Sue O'Malley

Port Orange, FL

About Me

I am married to J.J. O'Malley. We have one daughter Erin Marie O'Malley. She is a junior at Father Lopez High School. We live in Port Orange Fl. Our family is very active in our church community.

Discussion Posts

26 days ago Sharks Invitational
Just wanted to say thank you to the coaching staff and the administration of Atlantic high School...
8 months ago Trinity Prep Invitational 2018 - Live Results Link
Thank you to Trinity Prep for running a great meet. Our athletes had a blast! I was excited to go...
12 months ago Thank You
To the Administration, AD and coaching staff at Holy trinity, Thank you for an awesome Reg...
1 year ago Coaching Position
Father Lopez Catholic High School is looking for a track sprint and throwing coach for the spring...
1 year ago when did hammer throw become part of xc meet at West Orange Invitational see results for Father Lope
1 year ago Katie Caples
Father Lopez would like thank Coach Curran and Bishop Kinney for putting on a fabulous Katie Capl...
1 year ago Holy Trinity
You did a great job there. Best wishes in your new position. Thanks for great Region meets in xc!
1 year ago Holy Trinity
Good to hear! Thought it was a strange rumor.
1 year ago Holy Trinity
I heard st the state meet the Holy Trinity coaches were leaving. That is too bad. Who will take o...
2 years ago Thank you
I want to give a big shout out to Elitetiming and all of district 9 1A teams for one fabulous dis...
2 years ago Deland Mile times
The results are posted from the Big D relay on line but the mile times have not been uploaded on ...
2 years ago Jeff Wenworth Relay Meet
Is this meet now on a Friday and not Saturday March 4th?
2 years ago District Planning Meetings
Our AD received an email the other day and ours is set for December 7th District 9 1A.I am sure m...
2 years ago XC State Finals Prediction Contest: Enter Now!
1A Boys Individuals Hyland Skielink LaBrant Girls Individuals Folio Blair Rovin Team...
2 years ago Revise the 5 meet required rule
I would love to get on the FHSSA Advisory board for next year. There are many things that need to...
2 years ago State prediction contest?
Who won the flrunners contest on Oct 1st?
2 years ago Race Of Champions Prediction Contest! Know Your Stuff? Win Sweet Swag
@alex0708 My picks for ROC Girls 1. Bailey Hentenstein 2. Rafella Gibbins 3. Amanda Beach 4...
2 years ago Thank You
The Father Lopez Xc teams would like to thank coach Curran and Bishop Kinney for putting on an in...
2 years ago FHSAA
Thank u that makes more sense.
2 years ago FHSAA
I hear you! I am the one that sent him the note about this ruling because I wanted to make sure b...
2 years ago Registering
@olds8263 what do u need to know coach
2 years ago Xc team scores
Can't seem to pull up Xc scores for rankings for virtual meets. Can anyone else? Thanks
2 years ago Jim Ryun results
@Grete thank you
2 years ago Jim Ryun results
2 years ago Jim Ryun results
Saw results for the Jim Ryun results on Coolrunning. But where are the Jv results and team scores...
2 years ago Entering athletes for Holy trinity Invational on 9/3/16
Our teams are entered and paid for the Holy Trinity Invitational on September 3rd. Trying to ente...
2 years ago Wickham Park Jamboree
Thank you for a great Jamboree! We loved it! Where can we find team results? Best wishes to a...
2 years ago FHSAA
From My previous question why a state roster of 15 for state series? Thanks
2 years ago FHSAA
My question is this- why run 10 runners in Districts and why do we have a state roster for the st...
3 years ago Jeff Wentworth Relays 2016
I have a young lady who just started pole vaulting this year what is the starting height if any? ...
3 years ago FACA clinic
I just want to thank Dan and all the special guest coaches who showed up to make the FACA clinic...
3 years ago FACA Plus Track & Field Clinic - for coaches and athletes!
Thank you! I will also have to do some cloning myself. I am a one woman coach show and need to to...
3 years ago FACA Plus Track & Field Clinic - for coaches and athletes!
Is there a schedule of what events will be taught at what times. I gave athletes interested in co...
3 years ago Schedule
Is there a schedule for the hands on training at Riddle for Saturday and Sunday? Thank you!
3 years ago Track position
Father Lopez Catholic High School is looking for a sprint and thrower coach. Please contact somal...
3 years ago FHSAA 1A Region 3 2015
Is there going to be a formal email or type of notice going out to al of the AD's and coaches in ...
3 years ago District teams
If there are only three schools that have full teams in the district meet, how many teams move ou...
3 years ago Pre state
When will we know what race we will be in for the pre state meet next weekend? Thank you!
3 years ago Thank you
Just wanted to say thank you so much for an awesome meet. I am so glad we decided to come to this...
3 years ago Race Of Champions Prediction Contest! Know Your Stuff? Win Sweet Swag
3 years ago UF meet
When will the UF meet be up on directAthletics? Thanks
3 years ago UF Mt. Dew Invitational 2015
Does the Direcathletic site have the regsitration up yet for the UF meet?
3 years ago XC and Track Coach new to Orlando
4 years ago FHSAA Outdoor State Finals, Friday 2015
Willl ther be an on line state track meeting or do we need to attend the meeting on Friday mornin...
4 years ago FHSAA 1A Region 2 2015
Does anyone know what the schedule is for the Region 2 1A Meet for Thursday is going to be? ...
4 years ago FHSAA 1A District 6 2015
@DAWoodbine Getting ready to send out a new revised schedule to our whole district!
4 years ago UNF Spring Break Invitational 2015
This is Father Lopez again trying to get my team regsi edit enteries or what was asked of me to d...
4 years ago UNF Spring Break Invitational 2015
Coach, I am having the same problem as the other coach trying to sumbit thier athletes int...
4 years ago Hammock Hardware's East Coast Classic 2015
Any information on the meet? Entry fees and schedule? Thanks!
4 years ago Article Comment: 8th Annual and Final Jimmy Carnes Indoor Track and Field Meet to be contested in th