FACA Cross Country Classic

Tampa, FL


FACA Classic: 3500+ Photos Uploaded Sep 12, 2010

According to our prolific photographer Jeff Adams, these are some of his favorite photos of all time:  the mud, the expressions, the twilight.  He has uploaded over 3500 of them from Friday night's race in this photo album.

FACA Classic Preview: Time to Get Muddy Under the Stars! Sep 10, 2010

Early this past decade, Bobby Ennis started cross country at the Ed Radice Soccer Complex and dubbed the races there the "Night of Champions".  Through the years after, the course hosted some legendary races and competitors through the years it hosted flrunners.com Invitational and the state championship.  It became known as a "speedway" in those drier years with cool temperatures and fast times when it raced at night.  Cross country is back at Ed Radice this season, after a few year lapse. This year though, meet director Mike Boza warns that reputation is deceiving!  The darkness will cool down temperatures, sure, but it will also obscure mud pit after mud pit.  Boza says the course is the wettest that he's ever seen it and he should know... he's been to every race ever held on the course.  Thanks to Bob Cooke for doing a three-part video walk through of the course with Mike.  We will have a coverage team on site for flrunners.com tonight at Ed Radice with Jeff Adams taking the photos and former flrunners.com journalist, Jeff Berlinicke, back on the rotation for the first time in a few years (welcome back, Jeff!).