Embry-Riddle Beach Vault: Fun at the Beach

Meet Results


On a beautiful Saturday, competitors of all ages converged at the beach to test their ability to vault over a bar.  Competitors ranged from middle schoolers to post-collegiate competitors trying to qualify for Olympic Trials to masters athletes who have done this for over forty years.  All of the competitors raved about the event and had a great time jumping in front of the crowd of beach goers who watched and cheered them along.

The athletes and coaches at Embry-Riddle hosted the event and arrived early in the morning to rake and level the sand.  Then they installed a 130 foot raised runway built with 2 x 4’s and plywood with a track surface rolled on top.  Once the mat was laid, we had a very unique event as the pole vault was beachside instead of the track.  Competitors raved about the runway with almost all 50 competitors commenting on how fast it was.  Mark Peters, a master competitor said, “In 42 years of vaulting, this is the fastest runway that I have ever seen.”  Add to the runway a nice tail wind and competitors were flying.  Several competitors hit their personal best and all said they cannot wait for next year.

The event was highlighted by the performances of the post-collegiate as both Elliot Haynie and Sean Young pushed to qualify for Olympic Trials.  Sean Young won the event and just missed his attempts at the B standard for Olympic Trials.

Embry-Riddle athletes faired well also, with Adam Holdsworth leading the way.  Holdsworth hit a personal best 4.95 meters to win the collegiate men’s section.  Megan Bumby lead the way for the Eagle women finishing third in the women’s event and just missing her personal best.

The event was split into five categories:  Pre-High School, High School, College, Post-College and Masters.  The winners in the various age groups were:


Pre High School Girls:

1st place:  Summer Schafers 2.75 meters

2nd place:  Taylor Logue  2.75 meters


High School Girls

1st place:  Jessica Harter  3.35 meters

2nd place: Emily Smithwick 3.05 meters

3rd place:  Karin Sastre 2.75 meters


High School Boys

1st place:   Cody Chernoff 4.10 meters

2nd place: Seth Young 3.95 meters

3rd place:  Nathan Jeffers 3.80 meters


College Women

1st place:  Christina King  3.65 meters

2nd place: Sasha Smallwood 3.20 meters

3rd place:  Megan Bumby 2.90 meters


College Men

1st place:  Adam Holdsworth  4.95 meters

2nd place: David Shepherd 4.65 meters

3rd place:  Jared Watkins 4.65 meters


Post-Collegiate Women

1st place:  Daisy Glasser  3.20 meters


Post Collegiate Men

1st place:  Sean Young 5.25 meters

2nd place: Elliott Haynie  5.25 meters


Masters Men

1st place:  Mark Peters 3.80 meters

2nd place: Tom Wilson 3.20 meters

3rd place:  Joe Johnston  3.20 meters