In Her Own Words: Kali Davis-Whtie

Hey everyone Kali here back at this blogging thing again!Good luck to FSU at Nationals this weekend. Go Noles. Also good luck to Boyd H. Anderson track team this weekend at the Miramar Invitational. Go Cobras. You guys I am so sorry for not blogging last week I was trying to recoverr fromSeattle, I hope you understand.


Seattle was crazy. It was, fun but cold. Let me take you into my weekend. First step off the plane I felt like I was in Finland. Then it gets crazy when we can't find the bus to get to the hotel so were like running up and down looking for the bus when run into the Brooks people. While we were there they treated us very well. The food was great and we saw so many things that I only dreamed about seeing.
That’s all the good stuff, but it wasn’t just fun on the trip I had to work out and run. It wasn’t so bad I did my work out in hotels meaning warm up, drills, sprints, and cool down it was crazy. So how has your week been because mine was great besides prepping for NYC and catching up on school assignments? Before I forget thank you to everyone who followed me on my journey to Seattle, those who watched the race, and those who followed me on instagram I appreciate it . I would like to say thanks to my mommy (my number one fan) for coming to all my meets and my coaches Mr & Mrs.Thomas for putting up with me on this crazy track roller coaster. So  are you wondering how I prepare for New York? It's simple as my coach says “sprints, some 250’s, sleep well, and eat well.” Easy just like that! 
Now that all that is done I would like to do a poll the question is "Who is the best pro athlete overall?".Dont forget follow me on instagram! Until we meet again peace, love, and track and field.

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