Meet Information

Registration help:

**All times will be verified on FL RUNNERS and only season best's from FL RUNNERS will be accepted. PR's will only be accepted from this season only. Coaches will be unable to override entries. Please email the meet director if you have any questions

Entry limit will be 3 athletes per event and 1 relay per team.

ENTRIES DUE BY 11:59PM March 30, 2017

2:30 Coaches Meeting
Field Events:
3:00 Girls Shot, Boys Disc, Long Jump, Girls Pole Vault, Girls High Jump
Girls Disc, Boys Shot, Triple Jump, Boys High Jump, Boys Pole Vault to follow
Running Events:
3:00 4x800 Relay
3:30 JV mile
4:00 HEAT 1 GIRLS 1600M
4:10 HEAT 1 BOYS 1600M
4:20 HEAT 2 BOYS 1600M
4:30 HEAT 1 BOYS 3200M
5:00 100/110 Hurdles
100m Dash
1600m Run
4x100m Relay
400m Dash
300m Hurdles
800m Run 3 Heats Each
200m Dash
3200m Run
4x400m Relay

Exchange Zone Judges: We will need 12 coaches, 1 per school, to help with exchange zones for 4x100. We need 6 coaches for the girls and 6 coaches for the boys 4x100.

Also need a jury of appeals.

**If you are interested in helping with a field event, exchange zones, and/or jury of appeals please email Tony Miller before March 27th at

$175 per school($100 per team). $10 per individual
Payments : Entry Fees due WEDNESDAY MARCH 29, 2017
***Once entries are made your school will be held responsible for paying those fees. This includes teams that enter the meet and do not show up, unless communication with the meet director has been made prior to the start of the meet***

Registration help:

Note that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.