Warrior of the Year Finalists: You Decide Who Wins

Todd and I had a tough job of narrowing down all of the talented athletes from around the state into just five. Our goal was to represent a wide variety of disciplines that gave the highest weight to consistency, leading performance multiple events, national caliber performances, and ending the season strong. There were some very very worthy athletes that were left off and certainly MANY others that have a very good argument for being among the five. I'm sure the Todd and Jason bashing will begin now!

So we've given you five boys and five girls... now it's up to you to decide the one winner. Good luck to the finalists and congratulations to ALL of our wonderful Florida athletes this year. You are all WARRIORS!

And finally thank you to Warrior Running Camps for sponsoring the weekly awards feature all season long!

The Show


Forget the show... Just Get Down to Business...

So you're like "yeah yeah yeah who cares about your show... just get to the good part." Okay fine, Mr. Pushy Pants, here are the 2012 finalists:


  • Levonte Whitfield
  • Andres Arroyo
  • Austin Droogsma
  • Arman Hall
  • Jeremiah Green


  • Lily Williams
  • Shayla Sanders
  • Robin Reynolds
  • Erica Sergeant
  • Daesha Rogers

How to Vote

Just go to our flrunners.com Facebook page within the next week and vote in the poll.




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  • jdpsu / 3 Years Ago
    Arroyo-3 golds at state;best times in state in 800,1600 & 3200

    Lily Williams-"Distance Triple" at state (!), #2 ALL TIME FL 1600 time
  • jramirez15 / 3 Years Ago
    Boys: Andres Arroyo-3 golds at state; 4X800 7:40:15 best times in state in 800,1600 & 3200 and first place of hes last 19 races!!!!!!!!

    Girl: Lily Williams
  • walcottv / 3 Years Ago
    i come to the understanding that i dont think people ever try to recognised the shotput and discus throwers in this track world , its always about the runners at all time , even in interviews , videos andphotos . this is a shame these athlete are push to the back. y is that so
  • walcottv / 3 Years Ago
    Lloydricia Cameron Softmore won the shotputt and second in the discus , y is she not qualify in this contest
  • jason / 3 Years Ago
    @walcottv It's often hard to cover the throws at a meet, since they are often far off. In general, there is some merit that field events get less love but it is something we try to account for and do the best we can. We certainly do not ignore them and she did win Warrior of the Week this year, as did Droogsma and Delgado. Throwers are not ignored on this site.

    Specifically with this list...

    Austin Droogsma is on the list. He is #9 in the nation in the discus. So again, we did not ignore throwers.

    Actually the only discipline that is not represented at all in this top five boys and girls list is hurdles. There is not one hurdler on that list... and there are certainly some really good arguments that there should be: Jamika Glades, Kimlon Dillon, Artie Burns. It was very hard to narrow it down to five.

    Lloydricia was definitely considered and was on the early list until it was narrowed down to five. She is extremely talented and has quite a few years left to improve.

    But if we look at Florida's athletes on a national basis, our throwers are closing the gap but not there yet. The others on the list are among the top ten nationally in their respective events. Jasmine Williams is the highest ranked Florida female thrower (17th in the discus). Victoria Reiman is our #1 ranked shot putter at 73rd in the nation. Lloydricia is 35th in the discus and 128th in the shot put. I think Lloydricia is the most balanced thrower... as far as highest ranked in both throws events... Reiman is close.

    But looking at it from a national perspective, I hope you can see why we made the decisions we did and that we are not ignoring our throwers.
  • walcottv / 3 Years Ago
    God Bless you and i appreciate your respond, i hope the next meet to come they can have an photograper to cover the shoyput and discuss throwers because most times they threw way before the running event start, i just want to see the fields more tj. lj. hj. pv, but most of hall the shot and disc . i love you guys great job regardless
    you are doing an outstanding Job tumbs up