Miami-Dade County Youth Fair HS Championship Virtual Meet Sep 2, 2015

Over thirty teams and 500 high school athletes from South Florida will compete at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair HS Championship held at Larry and Penny Thompson Park in Miami Thursday afternoon. Check out our virtual meet based on 2014 season bests. will be on-site with photos, results, a complete recap of the days events!

Columbus, Ferguson, and Lourdes Bring Home the Dade County Youth Fair Hardware! Sep 4, 2015

The Miami-Dade County Fair & Expo, along with the Miami-Dade Youth Sports Championship Program, came together this year for the second year in a row to put on another great Dade County Youth Fair Cross Country Championship. Featuring close to 40 high schools for this nearly 40 year old competition, this county meet wasn't anything other than hot, humid, and extremely draining in typical Miami and Larry & Penny Thompson Park fashion.