, Gabe Montague, Luke Dickinson, and Torin O'Brien.  Our top girls are Marie Groppel, Chelsea Basford, Lana Rukab, Sara Towers, Xoe Bergman, Ashley Basford, Julia Laverdor, and Brianna Basford.

What are the strengths of this team?


What has the training been like? Have you gone to any camps?

We did our own camp with 52 kids the last week in July in Boone NC. Summer has not been good. 

Any new additions who may contribute or any surprise non-returners?

Gabe Montague, Julie Laverdor, Xoe Bergman.

What are the team goals and meets you're keying for this year?

We are keying in on Conference, District, Region and State,  The goal is to finish as well as we did last year.