MileSplit Comedy Short: It's A Runderful Life

In this original holiday comedy short, Todd is feeling sorry for himself, bummed about interviews he missed at the Bowerman Awards, and wishes he never took the job covering track & field. He is whisked into a land of "what if" by ridiculously over-acted guardian angel Clarence and reminded of the impact on the world one man can make. Beware the skit is purposefully incredibly over-the-top and corny, you will probably either think it is hilarious or wish you had the five minutes of your life back.

NOTE: This video was originally filmed in 2012.


The Movie

The Out Takes

Show Notes (for you Video Production Geeks)

We can't let our friends at FloTrack have all of the fun! So here is our shot at a holiday comedy short of our own!

After having a meeting canceled one Thursday, director-to-be Jason Byrne suddenly found myself with an afternoon with a rare clear schedule. Going back to his roots of video production, the idea for "It's a Runderful Life" was conceived on the 25 minute car ride into the office after lunch. Grabbing Todd Grasley off of much more productive tasks, Byrne pitched the idea to Todd (who never turns down a chance to get more face time on camera). The two quickly story-boarded the idea on the white board, and then Byrne got busy writing the script. When inspiration hits you go with it!

The entire short was conceived, story-boarded, written, rehearsed, shot, produced, and edited in a single afternoon. The finishing touches, music, sound effects, intro, and titling were added on in a couple of hours the next day. And here you have it! It created a hurried production and could have been cleaner in a few spots and cuts, but all-in-all pretty pleased with the outcome given the time constraints!

As part of the production, we had to completely empty the walls, remove the refrigerator and other kitchen appliances and furniture out to create an empty MileSplit. Our office has still not fully recovered from the upheaval that caused!

Without someone to help hold the camera or frame the shot, you will notice Grasley and Byrne never appear on camera together. We had to piece this together, line by line, scene by scene, exchanging the camera between us. Some of it was off-script, like Clarence appearing and startling Todd at every turn. This was a last minute decision to explain how Clarence got there since you couldn't see the two walking together. I think it added something!

Anyway.... we apologize for our ridiculous sense of humor if you thought it was terrible. We politely bow and appreciate it if you enjoyed it.