Road To State: 2A Boys Virtual Meet

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Jose Penalver is at a new school for 2017 and has the best time in the 800m for all of class 2A when he went 1-2 with teammate Isaiah Petit-Jeune at the Kowboy Invitational. Penalver is part of a loaded American Heritage team, that are the 2016 champions and favorites to repeat due in large part to Anthony Schwartz, one of the fastest sprinters in the nation. We break down the road to the 2A state championship meet.

100 Meter Dash

1Anthony Schwartz2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)10.37 10
2Jervis Williams2017Hallandale HS10.50 7
2Tyquan Thornton2018Miami Booker T. Washington HS10.50 7
4Caziah Holmes2020Cocoa HS10.60 4.5
4Shaun Shivers2018Chaminade-Madonna College Prep10.60 4.5
6Dedrick Vanover2017Fort White HS10.70 2
6Michael Nesmith2018Hallandale HS10.70 2
6Robert Harding2017Miami Monsignor Pace HS10.70 2
9Steven Simmons2017Palatka HS10.72 0
10Javian Hawkins2018Cocoa HS10.77 0
11Antwon Williams2017Rickards HS10.78 0
12Dequavious Charleston2020East Gadsden HS10.80 --
12Seneca Milledge2019Dunbar HS10.80 --
14Mike Hudson2017Godby HS10.83 --
14Willie Wright2017Raines HS10.83 --
16Rueben Joseph2017Glades Central HS10.84 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Anthony Schwartz2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)20.69 10
2Tyquan Thornton2018Miami Booker T. Washington HS21.30 8
3Monte Parker2019American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)21.80 6
4Larry Grier2018Raines HS21.85 5
5Peter Anderson2018Hallandale HS21.90 4
6O'jhonte Armstrong2017Ransom Everglades School21.98 3
7Desmond Davis2019Dunbar HS21.99 1.5
7Jaariq Charles2018Cocoa HS21.99 1.5
9Wellestey Madurie2018Clewiston HS22.04 0
10Antoine Green2018Rockledge HS22.07 --
11Caziah Holmes2020Cocoa HS22.10 --
11Jervis Williams2017Hallandale HS22.10 --
11Jovan Ferguson2020Miami Booker T. Washington HS22.10 --
14Jeremiah Anderson2017Stranahan HS22.11 --
14Marlon Brooks2019Raines HS22.11 --
16Mike Hudson2017Godby HS22.14 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Peter Anderson2018Hallandale HS47.77 10
2Calvin Golson2017Hallandale HS48.32 8
3Damond Johnson2017West Florida Tech HS48.55 6
4Monte Parker2019American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)48.88 5
5Tyquan Thornton2018Miami Booker T. Washington HS49.06 4
6Jovan Ferguson2020Miami Booker T. Washington HS49.90 3
7Marlon Brooks2019Raines HS49.92 2
8brandon phillips2019South Walton HS50.12 1
9DaJuan Holmes2017Raines HS50.21 --
10Willhemson Jean-Pierre2017Inlet Grove HS50.22 --
11De'Markus Johnson2018Glades Central HS50.28 --
12Noah French2017Fernandina Beach HS50.29 --
13Joshua Ramirez2017Cocoa HS50.35 --
14Dewayne Robinson2017Zephyrhills HS50.37 --
15Elijah Wright2019Lely HS50.41 --
16Jordan Nance2018Rickards HS50.66 --
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800 Meter Run

1Jose Penalver2017American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)1:56.21 10
2Isaiah Petit-Jeune2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)1:57.22 8
3brandon phillips2019South Walton HS1:58.36 6
4Zaemione Jones2017Hallandale HS1:58.83 5
5Charles Hicks2019Bolles HS1:58.84 4
6Nathan Jubran2018Bishop Kenny HS1:59.05 3
7Caleb Pottorff2017Lincoln Park Academy HS1:59.14 2
8Chase Rivera2019Bolles HS1:59.34 1
9Jared Knight2019West Florida Tech HS1:59.40 --
10Danny Ferro2018Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)1:59.81 --
11Ron Knezevich2017Pine Crest HS1:59.99 --
12John Padilla2018Satellite High School2:00.10 --
13Micah Hilliard2018Suwannee HS2:00.12 --
14Joshua Wagner2017Lely HS2:00.30 --
15Winston Quinn2019Miami Booker T. Washington HS2:00.39 --
16Mackenson Yrelus2018Immokalee HS2:00.45 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Caleb Pottorff2017Lincoln Park Academy HS4:16.27 10
2Chase Rivera2019Bolles HS4:20.68 8
3Trenton Mandato2017Trinity Prep4:23.83 6
4Paul Stafford2018Lake Wales HS4:24.32 5
5Charles Hicks2019Bolles HS4:24.54 4
6Nathan Jubran2018Bishop Kenny HS4:25.45 3
7Trevor Kattenberg2017Satellite High School4:25.66 2
8John Bowers2018Bolles HS4:27.31 1
9John Cacciatore2017Satellite High School4:28.50 --
10Walker Hirsch2018Satellite High School4:29.10 --
11William Shine2017Archbishop McCarthy HS4:29.32 --
12Hunter Chavis2017Mount Dora HS4:29.64 --
13Antonio Gomez2018Frostproof HS4:29.84 --
14Danny Ferro2018Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)4:30.39 --
15Michael Cabral2017Pine Crest HS4:30.85 --
16Leo Ochoa2017Berkeley Prep HS4:31.60 --
--Charlie Dickinson2018Satellite High School4:30.60 --
--John Padilla2018Satellite High School4:32.44 --
--Egan Kattenberg2017Satellite High School4:33.83 --
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3,200 Meter Run

1Charles Hicks2019Bolles HS9:15.39 10
2John Cacciatore2017Satellite High School9:24.46 8
3Paul Stafford2018Lake Wales HS9:28.74 6
4Trenton Mandato2017Trinity Prep9:33.51 5
5Chase Rivera2019Bolles HS9:36.59 4
6Trevor Kattenberg2017Satellite High School9:39.93 3
7Antonio Gomez2018Frostproof HS9:43.92 2
8Michael Wilson2017Satellite High School9:44.07 1
9Benjamin Foltz2019Bolles HS9:44.74 --
10Trent Turbyfill2018Trinity Prep9:45.87 --
11Leo Ochoa2017Berkeley Prep HS9:53.64 --
12Richard Woodruff2018Trinity Prep9:54.79 --
13Brendan Twiggs2017Fernandina Beach HS9:58.72 --
14James Kaczorowski2018Bishop Kenny HS10:03.12 --
15William Shine2017Archbishop McCarthy HS10:05.41 --
16Matthew Kennedy2019Bishop Kenny HS10:07.14 --
--John Bowers2018Bolles HS9:46.93 --
--Charlie Dickinson2018Satellite High School9:54.45 --
--Walker Hirsch2018Satellite High School9:56.21 --
--Alexander Hastings2019Bolles HS9:58.69 --
--Christian Glover2017Bolles HS9:59.73 --
--Nicholas Maniatis2018Bolles HS9:59.83 --
--Cole Rutkowski2021Bolles HS10:02.93 --
--David Manning2020Trinity Prep10:04.52 --
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Tyricke Dickens2017Godby HS14.46 10
2Brandon Schultz2017Ridgewood HS14.58 8
3Amari Johnson2019Hallandale HS14.64 6
4Favien Lively2017Hallandale HS14.65 5
5Anthony Bryant2019South Walton HS14.68 4
6Jalen Mathews2018Raines HS14.81 3
7Rubin Smith-Bastian2018Miami Monsignor Pace HS14.86 2
8Joshua Ramirez2017Cocoa HS14.92 1
9Jordan Lewis2018Trinity Catholic HS14.96 --
10Jay Lovett2018Oxbridge Academy15.01 --
11Jvion Thornton2019Marianna HS15.23 --
12Damone Rolle2020Marianna HS15.25 --
13Will Slade2017Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)15.26 --
14Devante Vanterpool2018Umatilla HS15.27 --
15Brayon Spencer2017Stranahan HS15.29 --
16Austin Perry2017Jones HS15.49 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Chase Bonham2017Raines HS37.60 10
2Favien Lively2017Hallandale HS38.38 8
3Joshua Ramirez2017Cocoa HS38.43 5.5
3Tyricke Dickens2017Godby HS38.43 5.5
5Amari Johnson2019Hallandale HS39.17 4
6Brandon Schultz2017Ridgewood HS39.27 3
7Marcus Bryant2017Godby HS39.33 2
8Austin Campbell2017Trinity Prep39.48 1
9Monte Parker2019American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)39.90 0
10Keyshawn Helton2018West Florida Tech HS40.21 --
11Austin Perry2017Jones HS40.54 --
12Anthony Bryant2019South Walton HS40.58 --
13Will Slade2017Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)40.67 --
14Rubin Smith-Bastian2018Miami Monsignor Pace HS40.70 --
15Jabari Bryant2019Rickards HS41.21 --
16Eddie Ausgood2018Raines HS41.22 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)40.59 10
2Raines HS41.45 8
3Dunbar HS41.84 6
4Hallandale HS42.03 5
5Cardinal Gibbons HS42.10 4
6Cocoa HS42.21 3
7Chaminade-Madonna College Prep42.24 1.5
7Mulberry HS42.24 1.5
9Palatka HS42.33 0
10Jones HS42.46 --
11Godby HS42.57 --
12East Gadsden HS42.89 --
13Glades Central HS42.99 --
14Coconut Creek HS43.02 --
15Astronaut HS43.03 --
16Bishop Kenny HS43.26 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Hallandale HS3:15.52 10
2Palatka HS3:19.04 8
3American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)3:19.75 6
4Miami Booker T. Washington HS3:19.87 5
5Raines HS3:24.05 4
6West Florida Tech HS3:24.09 3
7Cocoa HS3:24.55 2
8Glades Central HS3:25.81 1
9South Walton HS3:26.21 --
10Cardinal Gibbons HS3:27.18 --
11Godby HS3:27.55 --
12Coconut Creek HS3:28.77 --
13Jones HS3:29.22 --
14Dunbar HS3:30.11 --
15Lakewood HS3:30.26 --
16Suwannee HS3:30.88 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)8:06.98 10
2Hallandale HS8:08.30 8
3Bolles HS8:10.93 6
4American Heritage MS/HS (Delray)8:12.03 5
5South Walton HS8:13.52 4
6Satellite High School8:19.67 3
7Bishop Kenny HS8:21.29 2
8Dunbar HS8:23.18 1
9Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)8:23.19 --
10Lely HS8:23.23 --
11Lakewood HS8:27.81 --
12Berkeley Prep HS8:29.23 --
13Pine Crest HS8:29.53 --
14Trinity Prep8:29.65 --
15Rockledge HS8:31.72 --
16Lake Wales HS8:38.45 --
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High Jump

1Cameron Harris2019Wolfson High School6-10.75 10
2Collie Williams2017Immaculata-LaSalle HS6-6 7
2Marcus Gross2017Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)6-6 7
4Jamari Williams2019Cocoa HS6-4.75 5
5Tony Jackson2018Rutherford HS (Springfield)6-4 4
6Bryson Kirksey2019Bolles HS6-3.5 3
7Anthony Bryant2019South Walton HS6-2.75 1
7Thomas Persicketti2019Satellite High School6-2.75 1
7Ty Herring2017Fernandina Beach HS6-2.75 1
10Dataveus Robinson2018Godby HS6-2 --
10David Long2018Port Orange Atlantic HS6-2 --
10Eric Hall2018Key West HS6-2 --
10Israel Diaz2018Citrus HS6-2 --
10Mohammed Haitham2018Lakewood HS6-2 --
10Rance Garrett2017Lincoln Park Academy HS6-2 --
16Da'quaris Gaines2017West Florida Tech HS6-1 0
17Glen Register2019Umatilla HS6-0.75 --
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Long Jump

1Trevon Laidler2018Raines HS23-9.5 10
2Seneca Milledge2019Dunbar HS22-11.25 8
3Kydiana Lewis2018Montverde Academy22-11 6
4Antoine Green2018Rockledge HS22-7.75 5
5Dyllion Lester2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)22-6.5 3.5
5Matthew Solomon2017American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)22-6.5 3.5
7LaJuan Preston2017Dunbar HS22-4 2
8Dale George2017Westside High School22-3.75 1
9Caziah Holmes2020Cocoa HS22-3 0
10Bryson Kirksey2019Bolles HS22-0.5 --
11Cedrick Dervil2017Lely HS21-11 --
11Collie Williams2017Immaculata-LaSalle HS21-11 --
13Da'quaris Gaines2017West Florida Tech HS21-9.5 --
14Austin Perry2017Jones HS21-8 --
14Deven Thompkins2018Dunbar HS21-8 --
16Anthony Bryant2019South Walton HS21-7.75 --
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Triple Jump

1Antoine Green2018Rockledge HS45-11.25 10
2LaJuan Preston2017Dunbar HS45-10.75 8
3R'Lazon Brumfield2017Bishop Kenny HS45-6 6
4Tony Bridges2018Pine Crest HS45-3.75 5
5Rudy Alvarez2017Dunbar HS45-3 4
6Trevon Laidler2018Raines HS45-1.75 3
7Deven Thompkins2018Dunbar HS44-6 2
8Da'quaris Gaines2017West Florida Tech HS44-4.25 1
9Cavaris Snell2017Hardee HS44-3.5 --
10Marques Dixon2017South Sumter HS43-10.75 --
11Dorian Gillespie2017Raines HS43-10.5 --
11Elijah Thompson2017Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)43-10.5 --
13Devon Fertil2017Ridgeview HS43-10 --
14Walter Caldwell2017Marianna HS43-2.5 --
15Louis Demps2019Eustis HS43-1 --
16Jesson Walker2018Rockledge HS42-9.75 --
--Seneca Milledge2019Dunbar HS44-2 --
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Pole Vault

1Noah Mumme2018Satellite High School15-1 10
2Alejandro Plate2017Archbishop McCarthy HS14-0 8
3Sean Toellner2017Pensacola Catholic HS13-6 6
4Christopher Kern2017Bishop Moore HS13-5.5 4.5
4Max Floren2017Umatilla HS13-5.5 4.5
6Joshua Moreno2017West Florida Tech HS13-0 3
7Andrew Reising2015Pompano Beach HS12-6 1.5
7James Nutt2019Cardinal Gibbons HS12-6 1.5
9Andrew Sowinski2017Lake Highland Prep HS12-0 --
9Carsen Coggeshall2017Pine Crest HS12-0 --
9Luis Morris2018Satellite High School12-0 --
9Tanner Martin2020South Walton HS12-0 --
13Gary Johnson2017Umatilla HS11-11.75 --
13Kyle Connolly2017Tavares HS11-11.75 --
15Joseph Bradley2019Bishop Kenny HS11-9.75 --
16Devin Robinson2021Florida High School11-8 --
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1Coby-Malcolm Mitchell2017Hallandale HS156-9 10
2Milton Ingram2018Hallandale HS155-8 8
3Justin Mitchell2017Bolles HS150-6 6
4Marcus Mijares2017Archbishop McCarthy HS146-6 5
5Ben Hamilton2017Arnold HS145-0.75 4
6Uriah Gilbert2017Trinity Catholic HS144-8.25 3
7Dylan Jones2017Bishop Kenny HS142-7.75 2
8Bokeyon Rice2017South Sumter HS139-4 1
9Zackary Carpenter2017Zephyrhills HS139-3.25 --
10Sam Morris2018Citrus HS137-10.25 --
11Walker Bean2018Fernandina Beach HS136-0.75 --
12Joseph Schwarz2018Satellite High School135-10 --
13Simeon Phillips2017Oxbridge Academy135-9 --
14Jevon Thomas2017Immokalee HS135-3 --
15Justin Lawson2018Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)135-1 --
16Jacob Wells2017South Sumter HS135-0 --
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Shot Put

1Diego Fagot2017Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)54-2 10
2Harrison Greenhill2017Lake Highland Prep HS52-10 8
3Kalia Davis2017West Florida Tech HS51-9.25 6
4Ben Hamilton2017Arnold HS51-6.5 5
5Milton Ingram2018Hallandale HS50-9.75 4
6Walker Bean2018Fernandina Beach HS49-7 3
7Jevon Thomas2017Immokalee HS48-5 2
8Ej Porter2017Bolles HS47-1.5 1
9Brayden Curry2017Lemon Bay HS46-11.5 --
10Vashon Watson jr2017Bolles HS46-4.75 --
11Seth Bradshaw2017Pedro Menendez High School46-3.25 --
12Uriah Gilbert2017Trinity Catholic HS45-11.25 --
13Michael Moore2017West Florida Tech HS45-11 --
14Emmanuel Savage2017Hallandale HS45-10 --
15Chris Racine2017Lely HS45-9 --
15Leon Bright2017Tampa Catholic HS45-9 

Team Scores

1Hallandale HS104
2American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)82
3Bolles HS48
4Raines HS45
5Dunbar HS32.5
6Satellite High School28
7Miami Booker T. Washington HS27
8Cocoa HS22.5
9West Florida Tech HS19
10Godby HS17.5
11Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)17
12Bishop Kenny HS16
12South Walton HS16
14Rockledge HS15
15Archbishop McCarthy HS13
16Lincoln Park Academy HS12
16Trinity Prep12
18Lake Wales HS11
18Ridgewood HS11
20Wolfson High School10
21Arnold HS9
22Lake Highland Prep HS8
22Palatka HS8
24Immaculata-LaSalle HS7
25Chaminade-Madonna College Prep6
25Montverde Academy6
25Pensacola Catholic HS6
28Cardinal Gibbons HS5.5
29American Heritage MS/HS (Delray)5
29Pine Crest HS5
31Bishop Moore HS4.5
31Umatilla HS4.5
33Fernandina Beach HS4
33Miami Monsignor Pace HS4
33Rutherford HS (Springfield)4
36Ransom Everglades School3
36Trinity Catholic HS3
38Fort White HS2
38Frostproof HS2
38Immokalee HS2
41Mulberry HS1.5
41Pompano Beach HS1.5
43Glades Central HS1
43South Sumter HS1
43Westside High School1