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Pottorff's Win, Shot Putters, Helps Lead The Way Todd Grasley Jan 6, 2018

Freshman distance runner Caleb Pottorff won his collegiate debut and senior shot putters Austin Droogsma and Gleneve Grange turned in strong runner-up efforts as the Florida State track & field teams opened the indoor season Saturday at the Orange & Purple Invitational.

Most Read Article OF 2017: Heels Or Toes: What Is The Best Way To Run? Dr. Matthew Mitchell Jan 1, 2018

I was THAT kid in high school. I could run a 4:30 mile, I was pretty good at soccer too. But I was THAT kid for one reason… I admit it – I was a TOE-RUNNER (cue the horror music!). Teammates laughed and coaches tried to change me. Years later, I’m still a toe runner, although the world of running has changed. With the minimalist running push the last few years, running on your toes (or “forefoot” running) has become popular. But does it make you faster? Injury free? More effiecient? Let’s take a look.