Keeping Athletes Motivated Over The Summer with Doug Butler

Todd Grasley interviewed Holy Trinity coach Doug Butler about keeping runners motivated over the summer. Butler is the winningest high school coach in state history.

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  • coachemorris / 3 Years Ago
    Thanks for another great interview in your series. Coach Butler has done an outstanding job at HT
  • jason / 3 Years Ago
    @coachemorris Thanks... besides Skype acting funny and being all delayed like a foreign film it a was good interview!
  • mark4606 / 3 Years Ago
    Good interview Todd. Coach Butler certainly is a great example for coaches in what it means to invest yourself in the lives of others. He is certainly passionate about the sport but even more important, he seems passionate about the kids.
  • BConvey / 3 Years Ago
    I really applaud the openness and contribution of Coach Butler to kids outside of his own program. I agree with just about everything he does-- except 6am would kill me.

    Back to an argument in another thread, though I know Coach Butler knows as much as Coach in Florida, in my mind, once again its the ability to get his kids to stay motivated and do the work that yields the results.
  • coachbutler / 3 Years Ago
    @BConvey , Thanks Bill, I am not big on interviews so if I came across bad, that I cant help. But, I am a strong believer in a coach needed to be involved 100% or he shouldnt expect 100% back in return. It might have been the way it was done in 1975, but gas isn't 75 cents a gallon anymore. Kids are not the same. We were not the same in the 70's as our parents were in the 50's. My kids would run if I wasn't there, but would they have the same respect and dedication for me if I showed up once a week? I doubt it. I do think that counties would do much better if they got the kids together to run over the summer. I think Brevard County has shown for the past 10 years that it has worked very well here. It's not me, I just bring the gatorade, the kids are the ones pushing themselves.