Wharton Wildcat Invitational 2018 invitational 1600/3200

  • Anthony Triana
    Hello Everyone Below are key notes that need to be reviewed for everyone attending the meet.

    * Parking will be $2 just as years before so please let your athletes and parents know. (Coaches who show proper identification will park for free)

    -Admission is $5 for spectators, Coaches will receive bands at entrance for free entry and field pass, 4 bands per school will be given out. Once your 4 bands are gone no more will be given to your school. Athletes must be in uniform to be allowed in. Athlete entrance will be located by the softball field.

    * We will have our Concession stand and Stanley BBQ open all day long with a wide variety of food. Also Smoothie King will be available in the afternoon time.

    * All field events except for High Jump and Pole Vault will have the top 12 athletes compete in the first flight. From there the 8th best mark will be measured and set as a measuring standard. The following flights will have their next two jumps measured and on their last two attempts will have to achieve the 8th standard mark.

    * We will have open 1600m races and 3200m races in the morning after the unseeded races are concluded. for the open 1600m and 3200m these are athletes who are not entered but will like to race for time during the meet. These athletes just show up at the start finish line and don't need to check in.

    * Following Athletes will be running in the night races-

    Girls 1600m- Night time race
    1) Bailey Hertenstein
    2) Alyssa Hendrix
    3) Alexandra Strauman
    4) Taylor Stone
    5) Sarah Magee
    6) Keleigh Scallon
    7) Grace Phillips
    8) Meghan Gregoire
    9) Adriana Hagel
    10) Nicolina Otero
    11) Moriah Friedman
    12) Olivia Bouffard
    13) Norah Fennelly
    14) Jamie Brown
    15) Brenna Moran
    16) Amanda Brake
    17) Jensen Mayer
    18) Shannon Strobhar
    19) Trinity Torres
    20) Angela Lumina
    21) Ashleigh Primacio
    22) Grace Ferwerda
    23) Gabbi Santerio
    24) Mackenzie Sullivan

    Boys 1600m Night time race
    1) Anthony- Myron Dace
    2) Nehemiah Rivers
    3) Eric Jurgensmeyer
    4) Matthew Wohlwend
    5) Kevin Jaquez
    6) Fernando Palacios
    7) Sahil Dechenes
    8) jake Turner
    9) Carlos Cruz
    10) bryce Burt
    11) Josue Reyes
    12) Trevor Coryea
    13) Christoper Korloch
    14) Lucas Sheridon
    15) Giovanni Duran
    16) Kevin Sierra
    17) Thomas Mcleod
    18) Adam Dieck
    19) Mason Lamb
    20) Devin Pollay
    21) Wolfgang Louk
    22) Dieumerci Ufitimana
    23) Raziel Morin
    24) Greyson Young

    All 3200m Girls entered into the meet will compete at night.

    Boys 3200m Night time race
    1) Trevor Foley
    2) John Robbins
    3) Trevor Coryea
    4) Chris Pinedo
    5) Alejandro Michel
    6) Fernando Palacios
    7) Matthew Wohlwend
    8) Frank Goldbold
    9) Ethan Bhatt
    10) Joshua Bernard
    11) Jeffery Eide
    12) Jared Hammill
    13) Alec Latzke
    14) Kevin Jefferis
    15) Liam Summers
    16) Devin Pollay
    17) Charles Sadodski
    18) Anthony Stephens
    19) Kevin Cochran
    20) Parker Maddox
    21) Yonas Sauers
    22) Aaaron Bonner
    23) Ernesto Velasquez
    24) Owen Lagande

    * We will have T Shirts and appeal for sale from Fine Designs (T Shirt company that does all of North Port meets)