STATastic Ricky Quintana Looks At FHSAA Cross Country Finals From A Historical View Point

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Ever since I began running in 1977, I have been in the midst of history. Growing up in Gainesville, home of the Florida Track Club, it wasn’t unusual to see Marty Liquori, Barry Brown, Jimmy Carnes and Dr. Cade. My first age group coach was Bruce Carpenter, the guy who is on the cover of “Once a Runner” by John L. Parker. My brother Julio got me involved in running with the FTC and would take me to meetings. The meetings were held at the Camelot Apartment Clubhouse, at the corner of 34th and 2nd Ave (You probably see it each time you come into Gainesville. It is right near the golf course). One meeting had  Dr. Cade, inventor of Gatorade, speak about his latest research amongst a group of college aged guys aspiring to make the Olympic team.

Some other things I grew up around.

  • I was involved in the FTC Junior Champs summer program which was started by Jimmy Carnes. He would later become my coach in 1983. I never really knew what he had done at that time(1980 US Olymic Coach, founder of FTC, and a myriad of other things), but I was very familiar with the Athletic Attic chain because that is where I would buy my shoes.
  • Keith Brantly? Well, I watched him win his first state title in 1979 beating heavily favored Basil Magee of Largo when I was in 7th grade. He sped to a 4:25 mile and never looked back winning by about 15 seconds that day. Later, Keith went on to place 3rd at the World Junior Cross Country Champs his freshman year at Florida. He too became my coach in 1984. I had a lot of coaches.
  • Herb Wills? Well, I got to see him run across from Sante Fe College. Not the same place the Bobcat or Newberry Classic Cross Country races are and were held, but in the now forest to the east that has an old folks home. In 1979, he destroyed a field that included Jeff Nelson( long time two mile record holder, 8:36), and John Gregorek to win the USA World Junior Qualifiers. Herb announced this year’s state meet and is the voice of the FSU meets.
  • Others would come into Gainesville to compete at the SEC Championships, Indoor meets (Florida had one of the first indoor facilities), and Florida Relays. My brother and friends would always go to Florida Relays and get a program and get anybody to sign. Rudy Chapa(28:32 10k in high school), Alberto Salazar, Craig Masback(USATF president), and Ray Flynn(Running agent) were a few. The great Oregon team came one year to break the 16 minute 4 x 1 mile barrier. It rained prior to the event so that brought out a big riding vacuum to suck the water off the track.
  • Mike Stahr of New York came one year and ran a 4:07 mile. There was talk that he could get that sub 4 minute mile, but it didn’t happen on that day.
  • Another year at the Florida Relays, Billy Convey and Brian Jaeger dueled in the classic two mile. Nip and tuck the entire way. What a race?! Earlier, I had met Brian as a sophomore in Lake Worth in fall of 1980. He was the lone qualifier from Winter Park and our team became an instant fan. He had run mid to low 15s for three miles and our team was appalled. Billy Convey won one of the first races of the day in class 2A- his first in his string of three championships. Our team, P.K. Yonge won the team title an upset. Geoff Pietsch was Ransom Everglades’s coach then and compiled the rankings I think. Midway through the season, my coach, Sue Tallard, stopped sending him our results at least that is what I remember my teammates saying. Anyway, I didn’t race so well, but our team won anyway-the first and only cross country title in school history. I remember coach Pietsch coming over and asking where our coach was.  We said, “ She’s over there.’” To which he sighed. Geoff and I have become great friends over the year. He even moved to Gainesville to be closer to me. Just kidding. Anyway, we still talk and he tells me about the season we won and why Ransom could have very well won that year had it not been for a FHSAA snafu.

Another little side note too about Geoff and I. In 1988 I went to watch a PK Yonge runner, Herschel Johnson, in the 2A state champs in Osceola High School. It was hot that day. Herschel ended up winning the second title in school history. Later Geoff told me that Herschel, seeing the Ransom Everglades guys dunk their heads in a big cooler of water that day, asked if he could dunk his head too. Geoff said yes and then the kids goes on to win! Herschel had another epic win for the ages in the 3200m. He came from 3 seconds down in the last 100 to win state. I used to show that to my team at Miami Springs. Maybe I can dig up the tape one day.

  • In 1980, Brian Jaeger was a bit back in the pack and finished out of the running. We were cheering for him. It was hot. They must have run the last race of the day on this sugar sand course. It was hell!  Bart Sellars of Largo won that race and there was Brent Haley screaming at his charges. We were always scared of Brent Haley. I am not sure if he had a cigar, but he seemed like one of those cigar chomping boxing coaches you see on TV.

We got on the buses and then there was only the turnpike places to eat. We stopped there and ran into the Largo team. They ran to the vending machines and were getting sodas and snacks. They told us they were not allowed to eat any junk food during the season and now they were loading up. Good times!

  • Billy Convey? Well, I also got to watch Billy’s classic triple at state where he broke three class 2A record. It was quite a night! He ran 4:13, an 800 leg on no longer contested the mile medley, and a 9:23 two mile. My brother Bob was in that race too. In 2009, I reconnected with Billy. With Matt Mizereck and Brian Atkinson both had a chance of winning their third state title, I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if Billy Convey and Rolf Steier were there. Luckily both could make it. Rolf was actually away, possibly Norway or Palo Alto, but would be there during the state meet.  Billy showed up with his son Kurt in tow. After Matt and Brian had won, Bill Ward took some pictures and Scott Peters had his scoreboard type set for three time state champions.

Anyway, I am writing these things because I have great memories of the sport of running- So many great friends and experiences through running. Below I try to make those connections to the history of the sport and the statistics that fancy my interest in the sport. It’s fun for me and I hope it will be for you too to and bring more interest in the sport.

I hope you enjoy what I have put together.

1A girls
Julie Wollrath(junior) claimed her 3rd consecutive state title. She moved into a tie for 5th place for most individual titles in a career.

4––Caroline Annis, Plant (Tampa), 1994 (5A), 1995 (5A),1996 (5A), 1997 (5A).
4––Ashley Brasovan, Wellington, 2005 (4A), 2006 (4A), 2007(4A), 2008 (4A).
4––Kayla Hale, Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2005 (1A), 2006(1A), 2007 (1A), 2008 (1A).
4––Betty Jo Springs, Bayshore (Bradenton), 1975 (3A), 1976(3A), 1977 (3A), 1978 (3A).
3––Jennifer Barringer, Oviedo, 2002 (4A), 2003 (4A),2004 (4A).
3––Christa Benton, Keswick Christian (St. Petersburg), 1998(2A), 1999 (A), 2000 (A).
3––Bridget Blake, Dr. Phillips (Orlando), 2010 (4A), 2011(4A), 2012 (4A).
3––Brianne Harrington, Northside Christian (St. Petersburg),1994 (2A), 1995 (2A), 1996 (2A).
3––Elynore Kabboord, Cocoa Beach, 2000 (2A), 2001 (2A),2002(2A).
3––Julian Reynolds, Benjamin (North Palm Beach), 1991 (A),1992 (A), 1993 (2A).
3––Jessica Scafidi, Leon (Tallahassee), 1988 (3A), 1989(3A), 1990 (3A).
3––Hilary White, Eastside (Gainesville), 1997 (4A), 1998(4A), Buchholz (Gainesville), 1999 (4A).
3––Julie Wollrath, Holy Trinity(Melbourne), 2011 (1A), 2012(1A), 2013 (1A).

With Wollrath’s win, Holy Trinity now has 7 individual champions from a school which ties them with Plant for the most individual titles from a school. It was their 7th individual title in 11 years.

7––Plant (Tampa), Rayane Lawrence, 1993 (4A), Caroline Annis, 1994 (5A), 1995 (5A), 1996 (5A), 1997 (5A), Mallory Giordano, 2001 (3A), Brigithe Moreno, 2006 (3A).
7––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), Kayla Hale, 2005 (1A), 2006(1A), 2007 (1A), 2008 (1A), Julie Wollrath, 2011 (1A),2012 (1A), 2013(1A).

Holy Trinity claimed its 7th title in school history. That moves them into a tie for 3rd place with Spanish River for most team championships. All members of the team are underclassmen.

10––Plant (Tampa), 1991 (3A), 1992 (3A), 1993 (4A), 1994(5A), 1995 (5A), 1997 (5A), 2001 (3A), 2002 (3A), 2010(4A), 2011 (4A).
8––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1994 (4A), 1995 (4A), 1996(4A), 1997 (4A), 1998 (4A), 1999 (3A), 2000 (3A),2008 (2A).
8––Bolles (Jacksonville), 1980 (2A), 1998 (3A), 1999 (2A),2000 (2A), 2004 (2A), 2009 (2A), 2012 (2A), 2013(2A).
7––Spanish River (Boca Raton), 1995 (6A), 1996 (6A), 1999(4A), 2000 (4A), 2001 (4A), 2002 (4A), 2003 (4A).
7––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2002 (1A), 2003 (1A), 2004(1A), 2006 (1A), 2009 (1A), 2010 (1A), 2012(1A)

Holy Trinity’s 18:53.73 average was the fastest team average of the day.

Alex Eaton’s 2nd place finish is the highest place for girl’s athlete from Shorecrest Prep.

2A girls
Julia Montgomery (sophomore) claimed her 2nd consecutive title and second title for Pine Crest School.

Desha Rogers (Jackson, Freshman) 2nd place finish was the highest for a Miami Dade County Public School athlete since Alina Pinto’s(Braddock) win  in 1994.

Bolles 8th team win moves them into 2nd tie with Bishop Kenny for the most team championships in Florida High School History. Their lone senior was Lily Arnold. Plant High School leads with 10 team titles.

Tsion Yared(Pine Crest) 6th place finish was the highest for a 6th grader in Florida High School History.

Daesha Rogers has the highest place finish for a 7th grader, placing 2nd in in 2011 in Class 2A.

1A Boys
Franco Martins’(Windemere Prep), junior, win was the first in his school’s history. He finished 27th in 2012 with a time of 16:59.96 and improved 29 seconds since FSU Invite (PreState). His 15:44.23 was a 12.9 seconds better than his previous best time.

Holy Trinity’s 7th title in 10 years moved them into a 3rd place tie with Leto for the most number of team championships.

10––Largo, 1970 (2A), 1973 (4A), 1974 (4A), 1976 (4A),1977 (4A), 1979 (4A), 1980 (4A), 1981 (4A), 1983 (4A), 1987 (4A).
8––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1991 (2A), 1992 (2A), 1993(3A), 2000 (3A), 2002 (2A), 2003 (2A), 2009 (2A),2012 (2A).
8––Belen Jesuit (Miami), 1995 (3A), 2006 (2A), 2007 (2A),2008 (2A), 2010 (3A), 2011 (3A), 2012 (3A), 2013(3A)
7––Leto (Tampa), 1982 (4A), 1984 (4A), 1986 (4A), 1988(4A), 1989 (4A), 1993 (5A), 1995 (6A).
7––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2004 (1A), 2005 (1A), 2006(1A), 2008 (1A), 2011 (1A), 2012 (1A), 2013(1A)

2A Boys
Leonel Delacruz’s (Immokalee, senior) win was the first in his school’s history. The previous best finish was Eliazar Valdez’s 2nd place finish to Steve Abbas (Bishop Kenny) in 1990.

Xavier Walton’s (Titusville, senior) 2nd place finish was the highest ever for a boy’s runner from his school. His 15:55.62 was his fastest time by 5.4 seconds ( Invite 14 time of 16:00.90). Walton finished 62nd at last year’s final with a time of 17:19.49.  His fastest time last year was 16:16.48- a 20.86 improvement over a year.

Trinity Prep claimed their 5th team title. That moved them into a tie for 8th place for most team championships by a school.

3A Girls
Emily Edwards claimed her first individual title in seven tries. Her best finish previously was 5th at Fort Myers in 2012 and 5th in 2009 running for Canterbury. She is the second winner from Fort Myers in three years. Sarah Spann won in 2010.

Caroline Barlow(Gulf Coast) joined  Maria Canigliaro as highest place finishers from her school.(1999). She was fourth last year in a time of 18:12.91.

Estero claimed their 4th team title and their 4rd consecutive title. They moved into 13th place for the most team titles in Florida high school history.

Estero moves into an 4th place tie for consecutive championships with four.

7––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1994 (4A), 1995 (4A), 19964A), 1997 (4A), 1998 (4A), 1999 (3A), 2000 (3A).
5––Plant (Tampa), 1991 (3A), 1992 (3A), 1993 (4A), 1994(5A), 1995 (5A).
5––Spanish River (Boca Raton), 1999 (4A), 2000 (4A), 2001(4A), 2002 (4A), 2003 (4A).
4––Jay, 1987 (A), 1988 (A), 1989 (A), 1990 (A).
4––Lakeland Christian, 1983 (A), 1984 (A), 1985 (A), 1986(A).
4––Lourdes (Miami), 2001 (2A), 2002 (2A), 2003 (3A),2004 (3A).
4––McArthur (Hollywood), 1977 (4A), 1978 (4A), 1979(4A), 1980 (4A).
4––Estero(Fort Myers), 2010,(2A), 20011(3A), 2012(3A), 2013(3A)

Sarasota moved from 13th in 2012 with a 20:23(1:41:56.57) and a 311 point total to runner-up with a 19:20.23 average ( 1:36:41.15 total time) and 96 point total. A synopsis of their team follows: Angelina Grebe, sophomore, 16th in 2012 to 8th place in 2013; Emily Harding, senior, who in her fifth race ever ran 18:57to finish 14th –she improved 3:42 since the Fort Myers Optimist race;  Allison Wright, sophomore, who went from 95th(20:50) in 2012 to 28th(19:27) in 2013; Sage Lyons, a freshman, 32nd in 19:37; Mackenzie Brown, freshman, who finished 51st in 19:50-an improvement of 2:10 from her first race at Lemon Bay; Amber Kerry, sophomore, who went from 76th in 2012 to 63rd in 2013; and Sophie Williamson, a freshman, who finished 90th.

4A Girls
Alexa Cruz (St. Thomas Aquinas, sophomore) claimed the first individual title and her first in girl’s cross country for her school. She had the fastest time of the day with her 18:02.26. She ran a personal best by four seconds. At FSU Invite (Prestate), Cruz was sick and had splits of 11:55.27 at two mile and closed in 6:52.35 for the last 1.1 miles. At state she ran 11:30.59(fastest of the day) and closed in 6:31.67. At FSU Invite (Prestate), Caroline Barlow had the fastest splits of the day running 11:19.42 and closing in 6:34.57 for a time of 17:53.99.

Cruz was runner-up last year in a time of 18:14.79.

Katherine Macneal (Cypress Bay, senior) joins Emile Amaro(2004,2005,2006) and Mariana Lucena(2008) as the highest place finisher from her school. Her 18:28.2 was a personal best by 8 seconds. She was seventh at last year’s state meet in a time of 18:49.02.

St. Thomas Aquinas claimed their second team title. Those are the only titles won by their school. Their 19:01.53 averages was 2nd fastest average of the day.

3A Boys
Sukhi Khosla (Leon, Junior) claimed his first individual title and the 8th for his school. Leon now is tied with Bishop Kenny for the most individual championships for a school. It was Leon’s fourth individual title in the last seven years.
8––Leon (Tallahassee), Herbert Wills, 1976 (4A), Doug Dickinson, 1986 (3A), Ray Carter, 1988 (3A), 1989 (3A), Matt Mizereck, 2007 (3A), 2008 (3A), 2009 (3A), Sukhi Khosla(3A) 2013
8––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), Ernie Drown, 1960, Steven Abbas, 1990 (3A), Patrick Neville, 1991 (2A), Christopher Utz, 1993 (3A), Ryder Leary, 2002 (2A), Luke Russell, 2005 (2A), Michael Wallace, 2008 (2A), Colin Barker, 2009 (2A).

Khosla broke the Apalachee Regional Park state meet best of 15:18.95 set by Andres Arroyo (Colonial) at last year’s inaugural run. He also moved to 5th fastest all time for 5k at the state meet.
14:58.87––William Clark, Creekside (St. John's), 2010 (3A)
15:02––Jeremy Criscione, Interlachen, 2004 (2A)
15:03.01––Ryan Pickering, John I. Leonard (Greenacres), 2010 (4A)
15:05.99––Elliot Clemente, Belen Jesuit (Miami), 2011 (3A)
15:08.61- Sukhi Khosla, Leon(Tallahassee), 2013(3A)

Khosla was 13th last year with a time of 15:58.60.

His three best times for the season are 15:08.61(Alligator Lake, 9/21), 14:59.51 (FSU Invite Prestate, 10/11) and 15:08.61(FHSAA Cross Country Finals, 11/9).

Khosla two mile split was 9:38.34 at FHSAA State Cross Country Finals and he closed in 5:30.27(15:08.61). At FSU Invite Prestate, he went out in 9:43.87 and closed in 5:15.58(14:59.5).

With its 4th title in a row, Belen moved into a tie for 2nd place tie for the most team championships.
10––Largo, 1970 (2A), 1973 (4A), 1974 (4A), 1976 (4A),1977 (4A), 1979 (4A), 1980 (4A), 1981 (4A), 1983 (4A), 1987 (4A).
8––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1991 (2A), 1992 (2A), 1993(3A), 2000 (3A), 2002 (2A), 2003 (2A), 2009 (2A),2012 (2A).
8––Belen Jesuit (Miami), 1995 (3A), 2006 (2A), 2007 (2A),2008 (2A), 2010 (3A), 2011 (3A), 2012 (3A), 2013(3A)
7––Leto (Tampa), 1982 (4A), 1984 (4A), 1986 (4A), 1988(4A), 1989 (4A), 1993 (5A), 1995 (6A).
7––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2004 (1A), 2005 (1A), 2006(1A), 2008 (1A), 2011 (1A), 2012 (1A), 2013(1A)

Belen also moved into a tie for second place for the most consecutive wins by a school

5––Maclay (Tallahassee), 1998 (2A), 1999 (A), 2000 (A),2001 (A), 2002 (A).
4––Clearwater Central Catholic, 1976 (2A), 1977 (2A), 1978(2A), 1979 (2A).
4––Winter Park, 2001 (4A), 2002 (4A), 2003 (4A), 2004 (4A).
4––Belen Jesuit (Miami), 2010 (3A), 2011 (3A), 2012 (3A), 2013(3A)
3––Astronaut (Titusville), 1978 (3A), 1979 (3A), 1980 (3A).
3––Belen Jesuit (Miami), 2006 (2A), 2007 (2A), 2008 (2A).
3––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1991 (2A), 1992 (2A),1993 (3A).
3––Bolles (Jacksonville), 1983 (2A), 1984 (2A), 1985 (2A).
3––Columbus (Miami), 2008 (4A), 2009 (4A), 2010 (4A).
3––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2004 (1A), 2005 (1A) ,2006(1A).
3––Largo, 1979 (4A), 1980 (4A), 1981 (4A).
3––Leon (Tallahassee), 2007 (3A), 2008 (3A), 2009 (3A).
3––Robert E. Lee (Jacksonville), 1947, 1948, 1949.
3––Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale), 1983 (A), 1984(A), 1985 (A).

4A Boys
Nick Diaz(Sunset, junior) claimed his first individual title and the first title in school history with his 15:22.90. He was 5th in 2012 in a season best of 15:45.96.

James Zentmeyer(Sickles, junior) 2nd place finish was the best finish in school history. His 15:23.16 was a personal best by 34.82 seconds (11.6 seconds per mile faster). In 2012, he finished 91st with a time of 17:07.43. He had a personal best of 17:02.89 in 2012. So he has improved 1:39.76 seconds or 33.25 seconds per mile in one year.

St. Thomas claimed its first state title in school history. Their previous best finish was 3rd in 2012. Manny Velasquez transferred from Stoneman Douglas after his freshman year. This is the first season that he has completed without injury.

Coral Reef posted the best finish in school history with their second place finish. They were 16th in 2012 with 432 points, and 17:30.39 average (1:27:31.94 total time) and finished runner-up with 128 points, and a 16:25 average (1:22:06.54 total time) in 2013. Kurt Convey, junior, went from 38th in 2012 to 7th in 2013; Carlin Berryhill, sophomore, finished 11th-he chopped off 45.39 second between first meet of year in state. He was off his best by 18.7 seconds; Carlos Lopez, senior, went from 61st (16:55) in 2012 to 33rd (16:32) in 2013; Cameron Berryhill, sophomore, who finished 45th (16:46) - an improvement of 2:01 from his first race this season; Mateo Galvis, senior, who finished 96th(17:22) in 2012 and 58th (16:55) in 2013; Ivan Langesfeld, junior, 99th in 2013; and Andres Gomez, senior, 159th (18:29) in 2012 to 115th (17:34).

This and that


This is the first time since 2002 that the fastest time posted for the day for the girls was above 18 minutes. That year, Jenny Barringer(Oviedo) posted the fastest time of the day running 18:26. 9 runners ran under 19:00 that day. 8 boys ran under 16:00 that day (see below for other comparisons). The following year, Jenny Barringer ran 16:55, the fastest time in state meet history.

Prestate vs state- What a difference a month makes, or not

33 girls ran under 19:00 at FSU Invite (Prestate) vs. 41 at the FHSAA Cross Country Finals. At the FHSAA Cross Country Finals in 2012, 39 girls ran under 19:00

41 boys ran under 16:00 at FSU Invite (Prestate) vs. 37 at the FHSAA Cross Country Finals. At the FHSAA Cross Country Finals in 2012, 29 boys ran under 16:00

There have been 12 schools that have had boys and girls state champions in the same year. This is the first year that two schools that have completed the feat.

Boys and Girls Team State Championships in the same year

1976                                       Rockledge(3A)
1980                                       Astronaut(3A)
1981                                       Clearwater Central Catholic(2A)
1984                                       Leto(4A)
1986                                       Naples(2A)
1987                                       Episcopal(2A)
1988                                       Ransom Everglades(2A)
1996                                       Pensacola Catholic(3A)
1998,1999,2001                  Maclay(2A,1A,1A)
2000                                       Bishop Kenny(3A)
2004,2006,2012                  Holy Trinity(1A,1A,1A)
20012                                    St. Thomas Aquinas(4A)

Class 1A girls stats

Of the top twenty girls in class 1A, 14 were under underclassmen. 5 of those 14 were from Holy Trinity and 4 were from Oak Hall. Julie Wollrath(Holy Trinity, junior) was the top underclassman-1st.

12 girls ran under 19:00 minutes.

Class 1A boys stats

Of the top twenty boys in class 1A, 11 were under underclassmen. 4 of those 11 were from Holy Trinity. Franco Martins (Windermere Prep) was the top underclassman-1st.

3 boys ran under 16:00 minutes.

Bold indicates fastest performer from grade All Classes.

Class 1A Top performers from each grade

12th grade            Griffith Rutherford(NFC),15:51.97               Alex Eaton(Shorecrest Prep),18:22.68
11th grade            Franco Martins(Windermere Prep),15:44.23               Julie Wollrath(Holy Trinity),18:14.88
10th grade            Luke Peterson(Shorecrest Prep), 16:29.89               Hannah Bookover(Calvary Christian),18:44.42
9th grade              Trevor Kattenberg(Holy Trinity),16:11.20               Samantha Folio(Holy Trinity), 18:55.47
8th grade              James McClure(Maclay School),17:39.23               Grace Blair(Oak Hall),19:28.07
7th grade              Jacob Dillsten(Wellington Christian),20:46.17               Rebecca Clark(Mount Dora Bible),19:33.38
6th grade              Paul McKenzie(Seffner Christian),19:02.92               Sophie Vesely (Shorecrest Prep),19:54.57

Class 2A girls stats

Of the top twenty girls in class 2A, 15 were underclassmen.  Pine Crest and Bolles each had 4 of those 15. 9 girls ran under 19:00 minutes. Julia Montgomery (sophomore) was the top underclassmen-1st.

Class 2A boys stats

Of the top twenty boys in class 2A, 11 were under underclassmen. 3 of those 11 were from Trinity Prep. Gabriel Correa (Ransom Everglades, sophomore) was the top underclassman-5th.

4 boys ran under 16:00 minutes.

Class 2A Top performers by each grade

12th grade            Leonel Delacruz(Immokalee),15:50.38               Ani Munoz-Trejo(Immokalee), 18:33.00
11th grade            Velasquez Morales(Immokalee),16:25.27               Katarina Stevanovich(Pine Crest, 19:44.32
10th grade            Gabriel Correa(Ransom Everglades),16:05.05               Julia  Montgomery(Pine Crest),18:22.81
9th grade              Caleb Pottorff(Lincoln Park),16:12.89               Daesha Rogers(Jackson) ,18:29.34
8th grade              Ryder Valiquette(Montverde) ,17:02.74               Rachel Shapiro(Bolles), 19:11.29
7th grade              Charles Hicks(Bolles), 18:12.81               Caroline Cooper(Lake Highland Prep), 20:40.98
6th grade              No boy qualifiers                       Tsion Yared(Pine Crest).18:51.26

Class 3A girls stats

Of the top twenty girls in class 3A, 11 were underclassmen. The top underclassman was Emma Rudman (Sophomore) from Fort Walton Beach-4th. 14 ran under 19:00 minutes- the highest of all the classes.

Of the top twenty boys in class 3A, 8 were under underclassmen. Sukhi Khosla (Leon, junior) was the top underclassman-1st. 19 boys ran under 16:00 minutes.

Class 3A Top performers by grade

12th grade            Tyler Bennett(Fort Myers),15:23.36               Emily Edwards(Fort Myers),18:09.24
11th grade            Sukhi Khosla(Leon),15:08.61               Angelina Grebe(Sarasota),18:47.96
10th grade            Steven Cross(Merritt Island),15:36.67               Emma Rudman(Fort Walton Beach),18:30.50
9th grade              William Shine(Archbishop McCarthy),16:50.56               Devin Molloy(Barron Collier),18:55.44
8th grade              Joshua Collins(Belen) ,16:16.69               Meylin Muniz(Doral Academy Charter),19:52.78
7th grade              No boy or girl qualifiers
6th grade              No boy or girl qualifiers

Class 4A girls stats

Of the top twenty girls in class 4A, 10 were underclassmen. The top underclassman was Alexa Cruz (Sophomore) from St. Thomas Aquinas-1st. 6 ran under 19:00 minutes.

Of the top twenty boys in class 4A, 11 were under underclassmen. Lyman, Coral Reef and Timber Creek each had 3 of those 11. Nick Diaz (Miami Sunset, junior) was the top underclassman-1st. 11 boys ran under 16:00 minutes.

Class 4A Top performers by grade

12th grade            Manuel Velasquez(St. Thomas Aquinas),15:33.22               Kaherine MacNeal(Cypress Bay), 18:28.18
11th grade            Nick Diaz(Miami Sunset),15:22.90               Emily Headley(Olympia), 18:41.68
10th grade            Brandon Marquez(Timber Creek), 15:31.82               Alexa Cruz(St. Thomas Aquinas), 18:02.26
9th grade              Alex Boucher(Winter Park),16:52.92               Briana Burnett(Timber Creek,19:00.80
8th grade              No boy or girl qualifiers
7th grade           No boy or girl qualifiers
6th grade             No boy or girl qualifiers

Schools that have won both the boys individual and team titles in the same year

4              St. Petersburg                                                   Peter Gray(1950,1951) and Dale Patten(1953f), Brett Hoffman(1974)
4              Bishop Kenny                                                    Patrick Neville(1991, 2A), Christopher Utz (1993, 3A), Ryder Leary(2002, 3A),Colin Barker(2009, 2A)
3              Robert E. Lee                                                     Clarence Williams( 1947,1948) and Billy Turknett(1949)
3              Largo 4A                                                               Edward Palmer(1973), Bart Sellars(1980),Patrick McDonough(1987)
3              Westminster Academy(Fort Lauderdale)              Michael Claeys(1983,1984), David Habegger(1988) A
3              Leon 3A                                                                Matt Mizereck(2007, 2008, 2009)
2              Holy Trinity A                                                    David Kilgore(2011), Alex Brown(2012)
2              Colonial 4A                                                         Andres Arroyo(2011, 2012)
2              Winter Park                                                        Coleman Hoover(2003, 2004)
2              Wolfson(Jacksonville)5A                             Michael Thomas(1995), Michael Rogers(1996)
2              Clearwater Central Catholic                        Mark Scavelli(1976), Kenneth Correnti(1979)
2              Rockledge                                                           Randy Adams(1981, 3A), Jeff Cooper(1989,2A)
2              Ransom Everglades                                        Billy Convey(1982), Bert Irigoyen(2011)
1              Orlando Boone                                                 Warner Bailey(1955)
1              Fort Lauderdale                                                                Dennis Barton(1957)
1              McArthur(Hollywood) 2A                             David Jumper(1963)
1              Auburndale A                                                    Joel Richards(1964)
1              Seabreeze(Daytona) A                                  Randy Holcombe(1967)
1              Monsignor Pace               2A                                           Ronald Yoder(1971)
1              Bishop Barry(St. Pete Catholic) 3A           Kevin Michael Holzwart(1972)
1              Lakewood(St.Petersburg) 4A                     Marcus Trigg(1978)
1              Fort Myers 3A                                                    Dror Vaknin(1985)
1              Bolles 2A                                                             Andrew McCabe(1985)
1              Palmer(Miami) A                                             Michael Reynolds(1986)
1              Estero   3A                                                           Jeremy Savinsky(1992)
1              Montverde A                                                     Richard Simolari(1992)
1              Lecanto 4A                                                          Sean McManus(1994)
1              Admiral Farragut 2A                                       Luis Delfin(1994)
1              Maclay A                                                              Ryan Deak(2002)
1              Chiles 3A                                                             Alex Miletich(2003)
1              Episcopal 1A                                                      Tim McLeod(2003)
1              Flagler Palm Coast 4A                                    Justin Harbor(2005)
1              Melbourne 4A                                                   Brian Atkinson(2007)
1              Belen 3A                                                              Elliott Clemente(2011)

Since the move to more than one class, 2011 is the only year that individual and team titles were won in the same year in all classes.

Schools that have won both the girls individual and team titles in the same year

5              Plant                                                                     Rayanne Lawrence(1993, 4A), Caroline Annis(1994,1995,1997, 5A), Mallory Giordano(2001
3              McArthur(Hollywood)   4A                           Susan Overby(1977, 1979), Jana Bowling(1978)
3              Northside Christian(St. Pete)   A                 Brianne Harrington(1994,1995,1996)
2              Holy Trinity A                                                    Kayla Hale(2006), Julie Wollrath(2013)
2              Bishop Kenny                                                    Jennifer Schoendiest(1995,4A),Mason Cathey(1999, 3A)
2              Winter Park 4A                                                 Kim Bovis(1985), Shelby Hayes(2009)
1              Trinity Prep 2A                                                  Shannon McNulty(1978)
1              St. Petersburg Catholic 3A                           Carol Dorsett(1982)
1              Episcopal 2A                                                      Donna Combs(1982)
1              Astronaut 3A                                                     Susan Tilford(1983)
1              Cocoa Beach 2A                                               Katherine Butler(1984)
1              Orange Park 4A                                                 Tracy Howze(1988)
1              Leon 3A                                                                Jessica Scafidi(1988)
1              Cardinal Newman 3A                                     Ramona Saradakis(1995)
1              Pensacola Catholic 3A                                   Britton Stackhouse(1996)
1              Pope John Paul II 2A                                       Nicole Schappert(2003)
1              Satellite Beach 3A                                           Ashley Shiver(2007)
1              Chiles   3A                                                           Carly Thomas(2009)
1              Estero 2A                                                             Kacy Smith(2010)
1              St. Thomas Aquinas 4A                                  Alexa Cruz (2013)

Schools that have won both girls and boys team state championships in the same year

3                              Maclay                                                  1998(2A), 1999(1A), 2001(1A)
3                              Holy Trinity A                                    2004, 2006, 2013
2                              Astronaut                                            1979(2A), 1980(3A)
1                              Rockledge 3A                                    1976
1                              Clearwater Central Catholic 2A     1981
1                              Leto 4A                                                 1984
1                              Naples 2A                                           1986
1                              Episcopal 2A                                      1987
1                              Ransom Everglades 2A                  1988
1                              Pensacola Catholic 3A                   1996
1                              Bishop Kenny 3A                              2000
1                              Estero   2A                                           2010
1                              St. Thomas Aquinas 4A                  2013

No school has swept all 4 titles in the same year.

Schools that have won the girls and boys individual titles in the same year

1978                       Bayshore(Bradenton)                    3A                                           Betty Jo Springs and Jeff Warrick
1987                       Largo                                                     4A                                           Mylan Moffat and Patrick McDonough
1988,1989            Leon                                                      3A                                           Jessica Scafidi and Ray Carter
1992                       Gulliver Prep                                      2A                                           Raquel Salume and Camilo Pereira
2003                       Episcopal                                             1A                                           Robyn DeBenedet and Tin McLeod
2007                       Holy Trinity                                         1A                                           Kayla Hale and Kyle Cooke
2012                       Holy Trinity                                         1A                                           Julie Wollrath and Alex Brown

Trifecta- Schools that have won three championships in same year- team and individual championship

                                 Boys and Girls Team       Individual
1979                       Astronaut                            Kenneth Correnti           
1996                       Pensacola Catholic           Britton Stackhouse
2006                       Holy Trinity                         Kayla Hale
2010                       Estero                                   Kacy Smith
2013                       St. Thomas Aquinas        Alexa Cruz
                                Holy Trinity                         Julie Wollrath

Of the top five boys teams with the most team titles, Leto is the only school to win all their team championships without having won the individual title.

10––Largo, 1970 (2A), 1973 (4A), 1974 (4A), 1976 (4A), 1977 (4A), 1979 (4A), 1980 (4A), 1981 (4A), 1983 (4A), 1987 (4A).
8––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1991 (2A), 1992 (2A), 1993(3A), 2000 (3A), 2002 (2A), 2003 (2A), 2009 (2A),2012 (2A).
7––Belen Jesuit (Miami), 1995 (3A), 2006 (2A), 2007 (2A),2008 (2A), 2010 (3A), 2011 (3A), 2012 (3A).
7––Leto (Tampa), 1982 (4A), 1984 (4A), 1986 (4A), 1988(4A), 1989 (4A), 1993 (5A), 1995 (6A).
7––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2004 (1A), 2005 (1A), 2006(1A), 2008 (1A), 2011 (1A), 2012 (1A), 2013(1A)

Of the top five girls teams with the most team titles, Spanish River and Bolles are the only schools to win a championship without having won the individual title.

10––Plant (Tampa), 1991 (3A), 1992 (3A), 1993 (4A), 1994(5A), 1995 (5A), 1997 (5A), 2001 (3A), 2002 (3A), 2010(4A), 2011 (4A).
8––Bishop Kenny (Jacksonville), 1994 (4A), 1995 (4A), 1996(4A), 1997 (4A), 1998 (4A), 1999 (3A), 2000 (3A),2008 (2A).
8––Bolles (Jacksonville), 1980 (2A), 1998 (3A), 1999 (2A),2000 (2A), 2004 (2A), 2009 (2A), 2012 (2A), 2013(2A).
7––Spanish River (Boca Raton), 1995 (6A), 1996 (6A), 1999(4A), 2000 (4A), 2001 (4A), 2002 (4A), 2003 (4A).
7––Holy Trinity (Melbourne), 2002 (1A), 2003 (1A), 2004(1A), 2006 (1A), 2009 (1A), 2010 (1A), 2012(1A)