Road To State: 3A Boys Virtual Meet: Can Miami Northwestern Sweep Team Titles?

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Thomas Burns, seen here at the 2016 Bob Hayes Invitational, is one of the best hurdlers in 3A and a key member of Miami Northwestern's nationally ranked relay teams. We take a look at the top boys teams and individuals and their chances to medal to at the state meet.

LSU signee and Northeast senior Damion Thomas owns a US#1 13.61s in the 110m hurdles.

100 Meter Dash

1Chauncy Smart2017Auburndale HS10.46 10
2Tyrese Cooper2019Miami Norland HS10.50 8
3Shavaun Shaw2017Ocala Forest HS10.55 6
4Marquel Pittman2017Lincoln HS10.57 5
5Widchard Guervil2017Fort Myers HS10.63 4
6Jerome Ford2018Armwood HS10.68 3
7Cameron Leiba2019Dillard HS10.70 1.5
7GeUndre Rone2017Deltona HS10.70 1.5
9Yasir Abdullah2018Miami Carol City HS10.75 0
10Justin Peter2017Leon HS10.77 --
11Julius Norman2018Lincoln HS10.80 --
11nigel bethel2018Miami Northwestern HS10.80 --
13Jaden Gardner2017Pine Forest HS10.82 --
14Jacquez Stuart2019Miami Northwestern HS10.83 --
14Roodolph Antoine2018Dwyer HS10.83 --
16Marcus Floyd2019Middleburg HS10.87 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Tyrese Cooper2019Miami Norland HS20.66 10
2Cardet Bienvenue2018Winter Haven HS21.44 8
3Damion Thomas2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)21.60 5
3Shavaun Shaw2017Ocala Forest HS21.60 5
3Widchard Guervil2017Fort Myers HS21.60 5
6Marquel Pittman2017Lincoln HS21.70 3
7David East2017Miami Northwestern HS21.79 1.5
7Duran Bell2017Hillsborough HS21.79 1.5
9De-Varens Valcin2017Boyd Anderson HS21.80 0
10Patston Stewart2017Lehigh HS21.87 0
11Ryan Saint-Germain2017Paxon School for Advanced Studies21.91 0
12Jerome Ford2018Armwood HS21.99 --
13nigel bethel2018Miami Northwestern HS22.03 --
13Roodolph Antoine2018Dwyer HS22.03 --
15Yasir Abdullah2018Miami Carol City HS22.07 --
16Tyjuan Ware2020Boyd Anderson HS22.11 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Tyrese Cooper2019Miami Norland HS45.45 10
2Tiondre Toomer2017Miami Northwestern HS47.32 8
3Trevor Wilson2019Lincoln HS48.51 6
4Cameron Leiba2019Dillard HS48.81 5
5Ryan Saint-Germain2017Paxon School for Advanced Studies48.92 4
6Ralph Goodman2017Lincoln HS49.12 3
7Duran Bell2017Hillsborough HS49.27 2
8tremaine brown2018Dillard HS49.47 1
9De-Varens Valcin2017Boyd Anderson HS49.50 --
10Cameron Daniel2017Ed White HS49.66 --
11Marcus Floyd2019Middleburg HS49.67 --
12Kevin Mitchell2016Palm Beach Lakes HS49.68 --
13Daidren Davis2018Bartram Trail HS49.72 --
14Nick Hollis2018Palm Beach Lakes HS49.80 --
15Antravius Perkins2017South Fort Myers HS49.91 --
16Byron Allen2017Hillsborough HS50.00 --
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800 Meter Run

1Joseph Storey2017Creekside HS1:53.60 10
2Sean Heera2017Clearwater HS1:54.93 8
3fred gonsalvies2017Miami Northwestern HS1:56.03 6
4Michael Phillips2018Chiles HS1:56.95 5
5Matthew Clark2017Creekside HS1:57.13 4
6Evan Babatz2017Fort Myers HS1:57.81 3
7Payne Meyer2018New Smyrna Beach HS1:58.00 2
8Tyree Simeon2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)1:58.10 1
9Amir Warren2017Paxon School for Advanced Studies1:58.14 --
10Sukeil Foucha2019Blanche Ely HS1:58.23 --
11Leander Forbes2017Leon HS1:58.29 --
12Jacob Miley2019Matanzas HS1:58.47 --
13Alexander Gruenewald2017Chiles HS1:58.82 --
14Nicholas Deal2017Creekside HS1:58.89 --
15Hugh Brittenham2019Estero HS1:58.94 --
16Alex Kay2019Ocala Forest HS1:59.03 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Michael Phillips2018Chiles HS4:15.19 10
2Matthew Clark2017Creekside HS4:16.32 8
3Matthew Newland2018Chiles HS4:21.38 6
4Evan Babatz2017Fort Myers HS4:21.50 5
5Hugh Brittenham2019Estero HS4:21.55 4
6Nicholas Deal2017Creekside HS4:21.63 3
7Arye Beck2017Estero HS4:22.54 2
8Matt Neeley2017Bartram Trail HS4:23.80 1
9Sean Heera2017Clearwater HS4:24.15 --
10Evan Williams-Jirkovsk2017Estero HS4:24.99 --
11Eliot Chalfin-Smith2017Gainesville HS4:25.36 --
12Joshua Collins2018Belen Jesuit Preparatory School4:25.43 --
13Nick Carpenter2019Fort Myers HS4:27.38 --
14Joseph Storey2017Creekside HS4:27.47 --
15James Hasell2018East Lake HS4:27.89 --
16Alexander Gruenewald2017Chiles HS4:29.36 --
--Robert Nowak2018Chiles HS4:33.13 --
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3,200 Meter Run

1Matthew Clark2017Creekside HS9:25.43 10
2Nicholas Deal2017Creekside HS9:29.63 8
3Joshua Collins2018Belen Jesuit Preparatory School9:30.32 6
4Matthew Cashin2017Leon HS9:36.88 5
5Matthew Newland2018Chiles HS9:38.45 4
6James Hasell2018East Lake HS9:44.56 3
7Arye Beck2017Estero HS9:46.50 2
8Evan Williams-Jirkovsk2017Estero HS9:47.09 1
9Aidan O'Gorman2019New Smyrna Beach HS9:47.44 --
10Sean Heera2017Clearwater HS9:49.30 --
11Nickolas Kamen2019Gulf Coast HS9:50.91 --
12Sebastian Roa2019Belen Jesuit Preparatory School9:52.24 --
13Cormac Gilmore2018Clearwater HS9:53.04 --
14Colter Foster2017Leon HS9:56.21 --
15Mason Youberg2017Gulf Breeze HS9:57.25 --
16Ryan Von Brock2018Gulf Breeze HS9:57.36 --
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Damion Thomas2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)13.61 10
2Charlie Thomas2017Hillsborough HS14.48 8
3Moses Wells2017Hillsborough HS14.66 6
4Demarcus Adams2018Mainland HS14.72 5
5Cameron Sorg2017Merritt Island HS14.79 4
6D'Vonte Price2017Charlotte HS14.89 3
7Jordel Williams2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)14.90 2
8Donnell Grant2017Blanche Ely HS14.93 1
9John Clayton2018Dillard HS14.96 --
10Kenny Charlot2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)15.09 --
11Samuel Bassham2017Navarre HS15.11 --
12Manny Phoulom2018St. Augustine HS15.19 --
13Alonzo Waheed2017Leon HS15.25 --
14Jevon Williams2020Blanche Ely HS15.27 --
15Josias Jean2017Fort Myers HS15.29 --
16Malcolm Whitehurst2017Choctawhatchee HS15.36 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Thomas Burns2018Miami Northwestern HS36.04 10
2Charlie Thomas2017Hillsborough HS38.29 8
3Tyrese Cooper2019Miami Norland HS38.31 6
4Moses Wells2017Hillsborough HS38.46 5
5Justin Peter2017Leon HS38.59 4
6Kai Davis2017Lincoln HS38.91 3
7Alonzo Waheed2017Leon HS39.35 2
8Kenny Charlot2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)39.48 1
9Jevon Williams2020Blanche Ely HS39.50 --
10Althiery Leontes2017South Fort Myers HS39.72 --
11Joshua Caldwell-Feggins2018Lake Region HS39.80 --
12Kendrick Adams2017Dillard HS39.87 --
13Manny Phoulom2018St. Augustine HS39.90 --
14Kendaruis Coward2018Boyd Anderson HS39.98 --
15Cameron Sorg2017Merritt Island HS40.04 --
16Daidren Davis2018Bartram Trail HS40.27 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS41.05 10
2Northeast HS (Oakland Park)41.95 8
3Fort Myers HS42.06 6
4Atlantic Coast HS42.16 5
5Lincoln HS42.18 4
6Boyd Anderson HS42.20 3
7Dillard HS42.24 2
8Winter Haven HS42.33 1
9Hillsborough HS42.36 --
10Blanche Ely HS42.41 --
11South Fort Myers HS42.65 --
12Palmetto Senior HS42.76 --
13Deltona HS42.80 --
14Gainesville HS42.83 --
15Auburndale HS42.89 --
16Charlotte HS42.90 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS3:12.12 10
2Lincoln HS3:16.63 8
3Dillard HS3:16.66 6
4Palm Beach Lakes HS3:22.46 5
5Hillsborough HS3:22.49 4
6Northeast HS (Oakland Park)3:22.63 3
7Boyd Anderson HS3:22.96 2
8Blanche Ely HS3:23.28 1
9Miami Norland HS3:24.55 --
10Niceville HS3:26.20 --
11Ida S. Baker HS3:26.47 --
12Naples HS3:27.17 --
13Mainland HS3:27.21 --
14Chiles HS3:27.30 --
15Bartram Trail HS3:27.70 --
16Lake Region HS3:28.48 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Chiles HS8:04.21 10
2Estero HS8:09.60 8
3Miami Northwestern HS8:09.86 6
4Lincoln HS8:10.78 5
5Northeast HS (Oakland Park)8:12.63 4
6Niceville HS8:13.79 3
7Dillard HS8:14.31 2
8New Smyrna Beach HS8:17.01 1
9Creekside HS8:17.08 --
10East Lake HS8:19.00 --
11Fort Myers HS8:19.56 --
12Matanzas HS8:19.85 --
13Ocala Vanguard HS8:20.39 --
14Belen Jesuit Preparatory School8:21.70 --
15Gulf Breeze HS8:23.73 --
16Hillsborough HS8:23.84 --
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Long Jump

1Demarcus Adams2018Mainland HS24-3.5 10
2Queshun Watson2018Sebastian River HS23-6 8
3Chad Wilson2017Mainland HS22-8.25 6
4James Gilbert2019Edgewater HS22-8 5
5Jouvensly Bazile2019Golden Gate HS22-5.5 4
6Avery Thornton2018Boyd Anderson HS22-4.5 3
7Keylon Kennedy2017Mainland HS22-3.5 2
8Daylen Wood2017New Smyrna Beach HS22-3 1
9Kenric Montgomery2018Hillsborough HS22-2.5 --
10Timothy Williams Jr.2017Gaither HS22-0 --
11Tyreece Luther2018Port Charlotte HS21-11 --
12Gurvan Hall2018Palm Beach Lakes HS21-9.5 --
13Trejan Huggins2017Lincoln HS21-8.25 --
14D'Vonte Price2017Charlotte HS21-8 --
14Jeremy Henderson2017Bartow HS21-8 --
14Kishon Mayes2017Gainesville HS21-8 --
--Jhii Taylor2018Mainland HS22-1.25 --
--Justin Peter2017Leon HS21-10.5 --
--Nathaniel Dell2018Mainland HS21-8 --
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High Jump

1Donald Chaney2020Belen Jesuit Preparatory School6-8 10
2Carson Mann2017Sebring HS6-4 4.143
2Greg Buettner2017Lecanto HS6-4 4.143
2Jaylen Taylor2019Leon HS6-4 4.143
2Jesse Saulsberry2019Escambia HS6-4 4.143
2Kyle Marois2017Venice HS6-4 4.143
2Nick Taylor2018Lake Gibson HS6-4 4.143
2Sam Thompson2017Boca Ciega HS6-4 4.143
9Avery Thornton2018Boyd Anderson HS6-2 --
9Bryce Quiett2019Middleburg HS6-2 --
9Cameron Sorg2017Merritt Island HS6-2 --
9James Harris2018Blanche Ely HS6-2 --
9Junior Charley2017Hillsborough HS6-2 --
9Justas Schillinger2017Tampa Jesuit HS6-2 --
9Kimani Richards2019Northeast HS (Oakland Park)6-2 --
9Shavaun Shaw2017Ocala Forest HS6-2 --
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Triple Jump

1Queshun Watson2018Sebastian River HS47-7 10
2James Harris2018Blanche Ely HS46-4 8
3Kenric Montgomery2018Hillsborough HS45-7.25 6
4Camden Givens2018Matanzas HS44-6.25 5
5Marcus Floyd2019Middleburg HS44-5.5 4
6Tyreece Luther2018Port Charlotte HS44-1 3
7Tard Smith2017Boyd Anderson HS43-10.5 2
8Caleb Ward2018Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS43-7 1
9Darin Garland2018Eau Gallie HS43-4.5 --
9Rodger Wright2019Blanche Ely HS43-4.5 --
11Bryce Miller2017East Lake HS42-11.75 --
12Clarence Hicks2017Pine Forest HS42-11 --
13Jake Walsh2019East Lake HS42-9.75 --
14James Stewart2017Ida S. Baker HS42-9.5 --
15Warnell Bryant2017Mainland HS42-8.5 --
16Steffan Mallory2018Mainland HS42-7.75 --
--Justin Peter2017Leon HS44-2.25 --
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Pole Vault

1Seth Musselman2017Harmony HS15-5 9
1Stone Baker2018River Ridge HS15-5 9
3Carter Palasti2017Gaither HS14-6 6
4Joseph Piccione2017Sebring HS14-3 4.5
4Tucker Brace2018Land O' Lakes HS14-3 4.5
6Jadarius Cole2017Pine Forest HS14-0 3
7Charles Orth2017Navarre HS13-6 1.5
7Raquan Nelson2017Pine Forest HS13-6 1.5
9Ivan Piccioni2017Dwyer HS13-5.75 0
10Kayden Cecil2018Gulf Coast HS13-5.25 0
11Jack Henry Nouss2017Tampa Jesuit HS13-0 --
11Jason Blair2017Fort Walton Beach HS13-0 --
11Kevin Medrano2017Venice HS13-0 --
11Kobe Babin2020Niceville HS13-0 --
15Jimmy O'Conner2017Ida S. Baker HS12-6.25 --
16Aaron Mago2017Nease HS12-6 --
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1Edward Shelikoff2017Niceville HS188-5.5 10
2Jarez Parks2017Sebastian River HS185-0.5 8
3Jordan Poole2017Chiles HS158-11 6
4Kyle Manuel2018Springstead HS158-8 5
5Keagan Breen2017Harmony HS156-3 4
6Brandon Rivera2017Hillsborough HS154-5 3
7Corbin Moore2017River Ridge HS150-11 2
8James Hansen2017Chiles HS150-7 1
9Heath Topel2017Niceville HS146-6 --
10G'Vonte Price2017Charlotte HS146-0 --
11Zachary Hauschild2017Clearwater HS145-11 --
12Jon Woo2017Palmetto Ridge HS145-3 --
13Ellis Mcmillon2017Miami Carol City HS142-10.5 --
14Joe Rich2017Gulf Breeze HS142-9 --
15Robert Cobb2017Ida S. Baker HS141-11 --
16Matthew Swets2017Ocala Forest HS141-10 --
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Shot Put

1Jarez Parks2017Sebastian River HS55-9.25 10
2Kyante Cobbett2017Auburndale HS53-8.5 8
3Anthony Pierce2018Auburndale HS53-4 6
4Justin Hooks2017Liberty High School52-9.25 5
5Edward Shelikoff2017Niceville HS52-3.5 4
6Nick Viola2017Riverdale HS51-2 3
7Nick Kubiet2017Matanzas HS51-0 2
8James Hansen2017Chiles HS50-11.5 1
9Jordan Poole2017Chiles HS49-10.5 --
10Dorrell James2017Leon HS48-6.25 --
11Brad Cecil2018Bartram Trail HS48-4.75 --
12Jon Woo2017Palmetto Ridge HS48-4.5 --
13Johnny Thompson2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)48-2 --
14Jack Fining2017Charlotte HS48-0.75 --
15Adaryl Legrant2017Pine Forest HS47-10 --
16Aundre Pleas2017Escambia HS47-5.25 --

Team Scores

1Miami Northwestern HS51.5
2Hillsborough HS43.5
3Chiles HS43
3Creekside HS43
5Lincoln HS37
6Sebastian River HS36
7Miami Norland HS34
7Northeast HS (Oakland Park)34
9Auburndale HS24
10Fort Myers HS23
10Mainland HS23
12Dillard HS17.5
13Estero HS17
13Niceville HS17
15Belen Jesuit Preparatory School16
16Leon HS15.14
17Harmony HS13
18Ocala Forest HS11
18River Ridge HS11
20Blanche Ely HS10
20Boyd Anderson HS10
22Winter Haven HS9
23Sebring HS8.64
24Clearwater HS8
25Matanzas HS7
26Gaither HS6
27Atlantic Coast HS5
27Edgewater HS5
27Liberty High School5
27Palm Beach Lakes HS5
27Springstead HS5
32Land O' Lakes HS4.5
32Pine Forest HS4.5
34Boca Ciega HS4.14
34Escambia HS4.14
34Lake Gibson HS4.14
34Lecanto HS4.14
34Venice HS4.14
39Golden Gate HS4
39Merritt Island HS4
39Middleburg HS4
39New Smyrna Beach HS4
39Paxon School for Advanced Studies4
44Armwood HS3
44Charlotte HS3
44East Lake HS3
44Port Charlotte HS3
44Riverdale HS3
49Deltona HS1.5
49Navarre HS1.5
51Bartram Trail HS1
51Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS1