Salute To Seniors: Cody Decker - Colonial


Salute To Seniors: Cody Decker - Colonial

What was your most memorable race?
My most memorable race was the freshman/sophomore race my sophomore year. We (Colonial) hosted the meet and my coach designed the course to be "muddy" to say the least.
What would you consider your biggest competition?
My biggest competition was often my own teammates, but coming into my senior year all focus was on the guys of Miami Columbus.
Out of all of your high school accomplishments which stands out the most?
My biggest accomplishment is most definitely helping my team win our first State Championship for our school ever. All other individual accomplishments mean near to nothing in comparison.
If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running career in high school?
I wouldn't change a thing. Everything that has happened has made me who I am today.
What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?
In the beginning years of running injury seems to live around me. I often provoked it with my lack of stretching and involvement in wrestling.
What will you miss the most?
I will miss my team the most. We always stay together like a family and support each other on and off the track.
Do you have any advice for younger athletes? 
My advice for them is to do what you love and enjoy, to never give up in it, and to always stay positive.
What are your college plans?
I will run cross country for Young Harris College in Georgia, and I will major in mathematics and business.
Who would you like to say thank you to?
There are a couple individual's who I'd want to thank you to. The first are my Coach's, Coach Plasencia (Coach P.) and Coach Calhoun. They were determined to make me successful no matter how resilient or selfish I was, not only as a runner, but as a young man. Then of course my Mom and Dad, for supporting me every step of the way and driving me all around Florida to practices, races and camps.
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