Visited Holloway Park Today + Schedule Change

  • Jason Byrne
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    I went out to Holloway Park today. We met with Laura Fredrickson and the park's namesake (and generous benefactor) Ed Holloway.

    I hadn't been out there for a couple of years and... wow! It looks so wonderful! The course is so smooth with no washboard or ruts on the start or finish, just a wonderful carpet of grass. The trails look so much better than even my great memories. The rolling ups and down mini hills. The real Florida backdrop. And SUCH a great course for spectators!!

    There is running water out there now, which will be really convenient. We are working with Ed to get the roads paved and some permanent restrooms. The restrooms won't happen before this season but maybe by next year, along with electricity.

    Ed is a wonderful man and just so giving of his time, property, efforts and money. This is a private park. All funded by his immense generosity. He has the goal to make this the best cross country course in the nation. It keeps evolving and improving... he is well on his way!

    Laura and I got the layout of the midway and finish chute figured out today. It's going to be great. And we have some other fun ideas to make it a really great experience for all involved.

    Since my transition to a more behind the scenes role in the company, my involvement has been minimized over the past few years. But this year I am going to step back up a little more to help us through this transition and help breathe some new life into it. Next year, when we have a little more time to plan and promote and get more construction projects completed out there at Holloway Park, it will be even better!!!

    I am not sure on the final schedule, so there may be some other minor changes, but one thing will definitely change and that is we will go back to separate boys and girls middle school races. We believe our middle school races will more than double this year over last.

    We are going to great things in 2017 and even better things in 2018 at our new home. With our great partners out there between Ed Holloway and team, Laura Fredrickson, George Jenkins HS, Polk County Sports Marketing and the City of Lakeland... amazing cooperation.

    I hope to see you all out there in September!!
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    Looking forward to it. Glad to hear the middle school is going to two races. Won't be so bad them not having to make that turn so fast but will be better for them overall.
  • Coach
    Yes, it will be out within the next two days. Putting the final touches on it now. Just need to verify a couple of things with the timer. The layout of the course will slow us to start races while one is still going on. Similar to what I have done with the Region Meet last year for those who were there.