National Training Center

Traveling From Daytona Beach or From the North on Interstate 4 or Interstate 95
Traveling I-4 south from Daytona Beach you will head towards Orlando At downtown Orlando you will take exit 36 onto the East/West Expressway 408 Go West on 408 East/West Expressway Heading West on the 408 East/West you will veer onto the Florida Turnpike North Go North on Florida Turnpike for 7 miles to exit 272 (Clermont/Winter Garden) Exit off and turn Left heading West on Hwy. 50 Go West for 6 miles and we will be on the Right You will pass a blue water tower on the Right which is the S.E. corner of our property Go past the water tower

Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2017-09-23 NTC Cross Country Invitational
2017-05-27 2017 Flo Golden South Classic
2017-05-13 NTC/Pure Athletics Sprint Elite Meet
2017-04-22 Pure Athletics AAU Invite
2017-04-15 NTC/Pure Athletics Spring Invitational
2017-02-18 Sanford-Seminole Open at the NTC
2016-10-05 Lake County Middle School Cross Country Championships
2016-09-24 NTC Cross Country Invitational
2016-05-28 Flo Golden South
2016-05-14 Pure Athletics Elite Invitational
2016-04-30 NTC/PURE Athletics Spring Invitational
2016-04-09 3rd Annual Pure Athletics Invitational 2016
2016-03-25 Sanford-Seminole Invite at the NTC
2016-02-20 Sanford-Seminole Open at the NTC
2016-02-06 NTC Throws and Jumps Meet
2015-10-10 Seminole High School Cross Country Invitational
2015-05-16 NTC/PURE Athletics Sprint Elite
2015-04-18 NTC/PURE Athletics Spring Invitational
2015-04-18 Pure Athletics Elite Meet #1
2015-04-15 FHSAA 4A District 2
2015-04-11 Pure Athletics AAU Invite
2015-03-28 Seminole Invitational
2015-02-21 Seminole Open
2015-02-07 TCF Throws and Jumps Open Meet
2014-12-06 NTC Fall Open Meet
2014-09-20 Seminole High School Cross Country Invitational
2014-06-21 Pure Athletics Last Chance Invitational
2014-05-31 NTC/Pure Athletics Last Chance Meet
2014-05-10 NTC/PURE Athletics Sprint Elite
2014-04-12 Pure Athletics
2013-12-14 NTC Throws Challenge #2
2013-11-16 NTC Throws Challenge #1
2013-05-11 NTC Classic Track & Field Meet
2013-04-13 TCF/NTC Throws & Jumps Challenge 7
2013-02-09 NTC TCF Throws & Jumps Challenge 4
2013-01-12 NTC TCF Throws and Jumps Challenge #3
2012-12-15 NTC TCF 2012 Challenge 2
2012-06-09 NTC Star Athletics Sprint Meet
2012-06-02 Pure Athletics NTC Last Chance Meet
2012-05-19 NTC Classic Track and Field Meet
2012-05-19 NTC Classic Track & Field Meet
2012-04-25 National Training Center Media Day
2012-04-14 TCF/NTC Throws and Jumps Challenge #5
2012-04-07 Break Away Invitational
2011-11-12 TCF & NTC Throws Challenge 1
2011-06-04 TCF NTC Throws and Jumps Challenge #8
2011-05-21 NTC Classic Track and Field Meet
2011-04-09 NTC/TCF Throws & Jumps Challenge #6

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