Wharton Boys, George Jenkins Win Wiregrass Ranch Run With The Bulls Invitational

On September 2nd, 2017, Wiregrass Ranch High school hosted 19 teams to race in the Run With The Bulls Invitational. Although the sky was clear, the rain from overnight made the course a big mud pit. Runners were slipping and losing their shoes left and right.

The muddy conditions didn't stop Land of Lakes' Natalie Abernathy from winning the girls race (18:58.60), just barely out sprinting George Jenkins' Anna Sentner (18:58.90). 

Sentner's 2nd place finish lead the Jenkins' girls to victory with 52 points. Sentner was followed by teammates Alicia Ruiz, Amy Frisch, and Kiley Strickland (third, sixth, and twentieth respectively). Not far behind with 69 points was Osceola high school, lead by Taylor Stone's 4th place finish (19:40), Meghan Gregoire, and Olivia Dorsky (9th and 13th respectively).

Taking the title on the boys side was Micheal Alejandro from Freedom high school (16:46.50) followed by Jake Turner from Armwood and Ethan Geiger from Robinson (16:48.80 and 16:49.20 respectively). 

Wharton's boys secured their first place title with 44 points, five boys placing in the top twenty. Nehemiah Rivers led the team with his 4th place finish (17:07), followed by teammates Sahil Deshenes, Eric Jurgensmeyer, Josue Reyes, and Frankie Godbold (6th, 11th, 15th, and 19th respectively). Taking the second place title was Robinson's boys, lead by Geiger, and followed by Andrew Bruges and Ethan Hunter (13th and 18th respectively).

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