In His Own Words: Austin Droogsma

What a great week. Last week, I finally started clicking on my technique and I've been throwing over 190's in practice consistently.

I've really been working on my technique more than anything for both shot and disc mainly foo tplacement, but also other things like my drive phase, and my finish and follow through. I finally broke 190 this year after a long drought, at regionals.  I threw 191'6 and 58'7 in the shot all in all it was a really solid meet. I was really happy with my throws. Also, now I am sitting number one in both events at state.

All this prep leading up to state is really going to help get that big throw I've been looking for. As far as the state competition goes I'm mostly looking forward to seeing the guys that I haven't seen since last year the state meet. It's always fun getting to see the guys from past years, meet new people, and to see the rising talent. Also. I'm just looking forward to the competition It's always a great atmosphere and I can't wait to get in the ring at UNF and go big and finish the season strong.

Hopefully I can stay on track for this repeat campaign that I have been on all season. Stay blessed throwers. See ya'll at state.

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