flrunners.com Invitational 18 2017

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    danamw Edited

    I am hoping to talk to someone in charge for this meet. I am looking for either an email address or a phone number for someone that I can talk to about an issue. I have a student who went to states last year and runs consistently around 20minutes for a 5k. I want to enter her as a race of champions competitor, but the rest of my team would not qualify. Please let me know.
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    Dana Windey

  • Jason Byrne
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    Hello @danamw , I have passed the torch to Coach Dale @mastersrunr this year for deciding who goes into what race. He can help you further, but I can tell you that our normal standard for an individual girl to get into the Race of Champions )without their team) would be someone who is on the cusp of breaking out under 19:00. And normally an athlete around the cusp of 20:00 we would encourage to either run with their team or in the Invitational division.
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    @jason Her name is Chelsey Oliver and she ran a 19:11 for states. Do you have his contact information? Like an email or phone number? Thank you.