flrunners.com Invitational V

September 24, 2004 - September 25, 2004 @ Ed Radice Park in Tampa, FL

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Mike Leary, well-known around the state for his running photography, put together a collage of flrunner grrlz from our meet in Tampa this past weekend.
Excellent shots from the Saturday races. Also find a link to the photographer\'s gallery with 100s more photos; prints available for purchase.
Round one of the hundreds of photos that will be posted of the meet in the next few days. Mike Leary got some great ones of this battle!
A look at the top individual boys in the Race of Champions at Saturday\'s flrunners.com Invitational 5.
Anyone who witnessed the race will never forget it. The heroic battle in our 2002 flrunners.com Invitational as Ryan Deak and Ryder Leary took it to the matresses in...
After many hours of research and contemplation, the teams have been seeded! This is by far the most competitive Florida race every assembled!
This year\'s flrunners.com Invitational is shaping up to be the best ever, as we continue our tradition of putting together Florida\'s largest and most elite race. We...

Additional Information

Friday afternoon/evening: Junior Varsity, Varsity Open Division, College, Middle School
Saturday morning: High School Varsity (4 Divisions: ROC, Invitational, Small School, Large School)

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