Workout Wednesday: Timothy Doyle Tackles Descending Ladder Post Irma

Freedom High School (Orlando) senior Timothy Doyle does a post Hurricane Irma workout at a local park. Downed trees and branches, wouldn't stand in the 2x 4A 1,600m state champions way. He told us before hand not wearing socks is the key when it comes to races and special workouts.

The Workout (Descending Ladder):

  • Two Mile Warm-Up, Light Stretching/Drills    
  • 4,3,2,1 (2k, 1,500m, 1k, 500m) - Each loop is 500m.
  • Time Of Run = Time Of Rest (Rounded To Nearest Minute)
  • Ten Minute Rest Then Two Mile Cool Down

"Since I was on recruiting visit my coach just wanted me to keep a base so I was just doing mileage," Doyle said. I didn't race this weekend due to Hurricane Irma and since I went on my recruiting visit so my coach just wants to make sure I have that speed in and get ready for that next race."

The Results:

  • 2k = 6:53 -  "I just want to get the first one in and make sure you stay comfortable, but not too comfortable."
  • 1,500m = 4:58 -  "I felt faster. I just want to make sure the next two lapper and lapper I stay strong and consistent."
  • 1k = 3:15 - "I want to dial it in a little bit for the last one. It's a one lapper, but not go too fast because the race isn't today it's Saturday. I feel pretty good and the weather is pretty nice."
  • 500m = 1:32 - "I was right on it so good finish to a good workout."

Overall Thoughts:

"The weather was actually really nice. Not too hot. I ran consistent and consistency is key.  Coach would be happy for that."

Post Workout Interview: Discusses Workout/Recruiting/2017 Season

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