Road To State: 3A Girls Virtual Meet

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Mater Academy 8th grader Jinah Mickens-Malik already has a state title to her credit after winning the 3A 800m run in 2016. Flash forward to 2017 and she has run 2:12.15 at the Ferguson Falcon Invitational, the best mark in the classification. We take a look at which girls teams and individuals have the best to advance and medal at state. (Photo by Tom Connor)

Northwestern senior and Southern Cal signee Twanisha Terry is the defending state champion in the 100m and 200m dash and has the best time of any 3A girl in both events. Her 23.50 from the Sam Burley HOF Invitational is ranked first in the country for 2017.

100 Meter Dash

1Twanisha Terry2017Miami Northwestern HS11.64 10
2Tre'Keisha Ford2017Dillard HS11.70 8
3Roshelle Francois2017Dillard HS11.80 6
4Shyteania Twensey2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)11.90 5
5Anitria Sangster2018Boyd Anderson HS12.00 3
5Mirlege Castor2017South Fort Myers HS12.00 3
5Ulani Toussaint2018Miami Northwestern HS12.00 3
8Savyon Toombs2017Hillsborough HS12.01 1
9LaSarah Hargrove2019Gaither HS12.03 0
10Daneisha Woodside2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)12.08 0
11Cara Simpson2018Atlantic Coast HS12.13 --
12Jacquevia Jones2018Lincoln HS12.18 --
13Kaytie Black2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)12.24 --
14Dana Donovan2017Charlotte HS12.29 --
15Allison Holland2017Creekside HS12.31 --
15Cierra Hedrick2017Pace HS12.31 --
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200 Meter Dash

1Twanisha Terry2017Miami Northwestern HS23.50 10
2Jan'Taijah Ford2019Northeast HS (Oakland Park)23.70 8
3LaSarah Hargrove2019Gaither HS24.58 6
4Daneisha Woodside2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)24.63 5
5Savyon Toombs2017Hillsborough HS24.65 4
6Ulani Toussaint2018Miami Northwestern HS24.66 3
7Taquaria Whiley2018Miami Northwestern HS24.85 2
8Ani Wells2019Hillsborough HS24.98 1
9Cara Simpson2018Atlantic Coast HS25.02 --
10Allison Holland2017Creekside HS25.10 --
11Destiny Castillo2019South Broward HS25.20 --
11Shyteania Twensey2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)25.20 --
13Te'era Stewart2020South Fort Myers HS25.26 --
14Mirlege Castor2017South Fort Myers HS25.39 --
15Catera Smith2018Pine Forest HS25.41 --
16Anitria Sangster2018Boyd Anderson HS25.50 --
--Takiyah Johnson2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)25.26 --
--Camryn Cross2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)25.28 --
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400 Meter Dash

1Savyon Toombs2017Hillsborough HS55.37 10
2De'Andreah Young2017Miami Northwestern HS56.15 8
3Ulani Toussaint2018Miami Northwestern HS56.19 6
4J'Nai Taylor2017Hillsborough HS56.43 5
5Allison Holland2017Creekside HS56.70 4
6Lonzetta Simpkins2018Lincoln HS56.82 3
7Tamera Mason2017Lincoln HS57.01 2
8Takiyah Johnson2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)57.25 1
9Catera Smith2018Pine Forest HS57.43 --
10Kai'lyn Kirkland2020Paxon School for Advanced Studies57.55 --
11Ta'niya King2018Palm Beach Lakes HS58.66 --
12Alexandria Rankin2017Island Coast HS58.72 --
13Mirlege Castor2017South Fort Myers HS58.87 --
14Roshelle Francois2017Dillard HS59.34 --
15Shamarah Shannon2018Miami Northwestern HS59.91 --
16Reagan Darrah2018Ponte Vedra HS1:00.02 --
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800 Meter Run

1Jinah Mickens-Malik2021Mater Academy Charter MS/HS2:12.15 10
2Daishon Spann2019Boyd Anderson HS2:16.51 8
3Ayoola Gbolade2018Miami Northwestern HS2:16.73 6
4Jennifer Lima2017East Lake HS2:17.93 5
5Alexis Sherwin2017Niceville HS2:18.11 4
6Hannah Schneidewind2018Niceville HS2:20.06 3
7Tamera Mason2017Lincoln HS2:20.10 2
8Kayla Easterly2017North Fort Myers HS2:20.13 1
9Reagan Darrah2018Ponte Vedra HS2:20.57 --
10Claire Openshaw2020Creekside HS2:20.61 --
11Alyson Churchill2020Lincoln HS2:20.71 --
12cadeebra calcote2017Dillard HS2:21.24 --
13Abbie Harrelson2017Niceville HS2:21.39 --
14Grace Phillips2018Mitchell HS2:21.72 --
15Marjury Rodriguez2020Mater Academy Charter MS/HS2:22.03 --
16Ana Wallace2018Chiles HS2:22.17 --
--Erin Eubanks2019Niceville HS2:23.13 --
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1,600 Meter Run

1Alyson Churchill2020Lincoln HS4:58.08 10
2Abbie Harrelson2017Niceville HS5:00.11 8
3Jennifer Lima2017East Lake HS5:02.17 6
4Hannah Schneidewind2018Niceville HS5:04.05 5
5Ana Wallace2018Chiles HS5:06.21 4
6Kayla Easterly2017North Fort Myers HS5:08.24 3
7Kristlin Gear2017Fort Myers HS5:10.05 2
8Claire Moritz2018Ponte Vedra HS5:11.07 1
9Fiona Kurland2018Fort Myers HS5:12.70 --
10Taylor Stone2020Osceola HS (Seminole)5:12.79 --
11Jillian Dempsey2020Naples HS5:14.36 --
12Claire Openshaw2020Creekside HS5:14.98 --
13Lauren Stanford2017Bartram Trail HS5:16.12 --
14Julia Deal2020Ponte Vedra HS5:16.67 --
15Kara Funke2017Leesburg HS5:16.74 --
16Micaela Torres2017King HS5:18.26 --
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3,200 Meter Run

1Alyson Churchill2020Lincoln HS10:32.53 10
2Claire Moritz2018Ponte Vedra HS11:05.25 8
3Claire Openshaw2020Creekside HS11:06.02 6
4Jennifer Lima2017East Lake HS11:07.00 5
5Hannah Schneidewind2018Niceville HS11:10.27 4
6Kara Funke2017Leesburg HS11:10.67 3
7Ana Wallace2018Chiles HS11:11.73 2
8Natalie Abernathy2019Land O' Lakes HS11:12.97 1
9Kayla Easterly2017North Fort Myers HS11:16.20 --
10Lauren Stanford2017Bartram Trail HS11:18.95 --
11Micaela Torres2017King HS11:19.48 --
12Abbie Harrelson2017Niceville HS11:20.00 --
13Hannah Spooneybarger2019Gulf Breeze HS11:26.05 --
14Ciara Coger2018Niceville HS11:26.96 --
15Jillian Dempsey2020Naples HS11:28.04 --
16Emily Culley2019Chiles HS11:31.02 --
--Ally Woodard2018Niceville HS11:32.73 --
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Markalah Hart2020Miami Northwestern HS41.56 10
2De'Andreah Young2017Miami Northwestern HS41.63 8
3Carshaylah Harrison2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)43.38 6
4Alessa Sandusky2017Gaither HS44.30 5
5Ariayanna Val2017Miami Northwestern HS44.45 4
6Makayla Williams2018Armwood HS44.92 3
7Daneesha Davidson2017Hillsborough HS45.03 2
8Monae' Nichols2017Auburndale HS45.06 1
9Casly Israel2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)45.54 --
10Kaitlyn Kirby2017East Lake HS45.68 --
11Shaneylix Davila2018Poinciana HS45.84 --
12Michaela Thompson2017Pine Forest HS45.94 --
13cadeebra calcote2017Dillard HS46.14 --
14Kailiece Harris2018Hillsborough HS46.56 --
15Amaya Thomas2019Northeast HS (Oakland Park)46.86 --
16Shaniya Sanders2017Pine Forest HS47.05 --
--Taranique Alexander2017Miami Northwestern HS46.15 --
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS45.81 10
2Northeast HS (Oakland Park)48.09 8
3South Fort Myers HS48.15 6
4Paxon School for Advanced Studies48.22 5
5Dillard HS48.35 4
6Auburndale HS48.48 3
7Lincoln HS48.57 2
8Atlantic Coast HS48.67 1
9Hillsborough HS49.02 --
10Pensacola HS49.25 --
11Boyd Anderson HS49.32 --
12Charlotte HS49.38 --
13Blanche Ely HS49.63 --
14Pine Forest HS49.66 --
15Palm Bay Heritage HS49.79 --
16Niceville HS49.94 --
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS3:43.40 10
2Northeast HS (Oakland Park)3:54.05 8
3Dillard HS3:59.67 6
4Hillsborough HS3:59.90 5
5Pine Forest HS4:00.66 4
6Lincoln HS4:01.10 3
7Niceville HS4:02.49 2
8Atlantic Coast HS4:06.11 1
9Paxon School for Advanced Studies4:06.74 --
10Boyd Anderson HS4:07.63 --
11Leon HS4:08.26 --
12Mater Academy Charter MS/HS4:08.74 --
13Auburndale HS4:09.07 --
14Creekside HS4:09.60 --
15Stanton Prep4:11.06 --
16Dwyer HS4:11.25 --
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS9:27.88 10
2Niceville HS9:43.09 8
3Dillard HS9:47.13 6
4Creekside HS9:48.95 5
5Osceola HS (Seminole)9:55.71 4
6Boyd Anderson HS9:57.28 3
7East Lake HS9:58.02 2
8Mater Academy Charter MS/HS9:58.70 1
9Lincoln HS9:58.71 --
10Fort Myers HS9:59.72 --
11Chiles HS10:02.20 --
12Island Coast HS10:04.23 --
13Naples HS10:06.06 --
14Gulf Coast HS10:07.51 --
15Estero HS10:11.38 --
16Barron Collier HS10:13.80 --
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Triple Jump

1Daneesha Davidson2017Hillsborough HS40-0.5 10
2Taranique Alexander2017Miami Northwestern HS39-10 8
3Tytavia Hardy2018Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS38-5 6
4Monae' Nichols2017Auburndale HS37-11 5
5Dascha Robinson2019Miami Northwestern HS37-9.5 4
6Hannah Andrews2017Boca Ciega HS37-8.75 3
7Brianna Washington2017Milton HS37-7.75 2
8Briana Washington2017Creekside HS37-6.75 1
9Nekeima Obike2017Atlantic Coast HS37-3 --
10Jimeshia Lawson2018Boyd Anderson HS36-5 --
11Chim'sly Pericles2017Golden Gate HS36-4.5 --
12Janay Shuler2018Hillsborough HS36-3.5 --
13Christine McNeal2017Lake Weir HS36-2 --
14Nykeria Lee2018Pine Forest HS36-1.5 --
15Kaitlyn Kirby2017East Lake HS36-1.25 --
16Kiana Allen2018Boynton Beach HS36-0 --
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Long Jump

1Taranique Alexander2017Miami Northwestern HS18-11.75 10
2Ani Wells2019Hillsborough HS18-9.25 8
3Giavanna Matawa2019Hollywood Hills HS18-3 6
4Daneesha Davidson2017Hillsborough HS18-2.5 5
5J'Nai Taylor2017Hillsborough HS18-1 4
6Briana Washington2017Creekside HS18-0.25 2
6Kaitlyn Kirby2017East Lake HS18-0.25 2
6Maiya Downing2018Terry Parker HS18-0.25 2
9Monae' Nichols2017Auburndale HS17-10.75 0
10Hannah Andrews2017Boca Ciega HS17-8.75 0
11Brianna Washington2017Milton HS17-7.5 --
11I'Keriah Day2017South Fort Myers HS17-7.5 --
13Dasia Shepherd2017Terry Parker HS17-5 --
13Zy'shai Brown2017Dwyer HS17-5 --
15Tishauna Walker2017Pensacola HS17-4.75 --
16Christine McNeal2017Lake Weir HS17-3.75 --
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High Jump

1Carshaylah Harrison2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)5-6 10
2Jimeshia Lawson2018Boyd Anderson HS5-5.75 8
3Abby Thorpe2018Creekside HS5-4 5
3Sophia Madison2017Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS5-4 5
3Tytavia Hardy2018Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS5-4 5
6Antonia Beason2017Land O' Lakes HS5-3.75 2.5
6Ciara Golliher2017Sebastian River HS5-3.75 2.5
8Akira Jenkins2018Pensacola HS5-3 0.25
8Emma King2017Braden River HS5-3 0.25
8Gabriela Fasanelli2018Ponte Vedra HS5-3 0.25
8Tanner Gauthier2016Venice HS5-3 0.25
12Holly Cassels2020Dwyer HS5-2 --
12Jacy Scharlow2018Springstead HS5-2 --
12Jasmine Lawrence2018South Lake HS5-2 --
15Daishon Spann2019Boyd Anderson HS5-1.75 0
16J'Kaelyn Lang2018Boca Ciega HS5-1 --
16Kaley Petrosky2018Middleburg HS5-1 --
16Malainna White2018Pensacola HS5-1 --
19Ashley Varner2017Atlantic Coast HS5-0 --
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Pole Vault

1Madalyn Kish2019Niceville HS11-0 10
2Alexandra Chlumsky2019Fort Myers HS10-7.5 8
3Khiara Newton2019Navarre HS10-6 6
4Breanna Snyder2017Freedom HS (Tampa)10-2 5
5Amanda Money2018Sebring HS10-0 1.667
5Avery Lusk2019St. Augustine HS10-0 1.667
5Emma Slinkman2018South Fork HS10-0 1.667
5Hannah Whitney2017Venice HS10-0 1.667
5Jordyn Maddison2017Freedom HS (Tampa)10-0 1.667
5Natalie Jen2019Charlotte HS10-0 1.667
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1Kaylah Clark2017Miami Northwestern HS129-5.5 10
2Kameliah Style2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)128-9 8
3Chanel Dawson2018Miami Northwestern HS127-8.75 6
4Leelah Wilburn2017Lincoln HS125-11 5
5Alyssa Richard2019Miami Northwestern HS125-5 4
6Harrison Mancke2017Lecanto HS124-10 3
7Elizabeth Atkinson2017Palmetto Senior HS124-8 2
8Kaitlyn Jensen2017Viera HS124-4.25 1
9Jayann Johnson2017Boyd Anderson HS124-2 --
10Markeisha Lewis2017Miami Carol City HS119-10.5 --
11Skyler Joneson2017Niceville HS119-5.75 --
12Precious Tilman2018Island Coast HS115-8.5 --
13Elizabeth Sculles2019Palmetto Ridge HS112-9.5 --
14Amber Powell2020Boynton Beach HS110-8.75 --
15Kathy Noel2018Boyd Anderson HS110-8 --
16Serena Jonas2018Hillsborough HS110-7.5 --
--Chaniya Dawson2020Miami Northwestern HS111-5 --
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Shot Put

1Kaitlyn Jensen2017Viera HS42-10.5 10
2Kaylah Clark2017Miami Northwestern HS42-9 8
3Harrison Mancke2017Lecanto HS41-2 6
4Shamayia Cornelius2017Miami Northwestern HS39-9.75 5
5Skyler Joneson2017Niceville HS39-8 4
6Kameliah Style2017Northeast HS (Oakland Park)39-4 3
7Markeisha Lewis2017Miami Carol City HS38-10.5 2
8Chanel Dawson2018Miami Northwestern HS38-2.25 1
9Jayann Johnson2017Boyd Anderson HS38-1.25 --
10Precious Tilman2018Island Coast HS38-0 --
11Emily Weeks2018Barron Collier HS36-6 --
12Aleisha Curry2019Lehigh HS35-6 --
13Zoe Walker2018Atlantic Coast HS35-3.25 --
14Elizabeth Atkinson2017Palmetto Senior HS35-2.5 --
15A'nya Christian2017Lake Gibson HS34-11.5 --
16Crystal Yeager2017Choctawhatchee HS34-8.5 --
--Alyssa Richard2019Miami Northwestern HS35-1.25 --

Team Scores

1Miami Northwestern HS156
2Northeast HS (Oakland Park)62
3Hillsborough HS55
4Niceville HS48
5Lincoln HS37
6Dillard HS30
7Creekside HS23
8Boyd Anderson HS22
9East Lake HS20
10Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS16
11Gaither HS11
11Mater Academy Charter MS/HS11
11Viera HS11
14Fort Myers HS10
15Ponte Vedra HS9.25
16Auburndale HS9
16Lecanto HS9
16South Fort Myers HS9
19Freedom HS (Tampa)6.67
20Chiles HS6
20Hollywood Hills HS6
20Navarre HS6
23Paxon School for Advanced Studies5
24North Fort Myers HS4
24Osceola HS (Seminole)4
24Pine Forest HS4
27Land O' Lakes HS3.5
28Armwood HS3
28Boca Ciega HS3
28Leesburg HS3
31Sebastian River HS2.5
32Atlantic Coast HS2
32Miami Carol City HS2
32Milton HS2
32Palmetto Senior HS2
32Terry Parker HS2
37Venice HS1.92
38Charlotte HS1.67
38Sebring HS1.67
38South Fork HS1.67
38St. Augustine HS1.67
42Braden River HS0.25
42Pensacola HS0.25