Junior Orange Bowl Invitational Meet Preview/Virtual Meet Oct 16, 2014

A majority of South Florida teams will be at Larry & Penny Thompson Park in Miami tomorrow for the Junior Orange Bowl Invitational. Fifty-eight high schools will be in action, but not every squad will be fielding their "A" team.  One of the top girl's individuals Alyssa Pujals isn't racing and Rachael Osman of Coral Reef is pacing a teammate leaving Aylwyn Hernandez a clear favorite. The Coral Reef boys will be without their top five including Kurt Convey and Carlin Berryhill. The individual battle should be between Nick Diaz and Ryan Rodriguez who have seen plenty of each other this season. Belen Jesuit is the favorite in the team standings. See how are virtual meet has the meet playing out!

Junior Orange Bowl Invitational Featured Photo Album Oct 18, 2014

Teri Bernhardt-Rodriguez was on-site at the Junior Orange Bowl Invitational and took over 600 photos including this one of the Ferguson Falcon army. Check out all the awesome images and make sure to tag yourself!