FACA Pollsters Preseason State Rankings


1A Girls Rankings:

Paul White Lakelandtrack@aol.com
I used the virtual meet for the teams and 08 State and Pr's to get the individual rankings.

Team Rankings:

    08 State   
1. Community School  1 Big loss of the Burfield twins will make this year much closer
2. Maclay 4 Kurgert should pull up the team within a couple points of 1st place
3. Holy Trinity 2 Big loss with Hale, but a dangerous Butler on campus putting together the team of the future.
4. Lakeland Christian  5 3 straight years of 5th place, time to break the streak?
5. P K Young 3 Should stay in top 5 again
6. Geneva School 6 The Coach is doing something right
7. Keswick Christian 9 Young team, full of talent
8. Northside Christian 7 Greenleaf and Goodwin leading the way
9. St.John's Country Day 9 Lead by Dunn and Bane
10. Oak Hall 10 8th grader Olinger setting the pace
11. Shorecrest Prep 12 Big program, always competitive
12. Rocky Bayou 15 Lead by Sr. Holly Stanton
13. South Walton 12 Sr. Julie Williamson leading the charge
14. Breavard Heat 16 Lead by 7th gader Emily Chapman
15. Sarasota Christian 14 Lead by Sarah Miller and Abigail Hagan

Individual Rankings:

    08 State  Comments, 1A State Time, 08 PR
1. Kathryn Fluehr         CSN             2011 3 Top returner from State, 2nd in 3200 
2. Erika Fluehr             CSN            2011 4 2nd 1A State 1600                                             18:17           18:11
3. Jana Stolting            Maclay        2010 5 Always a threat                                                  18:22           18:12
4. Katelyn Greenleaf     Northside     2012 7 No volleyball this fall                                           18:45           18:45
5. Hannah Howell         St. Stephens2013 10 Plays club soccer                                              19:06           18:37                     
6. Rebecca Eaves        LCS             2012 17 2007 State Runner-up                                         19:16           18:31
7. Mallory White          LCS             2013 21 Gave up soccer to focus on running                      19:21           18:30
8. Chelsi Woodruff       Trinity Prep   2010 9 Sr. looking toward next level                                19:02           19:02    
9. Emily Edwards        Canterbury    2014 12 Top 7th grader in FL last season                          19:11           18:54
10. Stefanie Kurgert       Maclay         2013   Ran 10:33 3K indoors, 1A 800m Champ
11. Danelle Dunn           St. John's     2013 14 Another freshman to watch                                  19:12           18:54
12. Merideth Anderson   Benjamin      2012 18 5:09 in the 1600 for 3rd at State                           19:17            18:52             
13. Briattany Olinger      Oak Hall       2014 15 Just an 8th grader                                               19::13           19:03            
14. Shelby Salimone      Maclay         2010 13 Sr. adding to Maclays depth                                 19:12            19:12
15. Meagan Roberts      P K Young    2010 24 A veteran to this level of competition                      19:37            18:51      
16. Christina McKinney Mt. Dora Bible2014 16 another 8th grader                                               19:15             19:15
17. Holly Stanton          Rocky Bayou 2010 20 one year left to make her mark
18. Jessica Fuller         LCS               2014 19  another 8th grader                                               19:20             19:20
19. Mallory Bane          St. John's       2013  
20. Morgan Brown        P K Young      2011 34 Bad State race but fast PR
21. Camille Jackson     Provedence     2013 31 5:09 1600 good for 4th @ State 
22. Grace Kucera        Holy Trinity      2010 25 Sr. leading HTA to reload  
23. Kristin Sweeney    Maclay            2013 26 Will help Maclays Title chances
24. Teresa Ristow       Holy Trinity      2011 27 Expect the unexpected under Ch. Butler
25. Melissa Jones      Holy Trinity       2010 29 Ditto


2A Girls Rankings:

By: Ray Rodriguez, Academy of the Holy Names - rrodriguez@jesuittampa.org
With reclassification this year, a few of the 2008 top 24 teams, such as Creekside, Gulf Breeze, Wiregrass Ranch, Naples, and Clearwater Central Catholic moved to new classifications.  To take their place, Cypress Lake, Rockledge, Satellite, South Walton, Berkeley Prep, and McKeel Academy move in to 2A.  Team rankings were based in large part on 2008 performances, removing seniors, and taking into account any  transfers.  2009 preseason meets were also considered, but not as heavily.  In individual rankings, 2008 performances, place in last year's state meet, and most recent 3200m and some 1600m times were considered.

Team Rankings:

1. Bishop Kenny (1) Still the team to beat.  Defending state champions are senior-heavy.
2. Bolles (2) Has the best shot at taking on BK with 5 returning runners under 20:00 and good depth beyond.
3. Lake Highland Prep (3) The 3rd team with 5 runners under 20:00.  All 5 must stay healthy for this team to have a shot…or a newcomer could add to their depth.
4. Ranson Everglades (5) Inherits transfer and potential individual state champion Nicole Carpio, but needs to get a few more under 20:00.  But, that isn't really a stretch judging by their times from last year and this team always comes through at state.
5. Episcopal (9) Trying to get back to the top of the 2A game.
6. Cardinal Gibbons (6) A team that brings it all together for the state series.
7. Cypress Lake (14*) Moved down from 3A where an incredible team effort placed them 14th last year in Dade City.
8. Rockledge (11*) Moved down from 3A, where they placed 11th last year.
9. Lincoln Park (7) Solid team dominated by sophomores.
10. Bishop Moore (11) A tight pack will help this team in larger meets.
11. Archbishop McCarthy (17) Will return the entire state team from 2008 and is dominated by seniors.
12. Pine Crest (12) Graduated 3 but remains in #12 spot.
13. Satellite (2*) Moved down from 3A where they placed 2nd behind Chiles last year.  They lost their amazing 1, 2 punch (Shiver & Stern who placed the same respectively in the state meet), but senior transfer Liz Mottle from Eau Gallie should give them a boost.
14. South Walton (12*) Moved up from 1A where they placed 12th last year at state.
15. Cocoa Beach (NR) This team didn't even make it to state last year, but they are making some noise in the preseason with a team dominated by freshmen

Individual Rankings:

1. Stephanie Schappert, 11 - Pope John Paul II (1st) 18:03, 4:57
2. Nicole Carpio, 10 - Ransom Everglades (2nd in 1A) 17:50, 11:17, 5:06
3. Stephanie Strasser, 11 - Fernadina Beach (3rd) 18:17, 11:04, 5:00
4. Carrie Davis, 9 - Gulliver Prep (7th) 18:36, 11:33, 5:25
5. Joanna McCoy, 10 - Coral Shores (8th) 18:46, 11:27, 5:16
6. Rebecca Chandler, 11 - Bolles (6th) 18:37, 11:54, 5:24
7. Sarah Davis, 12 - Bishop Kenny (4th) 18:24, 11:52, 5:26
8. Elizabeth Pogrebniak, 9 - Bolles (10th) 18:56, 12:17, 5:46
9. Jamie Heekin, 12 - Bishop Kenny (11th) 18:59, 12:21, 5:11
10. Elizabeth Tucker, 12 - Bishop Kenny (14th) 19:04, 5:08
11. Macy Huskey, 11 - Cardinal Gibbons (18th) 19:23, 5:09
12. Leslie Blackshear, 12 - Episcopal (20th) 19:18, 11:34, 5:29
13. Isa Cuervo, 11 - Ransom Everglades (25th) 19:31, 11:34, 5:16
14. Jessie Prendergast, 12 - Lake Highland Prep (19th) 19:21, 11:52, 5:31
15. Kaitlyn Martin, 12 - Cypress Lake (17th in 3A) 19:15, 11:47, 5:34
16. Allison Spiegel, 12 - Bishop Kenny (17th) 19:21, 11:52, 5:36
17. Nathalie Anaya, 12 - Lake Highland Prep (21st) 18:54, 12:35, 5:26
18. Allie Duncan, 12 - Lake Highland Prep (22nd) 19:32, 11:56
19. Danielle Lusk, 11 - Rockledge (27th in 3A) 19:39, 11:58, 5:32
20. Kelly Hensley, 10 - Lincoln Park Academy (42nd) 19:49, 11:41, 5:25
21. Casey O'Neill, 11 - Lake Highland Prep (24th) 19:32, 12:06, 5:39
22. Brittany Lyle, 12 - Bolles (26th) 19:33, 11:51, 5:48
23. Christine Marcano, 9 - Mantanzas (NR) 20:07, 12:14, 5:41
24. Kimberly Schmutz, 8 - St Andrews (32nd) 18:57, 12:56
25. Nicole Shiver, 11 - Satellite (43rd) 19:54, 5:27



3A Girls Rankings

By Andy Holmes, Seffner Christian aholmes@scacrusaders.com 
Here they are- after hours of burning the midnight oil, talking to coaches, looking at track results, last year's track results, these are the 3A Girls XC Preseson Rankings. What to look for- Chiles is the clear favorite to repeat, returning 4 of last year's top 5, plus an icnoming stud freshman. Lets call 3A-1 the Region of Death, after all, they have 10 of my top 15 teams. 3A Region 2 will be very competitive as well (Wiregrass Ranch, Land O' Lakes, King) plus other strong programs such as Gulf and Springstead. Fort Myers is the class of 3A Region 3, but should face stif competition from Ida Baker. Do not sleep on North Fort Myers, Charlotte, and Lakewood Ranch. Finally, 3A Region 4 is up for grabs between Harmony, Oak Ridge, South Fork, and Viera. We will know much more after the first week of competition. Andy Holmes, Seffner Christian XC

Team Rankings:

    (Previous Rank)  
1. Chiles (1)  
2. Fort Walton Beach (2)  
3. Creekside (3)  
4. Fort Myers (4)  
5. Ridgeview (5)  
6. Gulf Breeze (6)  
7. Leon (7)  
8. Pine Forest (8)  
9. Niceville (9)  
10. Ida Baker (10)  
11. Land O' Lakes (11)  
12. Wiregrass Ranch (12)  
13. Ocala Vanguard (13)  
14. King (14)  
15. Bartram Trail (15)  

Individual Rankings:

1. Lily Williams, 10-Chiles 3 State runner up in 800 and 1600
2. Carly Thomas, 10-Chiles 5 6th in 3200, 11th in 1600
3. Jodie McGuff, 11-Chiles 8  
4. Alaina Perez, 11-Bartram Trail 7 Bartram Trail moves from 4A to 3A
5. Kaitlin Rodriguez, 10-Creekside 9 3rd in 3200
6. Kendall Andrews, 12-Chiles 10 12th in 3200, 9th in 1600
7. Katie Russo, 12-Fort Myers 12 3rd in 1600
8. Rachel Givens, 9-Chiles (NR) Freshman ran 5:30 in 1600, 12:17 in 3200 in Middle School
9. Crystal Wachob, 11-Pine Forest 13  
10. Isabelle Amaro, 10-Pembroke Pines 14 10th in 3200
11. Anne-Marie Blaney, 10-Belleview 16 5th in 3200
12. Lauren Rodriguez, 10-Creekside 16  
13. Lauren Day, 12-Crestview 20  
14. Holly Stanton, 12-Fort Walton Beach 20 Senior transfer from Rocky Bayou Christian; 20th at State CC last year
15. Laura Nelson, 11-Niceville 22  
16. Devin McDermott, 10-Lakewood Ranch (NR) 19:05 PR, 3rd in District 5th in Region
17. Sarah Spann, 11-Fort Myers 19 7th in 3200
18. Kelli Williams, 11-Mitchell 24  
19. Ariel Grey, 11-Wiregrass Ranch 48 12th in 1600
20. Gretchen MacMillan, 12-West Port (NR) 19:07 PR last year
21. Darroneshia Lott, 11-Pine Forest 29 800 State Champion
22. Jessica McKinnis, 12-Palmetto 33 3200 State Qualifier
23. Kayla Vinson, 11-Ridgeview 24  
24. Alexis Irwin, 10-Seminole Osceola 32 7th in1600
25. Darlene Hanlon, 12-Ida S. Baker (NR) 19:31 PR



4A Girls Rankings:

By: Coach Ryan Raposo, John A. Ferguson HS - rraposo@dadeschools.net
Commentary: Here's my breakdown of the top 24 possible State Qualifying teams. Three new teams from 3A shake up the top ten and the reclassifications should make this State Meet tougher than it has been in years.

Team Rankings:

  Team, Region -  ('08 State Rank) Comments:
1. Winter Park, 2 -  (2)
The lady Wildcats are the team to beat with Shelby Hayes coming off a tremendous track, followed by new stud transfer Olivia Papa. On a good day, WP could possibly put 4 girls in the top 10-15 in the state and no one would be able to touch them if that happens.
2. Our Lady of Lourdes, 4 -  (3)
The lady Bobcats are coming off their first 3rd place state finish in 8 years (always 1st or 2nd between 2001-07) and they look poised to take the podium stand once again. They have the talent to make a run at the title, but their 4-5-6 aren't currently at the same level as the Parks. Upcoming star: Courtney Filliben, 9.
3. Vero Beach, 1 -  (8)
As if having the Lapointe sisters wasn't a strong enough 1-2 punch, now you have to throw [another] stud transfer, Grace Thomas, into the mix. My only concern with this team is a weak track season, but that won't be stopping the Indians from making a run at the title. Their weakness: a 75 second gap from their 4 to 5.
4. Wharton, 2 - (3A-4)
Wharton quietly moves into 3A but is soon going to be making some big noise. They've had six straight top 10 finishes in 3A and the best thing helping these Wildcats is that their returning 5th can only be beaten by the top two teams on this list. They just might be the best pack team in the state come seasons end.
5. Melbourne, 1 -  (4)
This is one of those teams that even in a down year, they'll surprise you with a top 5 finish, so expect these Bulldogs to start wearing down the competition once their start to get their 4-5-6 rolling. If that happens, VB and Lourdes could have a run for their money for that podium spot.
6. Lyman, 1 -  (5)
Led by strong sophomore Kristen Marhee, the Greyhounds find themselves just out of top 5 with their same problem that plagues all cross country teams it seems; having that strong 5th. If they want to crack the top 5 they'll need much work from their 4 and 5 to get there.
7. Plant, 2 - (3A-16)
If I had to pick a sleeper team who could possibly shake up the standings, these Panthers are it. This is a squad who understands [in my humble opinion] the importance of track and in the process picked up a couple of youngens who should help solidify their varsity this fall. Upcoming stars: Kara Halfaker, 10 and Molly Harry, 10.
8. Timber Creek, 2 - (NR)
With the new reclassifications, this is the first time in years that the Wolves shouldn't have to worry about making it out of the Region. With that confidence booster, they should be able to have a solid ten 10 finish this season. Upcoming star: Victoria Cabrera, 12.
9. St. Thomas Aquinas, 3 - (3A-8)
The final top 3A team that is making their way into my rankings, the Raiders have come off a successful track season yet find themselves in a nice pack of 4-5 teams that will be fighting for the right to finish in the top ten. They're led by two strong sophomores.
10. Spanish River, 3 -  (12)
Just a hair out of the top ten last year, the Sharks of Spanish River have a stronger returning team this year as compared to the last few. Last year they were hot and cold, so let's see if Coach Rothman can get these girls to be more consistent in their racing.
11. Olympia, 2 - (NR) Another team benefiting from the restructuring of the state, the Titans should make a bid at top ten this season and shouldn't have to worry about making it out of their region.
12. Spruce Creek, 1 -  (7) The Hawks graduated their great 1-2, but leading sophomore Zoe Volenec could possibly help elevate her team to a top ten finish if she can motivate the pack of seniors behind her.
13. Hagerty, 1 - (NR) And yet one more team who should make it to the top 10-15 at the State Meet because of reclassifications, these Huskies are also coming off a strong track season. Oh yeah, and their 2-5 are sophomores. Upcoming star- Shannon Dunn, 10.
14. Flagler Palm Coast, 1 - (NR) The one thing giving the Bulldogs the edge over all of the other teams in the 10-15 range is that they have the stronger pack (just over 60 seconds) than the competition. Upcoming Star- Brooke Landry, 10.
15. Cypress Bay, 3 -  (6) The youngest team in 4A, the Lightning are returning four sophomores and three juniors in their top 7. Top ten could be in sight, and for next year, the sky is the limit!
16. Sarasota Riverview / Boone, 2 -  (13/NR) There isn't much separating these two teams, and either one is strong enough for a top 15 finish at State. Region 2 just might be the new Region 1.
17. Ferguson, 4 -  (11) Returns 4 from their 11th place at State. Led by strong sophomore Natalie Concepcion.
18. Douglas, 3 - (23) Returns 5 from their 23rd place at State.
19. Miami Killian, 4 -  (20) Returns 5 from their 20th place at State.
20. West Broward, 3 - (NR) A young team headed in the right direction. Good luck this season!
21. Miami Sunset, 4 - (14) Returns 4 from their 14th place at State.
22. South Dade, 4 -  (22) Returns 5 from their 22nd place at State.
23. Park Vista, 3 - (NR) The last team looking to qualify out of Region 3. See you all at the Falcon!
24. Coral Reef / Miami Southridge, 4 - (NR/19) A tight race between these two. Southridge returns 6 from their 19th place at State.

Individual Rankings:

As always I put a huge amount of emphasis on having a strong track season and most of these girls could slide up or down 5-10 spots on any given day. Either way, here are the top returning girls with their best times from this Spring:

  Athlete Name, Grade – Team ('08 State Rank) Track Performances:
1. Shelby Hayes, 12 - Winter Park (36) A healthy Shelby is the girl to beat, Track- 11:00; 4:55; 2:14
2. Grace Thomas, 11 - Vero Beach (1A-3, '07) TRANSFER! 11:18, 5:12
3. Olivia Papa, 12 - Winter Park (1A-11) TRANSFER! 11:25, 5:09
4. Lauren Lapointe, 12 - Vero Beach (4) #1 State CC Returnee, 11:49
5. Alyssa Burkert, 12 - Ocoee (NR) 2008- 11:28, 5:04 ; 2009- 11:47, 5:21
6. Alessandra Valdes, 11 - Lourdes (17) 5:13, 2:18
7. Vanessa Valentine, 10 - Melbourne (8) Only Track race: 12:36
8. Cristina Brea, 12 - Lourdes (40) 11:29, 5:21
9. Abby Ritter, 11 - Wharton (3A-57) 11:49, 5:17
10. Kira Soderstorm, 10 - Winter Park (13) 11:48, 5:20
11. Natalie Concepcion, 10 - Ferguson (14) 11:45, 5:36, 2:28
12. Sarai Water, 12 - Lake Brantley (NR) 5:15, 2:16
13. Alexis Beaudoin, 11 - Melbourne (19) 5:24
14. Victoria Villarnovo, 10 - Lourdes (26) 11:55, 5:26
15. Kristen Yocom, 10 - Winter Springs (NR) 11:58, 5:26
16. Kelli Williams, 11 - Mitchell (24) 12:23, 5:26, 2:26
17. Danielle Scaffidi, 12 - North Port (58) 11:59, 5:24, 2:29
18. Marjorie Ducos, 11 - Winter Park (11) 2008- 5:26, 2:21 ; 2009- 5:35
19. Michaela Kennedy, 12 - Plant (3A-39) 2008- 11:43 ; 2009- 12:09, 5:27
20. Paige Schmidt, ? - Countryside (NR) 11:59, 5:38
21. Alex Payne, 10 - St Thomas Aq. (3A-26) 5:39, 2:21
22. Michelle Atkinson, 12 - Melbourne (27) 2008- 5:22 ; 2009- 5:34, 2:29
23. Kristen Marhee, 10 - Lyman (21) 12:12, 5:48
24. Sara Ardila, 12 - Lake Howell (3A-23) NO TRACK
25. Erin Bailey, 12 - Wharton (3A-25) 2008- 12:06, 5:27 ; 2009- 12:22, 5:34
  Others to keep an eye on:   Track Performances:
26. Ashley Lesnik, 11 - Cypress Bay (30) 2008- 12:25, 5:22 ; 2009- 12:30, 5:28
27. Gabi Lapointe, 11 - Vero Beach (31) 12:57
28. Ileis Figueroa, 12 - Osceola (NR) 5:20, 2:20
29. Tianesha Bogan, 12 - South Dade (91) 5:21, 2:19
30. Brooke Foley, 11 - Wharton (3A-126) 2:22
31. Shannon Meggs, 12 - Wharton (3A-47) 2:25, 62.8, 27.07
32. Shannon Dunne, 10 - Hagerty (NR) 5:28, 2:30
33. Zoe Volenec, 10 - Spruce Creek (51) 12:15, 5:36
34. Alexandra North, 11 - Spanish River (53) 12:21, 5:46
35. Danielle Irwin, 12 - Spanish River (52) 12:33, 5:32
36. Alyssa Hamel, 10 - Olympia (NR) 12:38, 5:33, 2:38
37. Ciera Williams, 11 - Winter Park (77) 12:40, 5:34, 2:24
38. Kristy Kalich, 10 - Lyman (99) 5:33
39. Victoria Cabrera, 12 - Timber Creek (NR) 12:10, 5:37
40. Heather Classe, 10 - Boone (NR) 5:37
41. Meaghan Faletti, 12 - Wekiva (NR) 12:13, 5:43
42. Kali Benavides, 11 - Miami Killian (35) 12:13, 5:53
43. Giselle Suarez, 10 - St Thomas Aq. (3A-52) 12:12, 5:56
44. Jillian Robert, 11 - Coral Reef (NR) 12:13
45. Shayna Brock, 10 - Lake Brantley (NR) 12:15, 5:46
46. Shelby Boyle, 12 - Newsome (3A-55) 5:40, 2:26
47. Ashley Seymour, 12 - Hagerty (NR) 12:20, 5:51
48. Andrea Harrah, 10 - Cypress Bay (41) 12:30
49. Brooke Landry, 10 - Flagler PC (NR) 12:34, 5:44
50. Katya Groff, 12 - Winter Park (37) 12:37


1A Boys


By: Doug Butler , Holy Trinity Academy , coachdbutler@gmail.com
Just the basics based off of last year's results.

Team Rankings:

    (Previous Rank)  
1. Trinity Prep (1)  
2. Holy Trinity (2)  
3. PK Yonge (3)  
4. Berkley Prep (4)  
5. Maclay (5)  
6. Community School (6)  
7. Palmer Trinity (7)  
8. McKeel Academy (8)  
9. Jay (9)  
10. Shorecrest Prep (10)  
11. St John Neumann (11)  
12. Mount Dora Bible (12)  
13. North Florida Christian (13)  
14. Lakeland Christian (14)  
15. Pansacola Christian (15)  

Individual Rankings:

1. Swain , Mac (NR) Comments
2. Kilgore , HT (NR)  
3. Chase, TP (NR)  
4. Stonesifer, BP (NR)  
5. Gousse , TP (NR)  
6. Groome, St Ed (NR)  
7. Allsopp, Sante Fe (NR)  
8. Jaworski, TP (NR)  
9. Castagnaro, HT (NR)  
10. Mervau, PKY (NR)  
11. Rosenbach, BP (NR)  
12. Coffman, Sante Fe (NR)  
13. Scott, Comm Sch (NR)  
14. Mutz, Lakeland Chr (NR)  
15. Rafferty, St Fran (NR)  



2A Boys Rankings

By:  Kristin McWilliams, Winter Park   coachmcwilliams@yahoo.com

Team Rankings:

  Team:   Comments:
1. Bishop Kenny   Led by two seniors who have 3 state titles between them, deep team  picks up the 3000 MS champion, 6 runners in the top 25, pre season all class number one
2. Ransom Everglades   Very strong team, with incredible coaching, don't count out this talented bunch, they always perform when it counts. 
3. Arch Bishop McCarthy   Need four and five to crack 17 to have a shot at the podium, fantastic track season
4. Astronaut   Led by Rosonina, need their strong pack to crack 17 to contend for the podium
5. Estero   Led by last years runner up Montoya, looking for a breakthrough at number 5 which is possible if they follow coach's DDD.
6. Bolles   Lost a few returners to other sports and depth is an issue, but Coach Ryan always has them ready 
7. Tampa Jesuit   Last year's runner up graduate 7 of their top 8, don't let their statistics fool you.  They always reload, I expect them to move up and quickly. 
8. Pensacola Catholic   Team of juniors and seniors have the experience needed to perform, don't be surprised to see them crack the top 5.
9. Cypress Lake   Transfer gives them a strong one through three but significant drop after that
10. Robinson High   Need 3 to 5 to break 17, depth is an concern
11. Cocoa Beach   Stud senior Davidson leads a young but promising crew
12. Nease   New addition to 2A, tight spread between 1 through 5.  
13. Pine Crest   Four seniors will need to motivate youngsters to step it up
14. Pasco   Solid one through four with an over two minute drop to 5
15. Hernando   Senior David Worthington needs company 
Teams to watch: Berkeley Prep, Bishop Moore, Godby, Crystal River , Rockledge
      **Rankings based on both the 2008 CC season and 2009 track season and in some cases pre season jamborees when applicable.  

Individual Rankings:

  Athlete Name – Team   Comments
T1 Colin Barker  12th - Bishop Kenny   4:13, 9:11, 15:42, 2A 3200 State Champion, 4th at 2A State CC State, he will battle to be the best in Florida and will compete at a National level
T1 Michael Wallace 12th- Bishop Kenny   Defending 2A CC State Champion, 4:17, 9:22, 15:19 on the state course, another Floridian who will make a national impact 
3. Erik Montoya 12th- Estero   2008 3200 and CC Runner Up and 2009 Runner up in 1600, 4:15, 9:22  15:22, this talented young man will try to claim his first title. Don't count out this talented young man. 
4. Trent Craig 11th - Cypress Lake   15:55 7th place  at 3A state, 4:32 and 9:39, he runs strong when it counts, should benefit from Ploplis as a training partner
5 Tyler Davidson 12th Cocoa Beach   16:04 at Footlocker, 4:26 and 9:52, recently dropped a 15:42 at Space Coast Jamboree, and won Wickham by over 30 seconds
6 Nicolas Palermo  10th Arch Bishop Mc   16:07 Transfer from North Broward, his strong track times move him up 1:57, 4:26, he will benefit from new training partners. 
7 Argeo Cruz 12th - Immokolaee   15:59, ran 16:10 at state to place 15th, prs of 4:28 and 9:43
8 James Stern  12th  Satellite   16:05 CC pr, ran an impressive 15:35 at NIN, other prs on the track 9:47 and 4:31.  He should dip under 16 early in the season, beat Rosonina by 16 sec at Wickham. 
9 Seth Rosonina 12th Astronaut   15:59 9th at state, this young man is always ready to race, 4:33 and 9:49.
10 Blake Lopez  11th  Tampa Jesuit   16:14, 4:33. The only member of the top 8 from last year's runner up team, solid track season bodes well for Cross Country.
11 Gabriel Barron  11th LaBelle High School 16:14, several boys ranked right below him bettered his track times of 4:58 and 10:03, but he gets the nod for week one base on strong showing 2008 state meet. 
12 Robert Figuerora Downing 12th RansomEverglade 16:16, 4:42 and 10:16, will need to provide leadership to his talented Ransom crew.  
13 Jeremey Ploplis 11th Cypress Lake   16:22, 4:45.  Transfer from Bishop Verot will make a strong 1/2 with team mate Craig
14 Tyler Greathouse 12th Berkeley Prep   16:21, 4:34, 9:52.  In his 7th state CC meet, he will be battle for all state status, helped his Bucs take 1A runner up in 2005, experience will prevail.
15 Hunter Hayes 12th Bishop Kenny    1:59, 4:35, 16:29 at Pre State before injury.  One of three seniors on BK who have scored on Varsity since freshmen year.  He is ready for a breakout season.
16 James Macrae 12th Bolles   16:32, Leads a young Bolles team, and looks to break up the BK pack.  This hardworking young man is ready for a stand out season.
17 Eric Portalatin 11th Bishop Kenny   16:37 on the state course, strong track season and summer of training, BK's number returning fourth. 
18 Matthew Stukel 12th Bishop Kenny   Ran 16:42 last year in his first CC season off no base.  Had a very strong Track Season on the relays and 1600 4:35, and 2:00.  With his first summer of training, his second CC season will improve greatly
19 Tim Hendricks 11th North Broward   16:36, 4:37, Looked very strong in his season debut with a 16:03 at the Disney Jamboree. 
20 Tyler Amato 11th Arch Bishop Mc   Impressive 4:26 as a sophomore in track, 16:44, look for him to move up with Palermo as a training partner.  
21. Tommy Taurasi 12th Titusville   16:41, 4:30, 10:28, leader of the Titusville crew, looks to break into the top 20. 
22. Dieumy Duclos 11th Godby   16:35, 4:41, 2:03, contributor during track, leads the way for an up and coming Godby team. 
23. Matthew Walker 9th Bishop Kenny   3000 MS Champ (9:44), will need to be ready to score for BK if necessary and already has at a recent team race.
24. Brandon Kempton 12th Frostproof    16:40, 10:49, 4:41, he has quite a talented bunch of runners right on his heels.  He will need to use his experience as a senior to keep his spot. 
25. Adrian Diaz -Granados  12th Ransom Everglades 16:42, 4:42, 10:27, part of a very talented Ransom crew. 
Watch List:   Bert Irigoyen Ransom Everglades, Jose Farnot Estero, Michael Rosenbach Berkeley, Jesse Littlefield Estero, William Wiesler Arch Bishop Mc Carthy, Brian Garcia Robinson



3A Boys:

By: Chris Loth, Wiregrass Ranch HS 
This is solely based off of last year's returning runners.  I'll wait until the competition is officially underway to make any changes.  Best of luck to all 3A coaches and athletes!

Team Rankings:

    08 State  
1. Belen Jesuit 1st(2A)  
2. Pensacola Booker T. Washington 4th  
3. Fort Walton Beach 3rd  
4. Leon 1st  
5. Charlotte 17th  
6. Wiregrass Ranch 8th(2A)  
7. Okeechobee 9th  
8. Niceville 5th(4A)  
9. George Jenkins 12th  
10. Land O' Lakes 7th  
11. Navarre 10th  
12. Chiles 13th  
13. Nature Coast 13th(2A)  
14. Fort Myers 18th  
15. Crestview N/A  

Individual Rankings:

    08 State  
1. Matt Mizereck - Leon - 12th 1st  
2. Will Stanford - Leon - 12th 2md  
3. Elliot Clemente - Belen Jesuit - 10th 5th(2A)  
4. Eric Ochoa - Bartram Trail - 12th 6th(4A)  
5. Tyler Cardillo - Charlotte - 11th 11th  
6. Connor Bauer - Sebring - 12th 8th(3A)  
7. Peter Fricke - Washington - 11th 9th  
8. Bruce Federico - Nature Coast - 12th 9th(2A)  
9. Will Bridges - Edgewater - 11th 18th  
10. Matt Bevil - Fort Walton Beach - 12th 12th  
11. Heriberto Guerrero - Okeechobee - 12th 13th  
12. Riley Doherty - Leon - 11th 14th  
13. Branden Martinez - Belen Jesuit - 10th 14th  
14. Chris Rudloff - Mainland - 12th 17th  
15. Dominic Dalton - Pine Forest - 11th 24th  
16. Chris Haynes - Robert E. Lee - 12th 22nd  
17. Eddie Guererro - Okeechobee - 10th N/A  
18. Joseph Lindsay - Belen Jesuit - 11th 49th(2A)  
19. Ryan Davis - Seabreeze - 10th N/A  
20. Alex Foss - George Jenkins - 11th 20th  
21. Gabriel Loret de Mola - Belen - 11th 38th  
22. James Slack - Ocala Vanguard - 11th 62nd  
23. Daniel Schmidt - Oviedo - 12th N/A  
24. Maximillian Shuma - Naples - 12th 28th(2A)  
25. Matt Schwartz - Land O' Lakes - 12th 22nd  


4A Boys Rankings:

By: Jorge Fleitas, Columbus HS - jfleitas@columbushs.com
Comments: Due to an email mixup, these are not my original comments. But they will be updated later.

Team Rankings:

Last Years Finish:  
1. Dr. Phillips (3rd) Is  preseason No. 1 with six of top seven back, including one of the state’s top senior, Novian Middleton 4:21 1600, and 9:49 3200.
2. Columbus (1st) Class 4A champ returns four of top seven, including a new star. 
3. Plant (3rd) 3A After finishing third in 3A, last year this Team is my darkhorse that if either team seems to slip up at state watchout because here comes Plant
4. Winter Park (6th) The Park will be back in 4A title mix with Chad Gagnier, Nick Posada, Billy Anguish.  
5. Melbourne (2nd) After finishing second in Class 4A, Melbourne will rebuild around Brian Atkinson and Erik Fagan giving them the best 1-2 punch in 4A.
6. Ferguson (4th) Ferguson is still loaded with Joshua Estrada, Jose Estevez and Raul Montoya a Shaky 4-5 puts the Falcons here
7. Lyman (13th) Coach Fred Finke perennial state power has 6 of 7 back led by Sean Ryan that should sneak into the top 10.
8. Olympia (N/A) A deep squad returning 6 of top 7 that could be the 4A spoiler this year. 
9. Mandarin (N/A) Junior Eduardo Garcia should pave the way for the group of Seniors and Juniors to make a Top 10 appearance at the State Meet
10. John I Leonard (20) This team is led by a dominant front runner Ryan Pickering and agroup of  Seniors wanting to make some noise at the State Meet.
11. Sunset (21st)  
12. Boone (12th)  
13. Colonial (13th)  
14. Countryside (14th)  
15. Timber Creek (15)  

Individual Rankings:

1. Brian Atkinson – Melbourne (NR)  
2. Armando Del Valle-Columbus (NR)  
3. Ryan Pickering- John I Leonard (NR)  
4. Eduardo Garcia- Mandarin (NR)  
5. John Wilkins-HB Plant (NR)  
6. Novian Middleton- Dr. Phillips (NR)  
7. Erik Fagan- Melbourne (NR)  
8. Jesus Rivas- Hialeah Miami Lakes (NR)  
9. Alex Mund - Dr. Phillips (NR)  
10. Mark Gulesian- Columbus (NR)  
11. Sean Ryan- Lyman (NR)  
12. Zachary Christenson- Countryside (NR)  
13. Nick Arjoon- Bayside (NR)  
14. Phil Duncan- Boone (NR)  
15. Jose Estevez- Ferguson  (NR)  
16. Joshua Estrada- Ferguson (NR)  
17. Dominick Cabrera - Columbus (NR)  
18. Steven Fernandez- Colonial (NR)  
19. Daniel Millay- Dr. Phillips (NR)  
20. Chad Gagnier- Winter Park (NR)  
21. Nick Posada- Winter Park (NR)  
22. Bo Nalson- HB Plant (NR)  
23. Billy Anguish- Winter Park (NR)  
24. Diego Blanton- Lake Mary  (NR)  
25. Andrew Shaheen- Columbus (NR)  



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  • CoachRaposo / 6 Years Ago
    EDIT: All rankings are up!
  • cghswift / 6 Years Ago
    to the coaches and pollsters who did all of this work, THANKS A MILLION. I know that we appreciate this so much. It gives our kids a target to shoot for--either to be in the slot we are ranked or to strive to beat the ranked teams if we are unranked. It starts off the season on a good note. Thanks again!
  • RayRodriguez / 6 Years Ago
    Coach Raposo, I sent them last night to both of your email addresses and to Jason. I sent them about 11:45 pm from my home email. I'll send them again now from school.
  • CoachRaposo / 6 Years Ago
    Got em Ray. They're up.
  • STrack / 6 Years Ago
    OK folks I've been staying quiet because I'd much rather let people see what we have when the runnin' actually begins...but to not have Mark Parrish of Chamberlain in the top 25 in 4A makes me a bit sad ;) Number 3 in 3A at last year's State Meet and with preseason wins under his belt deserves some recognition. I hope this was just an oversight.

    And, even though I don't want to make premature team predictions ...don't count Chamberlain out yet....we may bring a few surprises.
  • Coach_Loth / 6 Years Ago
    Yeah, that must have been an inadvertent omission...
  • coachboza / 6 Years Ago
    C'mon Coach Strack. Obviuosly Coach Fleitas missed your guys move from 3-A to 4-A. I've done the rankings before and it is a thankless job. We can't expect him to know everything there is to know about boys 4-A. He needs our help, feedback, and many thanks.
  • runbarefoot / 6 Years Ago
    Great JOB Coach Rapposo, two things Mitchell is 3a,and Page Schmidt,I think graduated.One more name K.Homme of seminole is very fast.Putting Sarasota Riverview at 16 might be a stretch,seeing how we barely qualified for states last year.
  • STrack / 6 Years Ago
    Coach Boza,

    Sorry if I came off as a malcontent and I hope you didn't think I was being critical or complaining. Guess I'll have to work on my humor a bit!! I was trying to make a tongue in cheek statement to let them know of the "minor" omission. I fully appreciate all the hard work the "rankers" put in.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone has to bring this year. It's gonna be a fun XC season in Hillsborough County.
  • Coach_Fleitas / 6 Years Ago
    Completely overlooked Chamberlain.... Sorry Parrish will drop everyone 1 spot he will be in the 4th slot... My mistake !!! All summer Ive asked for coaches or spectators to contact me for something like this would not happen... I agree he does need his recognition...Sorry again!!!
  • nmmeans / 6 Years Ago
    Besides, lets see how many surprises come out in the next couple of weeks to make all this a work of historical fiction.
  • RayRodriguez / 6 Years Ago
    Correction on 2A girls individuals: Brittany Lyle (22nd) runs for Bishop Kenny, not Bolles. Doesn't change any team rankings!
  • aholmes80 / 6 Years Ago
    3A Girls Coaches:

    If your results are not posted on flrunners.com after a meet, please email me your team and indiviual results, so that their times may be figured in before each poll

    Andy Holmes
    Seffner Christian
    Cross Country
  • jason / 6 Years Ago
    I found out yesterday that a young lady named Olivia Fay has moved to Pope John Paul II from Rhode Island. So she will join Stephanie Schappert to give them a really great 1-2 punch.

    I couldn't find a lot of stats for her online and our Rhode Island site is weak... but I did find she ran (and won) a big race up there on a hilly and muddy course in 19:43. She was one of the top runners in New England. Not sure how fast she'll be exactly in flat sunny Florida but it should be in the low 19s for sure, probably dipping into the 18s at some point. I'm taking a chance on her and putting her in the ROC as an individual with Stephanie.
  • juggernauts2 / 6 Years Ago
    if the 1A boys rankings are based on last year, why is Castagnaro 9th? He ran very well at the state meet, much better than many people ranked in front of him.
  • CoachRaposo / 6 Years Ago
    if the 1A boys rankings are based on last year, why is Castagnaro 9th? He ran very well at the state meet, much better than many people ranked in front of him.

    I think that was referencing the team rankings. But I would agree he should be higher, unless there is some injury or something we don't know about.
  • coachbutler / 6 Years Ago
    A couple teams, like Berkley Prep, will be removed next time as they are in 2a. Castagnaro has been out sick for a week now and would be lucky to beat his broken down old coach!
  • pbf39 / 6 Years Ago
    Someone told me old broken down coach is pretty quick
  • varsityrunner7 / 6 Years Ago
    Matthew Walker why is he ranked so high... he coming into hes freshman year and hes already ranked 23 ..he just ran a 5k time this weekend 17:35. The last guy ranked in 2A runs 16:42? So why is he ranked so high????
  • coachmcwilliams / 6 Years Ago
    Matthew Walker why is he ranked so high... he coming into hes freshman year and hes already ranked 23 ..he just ran a 5k time this weekend 17:35. The last guy ranked in 2A runs 16:42? So why is he ranked so high????

    Hi Corey!
    The rankings were prior to the race this weekend. As pollsters, we don't update them every week. I spent several hours analyzing data from last year's CC and track seasons as well as some of the results from some of the preseason races, moving kids up and down (then walking away and coming back again to look at them). I asked Coaches to email any information that would not be reflected in last year's statistics (freshman, transfers, injuries, improved summer training etc) and I got only a few responses and they were in regards to transfers and kids not running. It is always a tough call whether or not rank incoming frosh or not. Many kids on the list above and below him did not run close to their "PR" times from last year but that doesn't mean they will drop out right away from the rankings. Some kids who ran in the 16s last year ran in the 18s for their preseason races. I weighed track performances, and as the Middle School State 3000 Champ, I decided to give him the nod. He will probably have to run faster in his opening meet to stay in the top 25! Keep in mind the these are preseason rankings based on what people have done in the past, and if were up to be we would have waited to do rankings a couple more weeks. Good luck to you in your season!
  • jdpsu / 6 Years Ago

    Very hard in preseason to tell. I would take a look in mid to late October. Until then it is truly a wild guess in a lot of cases.
  • dynamo / 6 Years Ago
    Matt Walker is probably ranked high because he is good...
  • dynamo / 6 Years Ago
    And the other boys times are probably based on their times from previous seasons :) So the rankings probably aren't accurate yet.
  • varsityrunner7 / 6 Years Ago
    dynamo....hes a good runner no doubt about it...it was the fact about just being so highly ranked already..heck im a freshman and i ran 18:01...?? yet im not ranked so high.. beacause those guys ahead of me kill my time right now. i may be beating them right now but its only preseason ..no need to jump to conclusion that hes gunna run and be one of the best in 2A