College Recruiting Tips: Sukhi Khosla

July 1st marked the initial contact period for the class of 2016 athletes to be recruited. We reached out to some of our top 2015 standouts to get their take on the process and offer advice! See what one of Florida's top distance runners and Oklahoma State signee Sukhi Khosla had to say.

When did coaches first start reaching out to you and how did you manage that?

Coaches started calling me on July 1st last year I assume because I was just coming off a really strong junior year. After talking to probably 15 different coaches for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, I was starting to understand what to look for and what questions to ask.

Did you have an official visit? How did it work and what was it like?

Eventually I started narrowing things down and taking schools off my list which led me to my officials. These are THE BEST. Do all five if you get the chance. I only did two, one to OK State and one to FSU. Alll you do is hang out, pig out, and check out the campus all on the university's money. Don't feel bad and just eat everything you can.

What did you look for in schools when you narrowed your options down?

After my visits I had a really tough decision of staying home or leaving. Both schools had many many pros and cons, but I ended up making the decision to try out something new. College is a very safe opportunity to try out a whole new place in the world without much risk: you can always come back home.

What ultimately made you decide on your college?

OK State is a fantastic program and it was just the place that I felt would most progress my career and fitness.

Looking back on your recruiting experience, do you have any tips for those athletes who will be recruited in the future?

My main tip would be to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS until the very moment your pen touches the paper to sign somewhere, keep an open mind. When I first got the call from OSU I knew that I was never going to go live in Oklahoma, but now I am. Even after all my visits every time I thought I'd come to a decision I'd change back. So just don't be surprised at the places you might end up interested in.

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