One Time At Running Camp: Braddock, Sunset, Coral Park, Doral Academy Spend Week In Ocala

New Braddock Senior High School coach Alex Shaw decided to take his cross country runners to their own camp. Joining with fellow South Florida schools Coral Park, Miami Sunset, and Doral Academy, the team headed north for the 2015 Ocala Running Camp for a seven day trip. Shaw, shares the highlights of the camp both running and non running-related!


Considering we had 26 out of 29 runners coming to the Ocala Running Camp for the first time, we knew the trip could be a huge success or a nightmare inside the Ocala National Forest. We kicked off the camp with a 10 mile run at San Felasco trail. It was the first time any of my runners hit a double digit run and they did not disappoint.

The group also got a taste of their "first workout" of the summer a few days later. Thank you to Forest High School for allowing us to use your facilities (amazing school).

With over 55 miles under their legs and a tempo run 48 hours before, the team got an opportunity to run their last time-trial before the season kicks off in less than a month from now. The coaching staff was prepared to see some very slow times due to the fatigue in their legs & the hilly course, but it turned out to be the total opposite. As a coach and athletes you could not have asked for a better way to finish the trip.

Highlights (outside of running)

The very intense volleyball tournament was one of the big moments in the trip simply because the losing team would have "van clean-up" duty. Cross Country runners apparently are not good volleyball players, but when you have clean-up duties on the line you become "good" real fast.

The Natural Springs was not only a relaxing afternoon for the team, but also the best "ice-tub" mother nature can provide. There is something special about how your legs feel after hanging out at the Springs for a few hours.

Taking Ronny Greenup's (FIU) cell phone for two days and taking the phone on a journey through Instagram. If you would like to see where Ronny's phone was you welcome to follow his phone @ronnysphone.

Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner as a team everyday. That's where you get that team bond to build and show your teammates how poor your cooking skills are.

The trip to the movies. Vacation is a must see movie.

Mini Golf. Why would any runner attempt to challenge the coaching staff at mini golf is besides me. Yes we won by A LOT.

Thank you to...

Coach Salvat for always making this trip possible.

I believe its his 12th trip to Ocala and this one was among the top three all time.

Coach Paola for all the physical rehab you provided to each runner each day. They truly got the "Olympian" treatment from Coach P. We wish you guys all the best int he 2015 season.

To all the parents for their support and contributions for the trip.

To Coaches family for allowing us to have this running camp every single Summer. Without your support we would not be able to coach the way we do each and everyday. "Lets make it a great one."

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