Throwback Thursday: Learning From A Legend - Largo's Brent Haley

Four years ago Jason Byrne and Gary Cohen sat down with one of the winningest coaches in Florida history, Largo's Brent Haley. In this four part video series Coach Haley talks about the history of his teams, how to build a dynasty, training champions, and race strategy. Let's take a trip down memory lane in this edition of Throwback Thursday.


  • Coach Brent Haley Interview, Part 4: Racing Strategy

    The final part of our the interview with legendary coach Brent Haley at his home in St. Petersburg by Jason Byrne and Gary Cohen.  This section is about racing:  planing, preparing, and getting your atheltes to execute for you on race day! 
    Category: Videos | Oct 24, 2009
  • Brent Haley interview, Part 3: Training Champions

    This is the third of four parts of the interview by Jason Byrne and Gary Cohen of Florida's all-time winning-most cross country coach Brent Haley. This one should be of a lot of interest to coaches because it focuses on training and techniques to coach championship teams.  Subscribers only
    Category: Videos | Sep 14, 2009
  • Coach Brent Haley Interview: Part 2, Building a Dynasty

    Here is the second part of four from the interview with Coach Brent Haley at his home with Jason Byrne and Gary Cohen.  In this section, Coach Haley talks about building, coaching, and keeping a cross country dynasty.
    Category: Videos | Sep 05, 2009
  • Brent Haley Interview, Part 1: A History Lesson

    Coach Haley is perhaps the best coach ever in Florida.  His teams dominated during the 70s and 80s like none other.  We are doing four parts of this interview series:  history, building a dynasty, training, race strategy.  This first part on history takes us through Coach Haley's memories of those times, his teams, his competitors, his influences, and the story of his running/coaching career.
    Category: Interview | Sep 03, 2009