Khosla King Of Views: Most Popular Male Athlete Of 2013-2014 Season

Popularity contests happen all the time. We looked through our extensive data to find out who were the most viewed track and field or cross country runners for the year. Let's take a look at the top fifteen most popular and most viewed high school male athletes on this past year.

1.  Sukhi Khosla (US#4)

2. Kendal Williams (US#5)

3. Brandon Marquez (US#12)

4. Amir Rasul

5. Tyler Bennett

6. Nicholas Morken

7. Thomas Howell

8. Nick Diaz

9. Javon Patterson

10. Connor Ferrentino

11. Franco Martins

12. Nigel Bethel

13. Terry Jernigan

14. Austin Decker

15. Matthew Butler


Note: Former Florida stars Andres Arroyo, Marvin Bracy, and Arman Hall all would have cracked the top fifteen if we included all athletes. Arroyo, a freshman at the University of Florida ranked fourth, while Bracy now running professionally for Adidas was 8th, and Hall a standout at the University of Florida came in just outside the top ten at number eleven.

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