Train Like The Pros: Tori Bowie & Marvin Bracy's Olympic Trials Workout Log

Photo © Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tori Bowie and Marvin Bracy are two of the top young sprinters in the USA at ages 25 and 22. This weekend the duo will continue their road to Rio and the 2016 Olympic Games. Bowie has the second fastest seed times in both the 100 (10.80) and 200m dash (21.99) while Bracy's 9.94 is third best behind only Trayvon Bromell and Justin Gatlin. Pure Athletics (Adidas) coach Gary Evans gave us the low down on their workouts for the week before the Olympic Trials which included block work and improving their turnover.

Tori Bowie & Marvin Bracy Pre Olympic-Trials Workout Log:

Monday: 8 x 20m block starts 4 x 60m fly's
Tuesday: 4 x 120's 2 x 80's
Wednesday:  OFF
Thursday: 8 x 20m block starts 4 x in and outs  ("The in & outs  are basically 15m relaxed, 10m hit it hard, picking up and changing the pace every 40m")
Friday: 6 x pick ups

"Basically the week before the Trials we did block work and turn over for speed. If your not in shape by now it's to late. We're hoping to see their speed and their form."