flrunners.com Invitational 18 2017

  • Joy Andrews
    Our school is new to this meet. Is there any way I could find more specifics about it? Like a description of each race and their differences? Do we have to attend both days?

    Thank you,
    Joy Andrews
  • Jason Byrne
    Site Admin
    @papoose You can attend either day (or both) that you choose. The Saturday races are typically more elite. With that said, there are some teams who can only come on Friday so you'll usually have a few top rated teams on Friday as well.

    If you want to be part of the elite races on Saturday, you choose the "Saturday Elite" on registration. Then we will SEED the teams into the appropriate race. The top rated teams (rough guide: state ranked top 15 3A/4A, top 10 2A, top 5 1A) will be seeded into the Race of Champions. Other elite teams will be in the Invitational division.

    As far as JV races, you can choose whatever you want. Some teams like to race their JV on Friday and Varsity on Saturday, for example.

    Let me know what other questions you have.