Avery Creek Distance Showcase at Trinity Prep 2018

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    Just wondering because I’ve seen people in past years have counted for their high schools so that their times can go towards school records and their profiles. If my coach registered me as a club since it said to register as clubs, will it still count for my school?
  • Michael Warre
    I would believe since your Coach signed you up that you would be eligible to set your school records. Ultimately it's up to the Coaches and school admission to make the call! Good Luck!
  • Chris Kail
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    The results you are referring to are the ones listed on flrunners. They can't show your club because they need it to go on your profile and their system can't handle an athlete on multiple squads so they alter the official results to show your school affiliation instead. The official results found on the timer's website will show you as part of a club or unattached. Depends on how you register.