35th Mike Gibson Summertime Run Virtual Meet

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(Photo By Marty Hammond)

The Mike Gibson Summertime Run has been annual tradition at Lake Mary High School serving as a final tune up for teams around Central Florida. The meet, in its 35th year, named after the former Ram's coach, features eight area teams An open community race will start the morning at 7:30 a.m. followed by the girls (high school runners) and boys (high school runners) at 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Check out our virtual meet of all the action!

Girls Virtual Meet


1Daniela Urzua10Lake Mary HS18:33.511
2Skye Zeller11Space Coast HS19:07.632
3Nicolette Worrell10Hagerty HS19:10.473
4Lauren Tucker9Hagerty HS19:29.144
5Cheyenne St. Lewis9Lake Mary HS19:33.235
6Kaliya Zeller11Oviedo HS20:13.526
7Sada Rowley11Flagler Palm Coast HS20:26.207
8Morgan Morarend9Hagerty HS20:44.908
9Maggie Lyons9Lake Mary HS20:52.009
10Isabel Wildgen11Oviedo HS20:59.9210
11Anna Walls10Flagler Palm Coast HS21:02.7311
12Hannah Rothfuss10Oviedo HS21:08.7912
13Shannon Kelly11Hagerty HS21:24.6213
14Erin Relly10Oviedo HS21:34.0214
15Carissa McClellan11Flagler Palm Coast HS21:40.9915
16Maria Ball9Hagerty HS21:47.5816
17Niyati Shah10Oviedo HS22:02.7417
18Elizabeth Pyros11International Community School22:08.0518
19Madison Barrett10Hagerty HS22:09.6219
20Baylee Mills10Flagler Palm Coast HS22:15.0020
21Shaika Kodzi9Oviedo HS22:15.2421
22Kelcey Stivers11Hagerty HS22:33.4122
23Angela Jordan9Lake Mary HS22:44.2223
24McKaleigh Ramsey10Space Coast HS22:50.1724
25Elizabeth Gahres10Space Coast HS22:50.4825
26Rachel Buwalda10Orangewood Christian22:50.5926
27Kaitlyn Renschler10International Community School22:53.4627
28Patricia Miller11Oviedo HS22:57.1228
29Abigail Wildgen10Oviedo HS23:02.99--
30Ella Phillips7International Community School23:05.4829
31Brianna Simcox9Lake Mary HS23:13.0030
32Tori Munro10Hagerty HS23:21.80--
33Matilda Vevera9Flagler Palm Coast HS23:32.0031
34Peyton Halliday9Flagler Palm Coast HS23:36.0232
35Katie Bennett10International Community School23:45.7133
36Grace Wildgen10Oviedo HS23:57.58--
37Coralynn Debski7Space Coast HS23:58.5034
38Sally Salas11Hagerty HS24:15.70--
39Sika Kodzi9Oviedo HS24:21.20--
40Anna Nollan11The Master's Academy (Oviedo)24:23.6135
41Sarah Pyros9International Community School24:25.1636
42Myla DeFord11Flagler Palm Coast HS24:38.0037
43Isabella Lozada9Oviedo HS24:41.10--
44Monica Pappas11Space Coast HS24:41.9038
45Samantha Franco8Space Coast HS24:44.6739
46Cassidy Mooney9Space Coast HS24:51.1040
47Sierra Stewart10Space Coast HS24:55.57--
48Brittany Kidd11Orangewood Christian24:55.6241
49Sofia Mora10Oviedo HS25:03.12--
50Yolanda Tanner10Oviedo HS25:16.25--
51Reyna Perez11Oviedo HS25:21.90--
52Maiya Patel11Lake Mary HS25:28.0642
53Kendra Baird11Hagerty HS25:35.80--
54Shae Corey11The Master's Academy (Oviedo)25:41.4843
55Dina Samaan11Lake Mary HS25:50.2644
56Amber Langdale10Lake Mary HS25:51.00--
57Shannon Hosch11The Master's Academy (Oviedo)25:55.7945
58Rachel Tindel9International Community School25:56.4846
59Kelly Wood10Orangewood Christian26:01.9047
60Cheyenne Solis8Space Coast HS26:52.44--
61Rana Samaan9Lake Mary HS26:56.00--
62Barnes Katherine6Orangewood Christian27:05.7348
63Livia Mucciolo11Oviedo HS27:37.00--
64Abbie Harper10Oviedo HS27:45.45--
65Isabel Martinez9Oviedo HS27:53.90--
66Natalie Castillo10Lake Mary HS28:08.50--
67Jordan Freeman9Lake Mary HS28:10.39--
68Libby Pittman11The Master's Academy (Oviedo)28:13.7049
69Summer Worley10Flagler Palm Coast HS28:14.00--
70Stasha Fitzgerald9Lake Mary HS28:15.06--
71Priscilla Betts10Oviedo HS28:28.28--
72Kelly Bryl11Flagler Palm Coast HS28:54.90--
73Katherin Barnes9Orangewood Christian29:03.8050
74Bri Fessler11The Master's Academy (Oviedo)29:14.7051
75Amya Velez9Oviedo HS29:24.83--
76Isabel Matinez9Oviedo HS29:51.70--
77Moriah Peck9Flagler Palm Coast HS30:08.30--
78Maggie Frantz9Orangewood Christian30:13.7252
79Anna Classe10Orangewood Christian30:34.0053
80Natalie Davie10Orangewood Christian30:42.29--
81Isabel Lozada10Oviedo HS31:03.30--
82Frantz Maggie6Orangewood Christian31:58.79--
83Allie Marino9Flagler Palm Coast HS32:03.70--
84Amaya Velez9Oviedo HS32:35.80--
85Priscilla Behs10Oviedo HS32:51.30--
86Sarah Phillips9The Master's Academy (Oviedo)33:11.3054
87Hannah Kraftchick10Oviedo HS36:01.60--
88Kaitlyn Holling10Flagler Palm Coast HS36:22.00--

Team Scores

1Hagerty HS443481316--
2Oviedo HS59610121417--
3Lake Mary HS681592330--
4Flagler Palm Coast HS84711152031--
5Space Coast HS123224253438--
6International Community School1431827293336--
7Orangewood Christian2122641474850--
8The Master's Academy (Oviedo)2233543454951--

Boys Virtual Meet


1Andrew Stivers11Hagerty HS16:09.601
2John Lyons11Lake Mary HS16:16.352
3Justin Pacifico11Flagler Palm Coast HS16:16.633
4Devin Boyle9Lake Mary HS16:54.274
5Ka'Deem Wynn11Flagler Palm Coast HS17:14.555
6William Field11Lake Mary HS17:14.766
7Jonathan Ling11Flagler Palm Coast HS17:18.837
8Zack Metz10Oviedo HS17:21.478
9Mason Mihm11Oviedo HS17:30.849
10Sean Griffin11Lake Mary HS17:34.6010
11Zane Berry11Oviedo HS17:41.0011
12Kobe Delgado10Hagerty HS17:55.8512
13Caleb Getty10Hagerty HS17:58.5013
14Hayden Ore11Flagler Palm Coast HS17:59.3114
15Daniel Stadler11Oviedo HS18:01.3015
16Austin Rodeghier11Space Coast HS18:05.9016
17Logan Lawhorn9Space Coast HS18:08.7917
18Justin Conkling11International Community School18:15.5818
19Juston Souders9Lake Mary HS18:16.0019
20Sean Tibbetts11Oviedo HS18:17.9820
21Ethan Goldsmith11Lake Mary HS18:18.8321
22Eithan Fields10Oviedo HS18:20.5322
23Dimitri Cabrera9International Community School18:31.9823
24Joshua Beams9International Community School18:32.4324
25Nicholas Ebert9Hagerty HS18:34.7425
26Ethan Fields9Oviedo HS18:34.7626
27Christian Simon11Orangewood Christian18:45.9227
28Papaa Kodzi11Oviedo HS18:48.71--
29Ben Alderman11International Community School18:50.1128
30Jeffery Gahres8Space Coast HS19:02.2929
31Zach Weishampel10Hagerty HS19:08.0030
32Drew Bott10Orangewood Christian19:12.1631
33Christian St Germain10Orangewood Christian19:13.5932
34Charles Kicki10Oviedo HS19:16.17--
35Sean Schelling10Oviedo HS19:18.66--
36Jasue' Linores11Oviedo HS19:20.74--
37Richard Durr11Lake Mary HS19:21.3933
38Michael Rashy10Lake Mary HS19:21.81--
39Kevin Gransee9Lake Mary HS19:34.00--
40Thomas Parker11Oviedo HS19:37.97--
41Ian Cyr11Flagler Palm Coast HS19:40.9934
42Aspen Dillard11Flagler Palm Coast HS19:43.0035
43Garrett O'Malley9Hagerty HS19:45.1736
44Islael Tanner10Oviedo HS19:45.82--
45Tyson Harper10Oviedo HS19:46.92--
46Austin Chapman8Space Coast HS19:51.8537
47Gustavo Cruz10Oviedo HS19:52.06--
48Jared Hadley10Oviedo HS19:53.36--
49Daniel Felgar11Space Coast HS19:56.3038
50Jaedin Daddapaneni10Oviedo HS20:05.80--
51Brett Meade9Flagler Palm Coast HS20:08.3539
52Daniel Buwalda9Orangewood Christian20:09.2240
53Trei Dawson9Space Coast HS20:32.0941
54Andy Seo11Oviedo HS20:45.02--
55Alex Pantoka11Oviedo HS20:49.60--
56Dhruv Dadhania10Lake Mary HS20:52.04--
57John Demeter9Lake Mary HS20:52.27--
58Cody Roberts11Flagler Palm Coast HS20:55.38--
59Michael Huss9Lake Mary HS21:03.82--
60Devin Wightman9The Master's Academy (Oviedo)21:07.5042
61Xander Padua9International Community School21:11.0343
62Jason Ramos11Space Coast HS21:12.0044
63Dalton Smith10Flagler Palm Coast HS21:25.00--
64Ramzey Sheikh10Oviedo HS21:25.84--
65Jonathan Albano11Hagerty HS21:27.6145
66David Carrion11Lake Mary HS21:40.97--
67Brandon Adams10Orangewood Christian21:43.1046
68Chris Duncan9Lake Mary HS21:47.21--
69Alex Kapke7The Master's Academy (Oviedo)21:57.0847
70Garrett Ferenz9Flagler Palm Coast HS22:07.34--
71Isaiah Padilla9The Master's Academy (Oviedo)22:09.8048
72Robert Beattie11Hagerty HS22:10.33--
73Johnathan Allen10Orangewood Christian22:15.8849
74Cal Eidson10Orangewood Christian22:20.4450
75Gage Stevenson8Orangewood Christian22:29.78--
76Paoa Kcdzi10Oviedo HS22:36.70--
77James Hemphill11International Community School22:36.9451
78Collin Franco7Space Coast HS22:37.30--
79Andrew Lipscomb7International Community School22:39.7852
80Brett Thompson9Flagler Palm Coast HS22:44.00--
81Logan Sepe9Flagler Palm Coast HS22:48.00--
82Grahm Rogers11Lake Mary HS23:09.00--
83Trey Mathias8The Master's Academy (Oviedo)23:18.5053
84Levi Burton9Flagler Palm Coast HS23:26.00--
85Luis Mercado10Hagerty HS23:52.28--
86Ishmael Vegas11Lake Mary HS23:59.59--
87Sean Campos7Space Coast HS24:25.11--
88Andrew Gendreau9Orangewood Christian24:33.23--
89Matt Fuller11Hagerty HS24:40.83--
90Kyle Morris9The Master's Academy (Oviedo)24:51.7054
91Hunter Prince9The Master's Academy (Oviedo)25:08.1055
92Nathan Ettel9International Community School25:19.15--
93Harrison Messenger9Hagerty HS25:47.30--
94Ethan Evens9Orangewood Christian26:07.80--
95Logan Turk11Oviedo HS26:16.70--
96Conor Walsh10Hagerty HS26:33.86--
97Shay Hopewell9Hagerty HS26:34.90--
98Ryan Uner10International Community School26:40.29--
99Esteban Torres8International Community School26:58.17--
100Ethan Osborne11The Master's Academy (Oviedo)28:01.0056
101Nolan Riccard11Hagerty HS30:44.30--
102Carson Moree10Flagler Palm Coast HS32:11.85--

Team Scores

1Lake Mary HS412461019--
2Flagler Palm Coast HS633571434--
3Oviedo HS6389111520--
4Hagerty HS81112132530--
5International Community School1361823242843--
6Space Coast HS1371617293738--
7Orangewood Christian1762731324046--
8The Master's Academy (Oviedo)2444247485354--