Three teens charged in egg attack on Bayshore runner


Three teenagers were arrested on Monday, accused of hitting a high school runner in the face with an egg, breaking a bone around his eye. Police said the suspects were driving on Bayshore Boulevard on Sunday night, throwing eggs at joggers. One was 17-year-old Robinson High School cross country runner Noah Grant, who was jogging with some teammates when he was hit.

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  • miles2miles / 3 Years Ago
    Noah just got back from eye doctor today! Thankfully he wont need surgery and they said he should receive his vision back within a month!
  • altimari / 3 Years Ago
    I just wanted to thank all in the extended running community for their thought and concerns for Noah. I have received numerous texts, emails etc from concerned coaches, runners and fans of our sport. Noah is appreciative of the attention this has gotten as well. The running community is truely ane big family and we always look out for our own. Be safe and keep training!!!

    Coach Altimari
  • jason / 3 Years Ago
    @altimari Very glad that he is doing better and that they were caught.

    I think part of their sentence should be... line them up against a wall, ala a firing squad, give the cross country team like 12 dozen eggs. And let the team pelt the hell out of them to see how the like it.
  • coachemorris / 3 Years Ago
    Great to hear that he is doing fine and will make a full recovery.

    This is a sad, sad affair but an important lesson that as a runner you have to always be vigilant. Not everyone is going to respect your right to "peacefully" train on one of our nation's highways.