FIU Selected As Venue For 2013 Sun Belt Track and Field Championship



As part of its final year in the Sun Belt Conference, FIU is set to host the 2013 Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Championships – without a track on campus.The tournament will actually be held 22 miles up the turnpike at the Ansin Sports Complex in Miramar.

“We don’t have a track at this time,” said Head Coach Eric Campbell in an interview with Student Media. “Our athletic department is working on building us a track, but until we actually get a home facility, we will be using the Ansin Sports Complex.”


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  • CoachRaposo / 3 Years Ago
    “Our athletic department is working on building us a track..." FOR TEN YEARS.

    So sad...
  • mbecker / 3 Years Ago
    A track you say....

    Aint gonna happen


    1)No land

    2)No money

    3)Dade county public schools built the last one for FIU in 1994 and then got duped so it wont happen again

    4) FIU can stay D1, and in a big conference without a track

    5) but most of all, no desire to buid a track program

    Kudos to the present coaches and athletes who have done so much with so little
  • CoachRaposo / 3 Years Ago
    @mbecker I'm willing to bet that they're going to add an upper deck on the football stadium before the track is built. The idea they've had floating around for the last 6-8 years has been to plow the soccer stadium, which runs north-south, and replace it with a combination track & field / soccer facility that runs east-west. I won't be holding my breath, that's for sure.
  • mbecker / 3 Years Ago
    Id be willing to bet that they build an ice hockey arena :) before they do a track. If they didnt do the track around the soccer field in 2003 when the economy was good, and the money was there, when they had the chnce, they won't be doing it any time soon. The only way it would happen is if a wealthy donor specifically donated for that purpose. But all donors have always been pushed to baseball, football and basketball, even though those sports have facilities. You are correct.
  • eherran / 3 Years Ago
    Sadly, Coach Becker is 100% correct. As a former student athlete at FIU, who both preceded Coach Becker and had the priviledge of running under him, I have witnessed first hand what FIU thinks about its running program. The year before Coach Becker came on board, FIU eliminated its Track and Field program. FIU was a Division II school back then, making its transition to Division I. No one told our coach (Coach Zell) or any of the athletes, so basically we woke up one morning to find out we were now a "club" sport. Five or six of our top athletes were finally able to set up a meeting with the athletic director back then (who shall remain nameless) in order to find out what our future fate was. Present in the meeting were multiple state champions and at least one All American and we all collectively proceeded to explain that we had all received scholarship offers to other schools besides FIU, but we declined those and had chosen to remain local because we wanted to see how far an all Dade County team could go, instead of going to a bunch of different schools. The Athletic Director leaned accross his desk, pounded his fist and said "If you're so damn good, what the F*CK are you all doing here anyway?". That's an exact quote that can be easily corroborated and with that being said, the meeting was over and the tone was set for FIU's infamous relationship with it's Cross Country and Track teams. Kudos to Coach Becker, Coach Salvat and all the other coaches who have done so much with so little!
  • Gooch7 / 3 Years Ago
    Happy to see FIU will be hosting their last Sunbelt Championship before they move to C-USA. The meet will be at Miramar (which has an amazing facility)..

    As for building a track/soccer stadium... The land is there, and the plans to build it are also there.. Problem is MONEY and with Football getting better each year they will build a Dome Stadium for football before a track stadium. I also had the honor of running Cross & Track for FIU and we did it with 1/2 a track.. The track was so beat up that I cant count it as a full D-1 track facility. The coaches made miracles everyday and I can't thank them enough for that.
    I hope we can see a track stadium at FIU some time in the next 2-3 years. But like everyone said I will not be holding my breath on that one..

    Go Panthers!