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Online Registration Instructions

$150 per school$100 if less than 12 total athletes

Payments accept race day payments

Permission and Password Required for Entry. Email Ken Key at Entries will close when 15 full teams and 6 partial teams are registered. Register early and completely.



9:00 A.M.BOYS SHOT PUT (GIRLS FOLLOW)  GIRLS DISCUS (EAST CAGE) (BOYS FOLLOW)   GIRLS AND BOYS LONG JUMP (TRIPLE JUMP FOLLOWS)(  All above with 3 prelim attempts, then top 8 to finals for 3 more)   BOYS HIGH JUMP followed by girls    Start heights girls 4'2    boys 5'2   GIRLS POLE VAULT followed by boys   Start heights girls 6'0    boys 7'6   (*wind conditions permitting)

9:00 A.M.4x800m RELAY FINALS (multiple heats)

10:00 A.M.RUNNING EVENTS (GIRLS, THEN BOYS)    PRELIMS (TOP 8 TIMES ADVANCE TO THE FINALS)   (Rolling Schedule: times are approximations, may be later, but not earlier)

10:00 A.M.100/110 METER HURDLES   10:30 A.M.100 METERS   10:45 A.M.  1600 Meter Run, B and C heats as necessary (count as a final timed heat)    11:15 A.M.4X100 METER RELAY          11:30 A.M.400 METERS        12:00 noon  300 METER HURDLES           12:20 P.M.200 METERS          12:40 P.M.3200 Meter Run B heats if necessary (count as a final timed heat)       

2:00 P.M.RUNNING EVENTS (GIRLS, THEN BOYS)   FINALS100/110 HURDLES      100 METERS1600 METERS (A heats only)         4x100 METER RELAY (including "throwers" heats)         400 METERS300 METER HURDLES                800 METERS (multiple heats)        200 METERS       3200 METERS (A heats only)            4x400 METER RELAY (multiple heats)

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