Great Southwest: Arman Hall 400 45.59, 21.06; Teray Smith 20.95

Teray Smith (left) and Arman Hall (right) represent Team Florida at the Great Southwest Classic


I guess Todd goes on vacation for a week and I am totally out of touch! Before my faithful companion left on his week long Caribbean cruise, he said something about Arman Hall and Teray Smith going go "Golden West" (which is this coming weekend). What I failed to realize, until just now, was that they were not going to Golden West in California next weekend... he meant Great Southwest in New Mexico THIS PAST weekend. (I've confused those two races myself on more than one occassion in the past, so I won't give him too much heck about it!)

And boy did they make an impression out there!!!

Very sorry I missed this until now, guys, and very surprised no one tipped me off earlier!

Teray Smith of American Heritage, along with teammate Khari Hebert, teammed up with Arman Hall of St. Thomas Aquinas to form "Team Florida" out there in the desert. They really represented our state well.

Hall, the defending junior world champion at the 400 meter distance, displayed why he is the king of that event in Florida. He won the race by .61 over second place in a new personal best of 45.59 that is the second fastest in the nation for a high schooler this year (behind Olympic hopeful Aldrich Bailey of Texas). Let's put that time into perspective:

  • #2 All-Time in Florida high school history behind the state record of the great Xavier Carter.
  • US #2 in 2012.
  • It would be 15th in the NCAA right now
  • Well under the Olympic B standard of 45.90
  • Well under the Olympic Trials provisional standard of 46.00
  • Finally gives Arman his goal of 45s

As if it needed any help being impressive, that 400 meter performance came just 25 minutes after Arman contributed to a leg of an "Unattached" 4x100 relay team that ran national record pace smoking fast 39.39. And thennnnn... less than two hours later the St. Thomas Aquinas senior came back to get second place in the Elite 200 Meter Dash with a very quick 21.06 into a slight headwind!!!

Who got first place in that 200 meters? Well glad you asked... because Florida went 1-2 in that race with Teray Smith sporting that "Team Florida" jersey (pictured above) along with him. Teray ran his second fastest time of the season with that 20.95 into a -0.8 headwind. The American Heritage junior ran a 20.88 last week at Golden South, which was the 8th fastest in Floridia high school history.

For his part, American Heritage junior Khair Herbert knocked over half a second off of his personal best that he set just a week ago at Golden South to get an impressive sixth place in that 400 meter race with a time of 47.98.

Congrats to you three and sorry it took us until midweek to report on it!

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  • jdpsu / 3 Years Ago
    Any chance Hall runs against Bailey ever? When was the last time Hall lost a 400 race? Definitely goes out as one of the finest high school runners I've ever had the privilege of watching.

    How's this for consistent:

    2011-02-27 47.45SB Brooks PR Invitational
    2011-03-04 47.91p Sam Burley Hall of Fame Invitational
    2011-03-04 47.66 Sam Burley Hall of Fame Invitational
    2011-03-18 46.61 Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet
    2011-03-18 48.14p Bob Hayes Invitational Track and Field Meet
    2011-03-23 47.50 BCAA South Central Qualifier
    2011-03-26 47.52p BCAA Championship
    2011-03-26 46.91 BCAA Championship
    2011-04-19 50.53p FHSAA 4A District 12
    2011-04-19 49.66 FHSAA 4A District 12
    2011-04-28 48.39p FHSAA 4A Region 3
    2011-04-28 47.28 FHSAA 4A Region 3
    2011-05-07 47.68p FHSAA 4A Outdoor State Finals
    2011-05-07 46.22 FHSAA 4A Outdoor State Finals
    2011-06-03 47.79p Caribbean Scholastic Invitational
    2011-06-03 46.95 Caribbean Scholastic Invitational
    2011-06-16 46.23 New Balance Outdoor Nationals
    2011-07-06 46.76p IAAF World Youth Championships
    2011-07-06 46.70s IAAF World Youth Championships
    2011-07-06 46.01SB IAAF World Youth Championships
    2012-01-29 48.81 Jimmy Carnes Indoor Youth Meet
    2012-02-24 49.95p Louie Bing Classic
    2012-02-24 46.98 Louie Bing Classic
    2012-03-02 49.46p Sam Burley Hall of Fame Invitational
    2012-03-02 46.41 Sam Burley Hall of Fame Invitational
    2012-03-09 47.48SB New Balance Indoor Nationals
    2012-03-17 46.66 Bob Hayes Invitational
    2012-03-17 48.80p Bob Hayes Invitational
    2012-03-21 48.58 BCAA South Central Qualifier
    2012-03-24 47.82p BCAA Championships
    2012-03-24 46.53 BCAA Championships
    2012-04-19 49.11p FHSAA 4A District 12
    2012-04-19 48.67 FHSAA 4A District 12
    2012-04-26 48.87p FHSAA 4A Region 3
    2012-04-26 47.11 FHSAA 4A Region 3
    2012-05-05 47.96p FHSAA 4A Outdoor State Finals
    2012-05-05 47.08 FHSAA 4A Outdoor State Finals
    2012-05-31 45.59PR Great Southwest Classic
  • jason / 3 Years Ago
    @jdpsu He exceeded the "provisional" Olympic Trials standard of 46.00 with that performance. I know that Bailey met the auto/A standard and will be competing at the Trials. I don't know if Arman is eyeing the OTs if his provisional time gets him in. That might be the only chance since otherwise Bailey's seemingly running as a "senior" and Arman as a "junior".
  • jdpsu / 3 Years Ago
    Hall did beat Bailey head to head last year at NB Outdoor:

    Boys 400 Meter Run Championship
    Name Year School Finals H#
    1 2075 Arman Hall 12 Pembroke Pines, FL 46.23 4
    2 2072 Najee Glass 12 Woodbridge, NJ 46.55 4
    3 551 Aldrich Bailey 12 Arlington, TX 46.87 4
  • yaudie / 3 Years Ago
    Both Hall and Bailey are entered in the 400m and 200m for US Junior Nationals in Bloomington, Indiana next week.
  • jason / 3 Years Ago
    @yaudie Oh awesome! Thanks!
  • DLaxton / 3 Years Ago
    Too bad Hall couldn't face Bailey right here in Florida at Golden South.Bailey had nobody to run with...
  • TJump69 / 3 Years Ago
    Too bad Hall didn't come to the Golden South to run Baily. Could have seen low 45's out of both of them. No need to go to New Mexico and run at "altitude" to get such a good time. Also, what better chance to run a great 200 time than run against Hill's 20.14 at the Golden South.