NTN Interactive replay

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    At the NTN awards ceremony,the NTN webmasters unveiled an interactive replay, the first of it\'s kind. The release date is set for today.
    Thanks to lynx timing systems, each runner can be tracked through the entire course based on theri split times. There are different ways you can track too. You can select specific teams, and/or runners and watch them go through the course. It looks like one of those old race car driving games.
    There will also be several graphs available. It will allow one to compare one runners splits to another.
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    How come there were 21 teams in the boys race?

    Qualifying Procedures

    how the new regional ranking system will work
    By Marc Bloom
    April 7, 2004 -- Qualifying for the new Nike Team Nationals, a high school team cross-country championship to be held next December and announced last month, will be based on a regional rankings system-an expansion of rankings done in The Harrier magazine for the last 15 years. As the announcement stated, 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams from each of 8 regions will be invited to the national championship, to be held in the Portland, Oregon, area. There will also be 4 boys teams and 4 girls teams chosen on an at-large basis, for a total of 20 teams in each race.
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    1 of the boys teams originally declined the invitation due to a State ruling barring them from competing that was later overturned on appeal after the field had been filled, so they decided to let them back in making the field 21 vs 20 on the boys side only.
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    yes. you don\'t have to just sit there and let activity associations dictate what races you run post season. a great precedent to set i\'d say also.
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    Super Technology! I liked the way the little triangles would speed up or slow down through the milemarkers according to splits.

    I could mess around with this all day!