In Her Own Words: Autumn Bartlett - Finding Form

Hey FLRunners! Congratulations to those who have run in the past three weeks. I hope everyone is starting their season out well. Personally I am very pleased with the start of my season and look forward to what is to come.

The beginning of the cross country season is also the beginning of the excitement and craziness of racing again. After a long summer to work on mileage and endurance getting back to, in my case, weekly races can be a bit of a transition. Although I have raced many times previously I always feel that the first few meets are not truly about achieving your season goals immediately, but rather the meets are focused on the road to achieving success. My first meets are about getting comfortable with racing again and about reacquainting myself with my 5k racing strategy. Therefore I try not to allow the pressure of my goals to push me too hard and I try to work on finding my racing form. Through this mindset I allow myself more peace of mind before my races and set myself up to achieve my goals in my future goals.
"Strive for progress, not perfection."
P.S:  I would like to shout out to my team, University High School (Orlando) girls for having fourteen PRs this past weekend. Best of luck to everyone in their upcoming meets!

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