In Her Own Words: Lindsey Tomaini - Leaving Summer Determined On Successful Fall

This summer has been the best one of my life! After finishing my last exam on June 1st, I couldn't wait for the three months that followed. I was now going to be a senior, and although, I would have to watch some of my closest friends leave for college, I would begin training for the most important cross country season of my life.

The first three weeks of summer were spent hanging out with my family, enjoying the beach with friends, and mapping out a game plan to take my running to the next level. On June 21st I left the sandy beaches of Naples Florida, just 12 feet above sea level, for Crested Butte, Colorado, which is approximately 10,000 feet above sea level. I was traveling to running camp where I would meet the friends of a lifetime. The camp was called Team Prep USA and it changed my life in more ways then one. Yes, we ran a tremendous amount, and yes, we talked about running constantly, but we all shared a goal. We all desired success.

I left camp to return home for 10 days on the 3rd of July. After my small time away from the Rockies, I returned on the 14th for another three weeks. Icing in rivers, movie marathons, and taking strolls in the beautiful, small town of Crested Butte made my 31 days there worth remembering. The runs were breathtaking, the altitude daunting at times, but the memories I made there, are something I will cherish forever.

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