2012 Cross Country Rankings Info *Updated*

It's hard to believe that the 2012 Cross Country season is already upon us, but the summer is over, pre-season jamborees and time trials are taking place, and before you know it we'll have official race results flooding the site. So of course that means another annual installment of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association & flrunners.com's Volunteer Pollster's Bi-weekly Cross Country State Rankings! Between using the flrunners database, advice from the flrunners.com community (the coaches, parents, athletes, etc.), and a little bit of their own opinions, we'll be able to see how all of the top teams and individuals in the state rank in their respective classifications throughout the year. Here is this year's cast...

2012 FACA / flrunners.com Volunteer Cross Country Pollsters:

1A Boys:  Ken Vinal, Trinity Preparatory School, vinalk@trinityprep.org  (1st year)
2A Boys:  Mike Becker, Ransom Everglades School, mbecker@ransomeverglades.org  (2nd year)

3A Boys:  Carl Egbert, Barron Collier HS, carlegbert@yahoo.com  (4th year)
4A Boys:  Jorge Fleitas, Christopher Columbus HS, jfleitas@columbushs.com  (5th year)

1A Girls:  Nathan Means, Mount Dora Bible School, nathan.means@chbs.org  (2nd year)
2A Girls:  Doug Nowlin, Pine Crest School, doug.nowlin@pinecrest.edu  (1st year)
3A Girls:  Kevin Wable, Leon HS parent, kevinwable@gmail.com  (1st year)

4A Girls:  Ryan Raposo, John A. Ferguson HS, ryanraposo@gmail.com  (7th year)

* The pollster's first set of rankings, their Preseason XC Rankings, will be released on Wednesday, September 5th.
- If you have any preseason information that's of value, please send the information to your respective pollster.

* Thanks to Ken Vinal, Doug Nowlin, and Kevin Wable for filling the vacant pollster positions for 2012! =)


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