In Her Own Words: Kali Davis-White

Hey you guys its Kali blogging again! So I cant believe this is about to be my last time running for Boyd Anderson high-school it brings many many tears to my eyes, it was just yesterday I was a freshman roaming Nova High halls.

Anyhow its STATE time and  this weather does not want us to practice. Let me tell you it is raining like every 30 minutes and it iss lightning, but you know what, my team has a goal. We want to go get a title so we are making it work.

I know you heard about my future teammate Levonte and his  injury. We talked and trust me he will be back in time for Dream 100. Please keep him in your prayers.

I thank you guys for giving me a awesome website to help me with pre-calculus. No problems in that area of school . Did you hear about Marvin Bracy going pro with Adidas? Big ups to you. Everybody has been asking hows training? It's going good. My coach and I arechilling like a villain and getting ready for states. We've worked on a couple of blocks,250's you know the norm.

That's all. I love you. Peace,Love,and Track & Field!

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