Florida Relays

March 24, 2004 - March 28, 2004 @ Percy Beard Stadium in Gainesville, FL

Hosted by University of Florida     Official Meet Web Site

Additional Information

Friday, March 26th, 2004

3:00pm Discus (G) (36 entries)
Shot Put (B) (36 entries)
4:00pm Long Jump (B) (36 entries)
Long Jump (G) (36 entries)
High Jump (G) (36 entries)
High Jump (B) (36 entries)
Pole Vault (G) (36 entries)
6:00pm Discus (B) (36 entries)

High School
3:00pm 4x100 (1A/2A G) (P) (all entries)
3:20pm 4x100 (3A/4A G) (P) (all entries)
3:40pm 4x100 (1A/2A B) (P) (all entries)
4:00pm 4x100 (3A/4A B) (P) (all entries)
4:25pm 100 Hurdles (1A/2A G) (36 entries)
4:45pm 100 Hurdles (3A/4A G) (45 entries)
5:10pm 110 Hurdles (1A/2A B) (36 entries)
5:30pm 110 Hurdles (3A/4A B) (45 entries)
5:55pm 100m (1A/2A G) (36 entries)
6:10pm 100m (3A/4A G) (45 entries)
6:25pm 100m (1A/2A B) (36 entries)
6:40pm 100m (3A/4A B) (45 entries)
7:30pm DMR (G) (50 teams)
8:00pm DMR (B) (50 teams)
9:10pm 4x800 (G) (50 teams)
9:40pm 4x800 (B) (50 teams)

Saturday, March 27th, 2004

9:00am Shot Put (G) (36 entries)
Pole Vault (B) (36 entries)
11:00am Triple Jump (B) (36 entries)
Triple Jump (G) (36 entries)

Running Events
9:00am 4x400 (1A/2A G) (P) (all entries)
9:30am 4x400 (3A/4A G) (P) (all entries)
10:00am 4x400 (1A/2A B) (P) (all entries)
10:30am 4x400 (3A/4A B) (P) (all entries)
Afternoon Session
1:30pm Invite Mile (G)
1:40pm Invite Mile (B)
2:10pm 4x100 Finals (1A/2A G)
2:15pm 4x100 Finals (3A/4A G)
2:20pm 4x100 Finals (1A/2A B)
2:25pm 4x100 Finals (3A/4A B)
4:10pm 100 Hurdles Finals (1A/2A G)
4:15pm 100 Hurdles Finals (3A/4A G)
4:30pm 110 Hurdles Finals (1A/2A B)
4:35pm 110 Hurdles Finals (3A/4A B)
4:45pm 100m Finals (1A/2A G)
4:50pm 100m Finals (3A/4A G)
5:00pm 100m Finals (1A/2A B)
5:05pm 100m Finals (3A/4A B)
5:45pm Invite High School 2 Mile (G)
6:00pm Invite High School 2 Mile (B)
6:15pm 4x400 Finals (1A/2A G)
6:25pm 4x400 Finals (3A/4A G)
6:35pm 4x400 Finals (1A/2A B)
6:45pm 4x400 Finals (3A/4A B)


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